Wix Website Review-Is this the best website builder?

Name: Wix Website Builder
Website: www.wix.com
Price: Free to join plus upsells
Owners: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan

Wix website Review homepageIn this Wix website builder review, I will try and give you an honest take on the Wix website builder in the hope that it will help you make an informed choice if you are planning to build a website.

Wix is an online web design platform that uses a drag and drop format to build websites. It was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Tel Aviv in Israel.

It is a freemium product which means it’s free to join but you only get basic functionalities within your website. If you want to squeeze more juice out of it, then you have to upgrade to different payment levels depending on your requirements. (e.g. ad removals or more data storage)

It is by far the most user-friendly web design platform on the internet. The platform comes with hundreds of templates and widgets that can be easily be put together.

I once made a site with Wix in the hope of promoting my art, but I quickly realized the constraint that I was up against.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Wix website builder.


  • The editor takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it is really easy to use. Someone with a basic knowledge about websites can have a beautiful well-designed website running in a day since most of the functions are drag and drop.
  • You get a free full domain (e.g. www.yourself.com) for a year. You have to upgrade thereafter.
  • Most people seek the services of a web designer to build and manage their websites which can be expensive. A web designer may not be able to alter changes on the go but with Wix, you can make changes as you wish whenever you want.
  • Wix websites rank well in search engines because most of the SEO (Search engine optimization) plugins come pre-installed.
  • They also come with pre-installed social media plugins.
  • 14-day money guarantees on all premium products.
  • Wix websites are very mobile friendly and will appear neat on other devices as well.
  • Very ideal for someone who has very minimal information that they may want to display on the internet

The Cons

  • Wix website Review leowatercolorFor an experienced web designer, the editor can be frustrating especially if you are used to platforms like WordPress. If you like a hands-on feel to your site this is not for you. Most functions are automated.
  • If you want a big website with lots of pages, features, and perhaps videos with Wix then the only way would be to upgrade to paid membership. That is because you will need to buy more data storage to keep up. With the free membership, a few pages and images can really slow down your loading time.
  • It is not possible to move your website from their web domain hosting to a different host. The only way would be to copy and paste everything you have published. Most hosting platforms allow you to move your website to new hosting without restrictions.
  • Wix is limited in the number of plugins and templates you can access, unlike other platforms. WordPress has over 2500 templates to choose from.
  • Annoying promotions. Being a free site Wix has this annoying self-promotional tags which appear on all pages of your site which can be very distracting to your website visitors. You can remove them by upgrading. Platforms like Siterubix which is also free to join and gives you 2 free websites don’t display any self-promotional branding.

Training and support

The biggest aspect of any web design platform is support since most people aspiring to build a website on their own have little or no knowledge on how to go about it.

Wix has a wonderful customer support service. When you send an email inquiry, you can expect to get a reply within 24 hours.

They also have a question and answer wiki service where you can access frequently asked questions and can post topics that you need help on.

What does it cost? 

There is free service that is heavily branded with very limited functionalities. Premium membership starts at $4.50 for connect domain to 24.50 VIP. This is quite expensive compared to what you would get elsewhere. Below is a breakdown of their pricing.


Wix website Review pricing

Wix website Review quote
Final word…

Wix.com is a great place to start for an aspiring for a Do-it-yourself small business startup hoping to get some exposure on the internet or someone hoping to display minimal information on the internet. The plug and play format are easy to understand even for a person who has never built a website in their life.

It is also ideal for anyone wanting to display basic personal information on the internet, e.g. personal profile, portfolio, CV or product display with minimal images.

Having a website to create an online presence is great. What do you do after your site is up and running? That is where most people get stuck. They have no way of knowing how to market their websites so as to attract visitors or revenue

The internet is huge and diverse and so, there is a lot that is involved in order to have a successful website.

With Wix, you only get the framework and technical aspect of setting up your site.

There are other platforms out there that are free to join and give you access to a wide range of tools, community support, and training to help you succeed in your online campaigns.

The biggest drawback is the self-promotional ads. They chip out the value of your site since you are not only promoting your site but their platform as well.

Since you need to upgrade to paid membership to remove them why not go with 2 ad ad-free websites for free with no data restriction.

Name: Wix Website Builder
Website: www.wix.com
Owners: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan
Price: Free to join plus upsells

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