Why Do People Hate Mondays? Kicking the Monday Morning Blues

Why Do People Hate Mondays Mondays signEver wondered why Monday mornings are dreaded by most people around the world. I remember driving to work one Monday morning and the Boomtown Rats rock classic ‘I hate Mondays’ came up on the radio.

At that very moment, I was thinking what I really needed to do is shoot the whole day down. Turns out that there is a scientific explanation as to why people hate Mondays.

Most of it is psychological because it’s all related to the weekend break. Your Monday could be any other day of the week, depending on what days you work and what days you are free.

In fact, for most people, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are just as stressful as Mondays.

Frankly, Mondays are awful because they are far away from the weekend.

I will dive into the main reasons why people hate Mondays and how you can go easy on yourself especially if you are the kind that tears your hair on Monday mornings.

  1. Vacation mode

    Ever looked towards to a vacation after a whole year at work. It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s that sense of anticipation that makes you excited. Vacations give you time to recharge your batteries.

    Weekends for most people are like taking a mini-vacation. That’s why pubs are always full on Friday nights. It’s the feeling of letting go after a stressful week. However, all vacations come to an end and come Sunday evening your mind switches back to stress mode.

  2. Sleeping patterns

    Many people have to juggle a lot of activity during the week. Like taking the kids for football practice and dinners with friends. Chances are, you can only do this after work.

    What happens is we end up sleeping fewer hours and then try to make up for it on the weekend by sleeping in. Unfortunately, the brain doesn’t work that way. Your body needs regular uninterrupted sleep on a daily basis (7-8 hours) to function properly.

    Sleeping for 3 extra hours on the weekends simply destabilizes the body’s internal clock. You always end up feeling even more exhausted after sleeping longer than is necessary.

  3. Over indulging

    Many people tend to really let themselves go on the weekends. Why not, it’s the weekend. Some people will drink, smoke or eat more on the weekends than on weekdays.

    This obviously takes a toll on the body and so come Monday morning and you are just not yourself.

  4. Adjusting to routine

    People who work on alternating days in the week are less likely to complain about Mondays than those who take the weekends off.

    The psychological shift from laying back and bingeing on Television and snacks to getting back to the grind takes a bit of adjusting. The only reason we love casual Fridays is that we are more relaxed.

  5. Family and friends

    Human beings are social animals. We love connecting with our loved ones and what better time than on the weekend. With our busy lives, some people never get enough time to interact with those close to them.

    Having breakfast with your kids as you chat takes a lot of pressure off from our daily lives. Come Monday morning and it always feels like your job is dragging you away from your comfort zone. It’s almost like going to a mini-prison for the next five days.

  6. The daily commute

    Why Do People Hate Mondays Traffic jamIf you take the train to work, you are bound to come across other people suffering from Monday morning blues like you are.

    After a weekend of solitude, nothing can prepare you for the commotion of a noisy commuter carriage or insane drivers cutting in front of you in traffic just because they are running late. They just add to the pain that lies ahead and I haven’t even mentioned the crazy traffic jams on your way back home.

  7. Hate your job

    This one is the clincher. 80% of the people hate their jobs. They just do it because if they didn’t, they would starve. There is nothing worse than having to wake up to something you hate doing.

    You may even love your job but perhaps you don’t get along very well with your boss or some of your colleagues. The environment you spend 5 out of 7 days in for years can really wear you down emotionally.

How to beat the Monday morning blues

Well, let’s face it, Mondays are not just going to disappear off the face of the earth and even if they did, they will be terrible Tuesdays. It’s also highly unlikely that you will walk out of your job and just stay at home. You need your jobs to pay for your needs and so you have to become the change that you are looking for.

  1. Change your attitude

    Why Do People Hate Mondays QuoteEver heard the expression you are what you think you are. According to Ed Harrold from the huffington Post, if you hate mondays, pretend its Friday

    The fact is most of us get tied down by our own emotions and feelings than the reality of our surroundings. Tune your mind to embrace Mondays just as you would, Friday afternoons. They are just days after all.

  2. Spread the love

    When you walk with confidence and a smile on your face it also impacts those around you. That way you are less likely to get stressed by your boss or colleagues.

    Make a habit of generating that positive energy around you and your Mondays will become more like Fridays.

  3. Change Your Job

    You maybe be in that unfortunate situation where you work for the boss from hell. Or maybe the daily commute takes too much time. Find a job closer to home so that you may have more time to do the things you never have time for instead of cramming everything on the weekend.

    After all, a change is always as good as a rest.

Final word…

All days of the week are just as important as Mondays and so perhaps what you need to do is figure out what you need to do to live a life where you don’t discriminate certain days. In my opinion, it’s just plain ridiculous to love certain days and hate some. We invented the calendar and so, why shoot the whole day down.

Still, to answer the question.Why do people hate Mondays?

I once worked in a meat processing factory. My daily grind involved lifting and packing 30-kilo bags of meat. Whenever I got home my body was always so sore and worn out that I would just crash on the sofa. One day I tore a nerve due to strain and couldn’t work for weeks.

It’s hard to love a job like that.

I mentioned that 80% of people hate their jobs. We live in a such a stressful society. The problem with having a job is you will always be operating under someone else’s rules. You may love the money that you are making but, of what use will it be if it’s going to cause you health problems.

Why not emulate your employer and break the chains of being under his/her scope?

It’s  hard for most people to take the risk of entrepreneurship. Let’s face it, at your workplace, you are just a number. That’s why they give you a job number.

Maybe what you should do is try is become number 1. Check out this amazing program that can train you the ropes of creating a successful online business. Might be what you need to break the Monday morning blues.

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on why people hate mondays, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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8 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Mondays? Kicking the Monday Morning Blues”

  1. Hi Leonard,

    What a wonderful article! I couldn’t agree more.

    Personally, I find myself being OK with Mondays and I accept it just like any other day because of the main reason – I decided to change my office job into blogging for business – something that I like to do, something that I control when and how to do.

    This way, I am flexible with my own time, I can sleep in if I need to. But because I try to work even a bit every day – I don’t have that hatred towards Mondays as most people do.

    I do something that I LOVE. I do something that I love almost every time. I do something that I love which means I get to sleep properly and exercise properly.

    So, absolutely everything you said in your post is true and I can relate to that. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Zarina and thanks for your kind comments. When you do what you love that is true freedom. I cant think of a better way of acquiring that freedom other than through entrepreneurship. Best of wishes in your business.

  2. I love your solution to hating Mondays. It certainly would be more fun to stay home and work for yourself. I have never liked the commute to and from work five days a week. I only thing that made Mondays easier is that I don’t have to go in to work until 1 pm.

    What else do you enjoy about working for yourself?

    • What I enjoy most about working for myself is the freedom to live life on my own terms and not have to be accountable to anyone but myself. As I mentioned most jobs are stressful and I don’t want to live the better part of my life stressing up. Life is too short for that.

  3. I love your post – it’s so true! I used to feel so down driving to work on a monday morning knowing there would be stress ahead for a whole 5 days before my next weekend!

    I love the Confucius quote, if only we were all lucky enough to be able to do something we are truly passionate about. I’m trying my best to do it currently!

    • Hi Louise and thanks for your comment. The best way to kill Monday morning blues is to do something you love. Glad to know you have taken the step to do what you love. Best of wishes.

  4. This is such a good read. Hating Mondays so much also doesn’t allow us to enjoy Sundays, either. The anticipation of work on Monday always reminded me of being a little kid who didn’t do his homework and walked around in dread. Your tips to overcome this are awesome. It’s really a state of mind. Why be miserable five days looking forward to being happy 1 1/2 days?

    • Hi Warren and thanks for stopping by. It really is a state of mind. You should be happy everyday of your life. The idea is so create a lifestyle that can accommodate all days without dreading some. Glad you enjoyed it.

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