What to do After Losing Your Job-Getting back on track.

What to do After Losing Your Job job signUnemployment has been continuing to rise, and there does not seem to be anything slowing it down. The question that’s always on everyone’s mind is what to do after losing your job.

The job market is shrinking even as technology changes the industry landscape. One of the biggest electronic retail chain in Australia with over 300 stores, closed its doors and now sells everything online. Thousands of people were sent packing.

In mid-2014, I was laid off from the company I had been with for 4 years. I still remember how deeply affected I was. It can be one of those rough patches in life.

So, What do you do after losing your job

It’s tough living without money, especially if you have a family. The fact is there is always a way out of your current situation. Just don’t lose courage or fall into a depression. Here are some things that you can do after losing your job to help you get back on track.

Work out a career direction

Think about if what you were doing before and whether it’s something that you really enjoyed doing in the first place. If you did then,  find something in the same field. That should be a little easier to start off with. But on the other hand, if you did not enjoy it, find something that you will. A change is as good as a rest!

call to action

As soon as you find out the occupation that you enjoy work out a plan of action on how you are going to attain it. Do not take this literal, just make it a top priority. Put up your resume on every job site that you think you will get noticed.

Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are the most popular. They will send alerts tour inbox very frequently. Check them pretty regularly so that you can always be up to date.

Cut unnecessary spending & rework budget

What to do After Losing Your Job clamp on moneyThe first thing to do is understand that you will be short of money and won’t have the luxury of spending money as freely as before. So you will have to make a different budget and try to stick with it the whole time you are in this situation.

Think about what it is that you absolutely need and write those things down. With doing this you will be able to see what money you have leftover.

Then without spending so much you will have a little safety net from your safety net.

Retrace your steps

Instead of getting that loss of job depression, try to figure out what made them let you go in the first place. Did you work as hard as you could? Did you get comfortable there and did not realize it until it was too late? Did they lose interest in your ability to be a good asset to the company?

Revamp that resume

Go back and look at your resume and see what you can add to it. Of course add the recent work experience and place what is most important closer to the top. Make sure that the experience you have stands out to the places that you apply to next.

And lastly, make sure the resume is scrubbed of grammatical errors and little mistakes that may not even get you considered for an interview.

Learn some new skills

What to do After Losing Your Job man playing guitarWhile you have all this free time you can be learning new things to add to your resume. You could learn a new computer program, or learn how to play guitar.

Small skills tend to add up. You would be surprised at all the skills employers are looking for.

By adding more skills you become more marketable. Employers are constantly updating the skills they expect their candidates to have.

Network and freelance

A lot of jobs in the world are not advertised. Some companies need new people but are not actively looking that hard to find them. When you network this will open up the window for some people to get to know you on a business level, evaluate your skills, and possibly by the end of the night you have found out some information that will help in your job search.

Or even better someone might have offered up an open position they feel you might fit in. While you are searching for another job you could use some of those skills you have and put them to good use if you can.

Freelancing is another great way to make a little money in the meantime. Little projects here and there would not hurt. This way you do not just stay broke.


This can be important in helping you to keep going. Job searching can become stressful and some people even give up sometimes.

Volunteering will help you stay involved and motivated. Helping people can always boost your mood and seeing the smiles on people’s faces will give you a purpose for the time being.


Finding ways to make extra money in the meantime can be difficult or easy. Declutter some things. There are always things we do not need and are just hording away because we do not have the guts to let it go. Go through your home and find what you can sell, donate, or throw away.

Start exercising. You have to not only get your mind in shape for the jobs you are applying to but also your body. They need to be in sync. Being in good shape instills confidence and always makes you feel better about life in general.

Don’t get discouraged

With all the building of confidence, you need to make sure you are ready. Do not let all that hard work go to waste. Stay confident and dont stop believing in your dream for a better life ahead.

It is tough not having a job and can be even tougher to keep going out to these places and interviewing, and getting the news of not getting hired or even worse, not hearing back at all sitting there wondering.

Everything can be a learning experience. Even the little rejections we experience in life.

Change the employee mindset.

Someone once said that the paycheck was the biggest lie that was ever told to the middle class. The trouble with getting that periodic income in the bank is that it locks you to a life of dependency and complacency. Your life tends to revolve around your pay.

I don’t mean to say there is anything wrong with having a job. In fact, it’s great having a job. Just don’t let it be your only way to get by in life. Broaden your outlook and see what else you can do to make a significant difference in terms of income and livelihood.

Any job you have today will one day come to an end. What is going to be next? Why not start building something that will give you financial freedom in the years to come.

Go out and prosper!!

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5 thoughts on “What to do After Losing Your Job-Getting back on track.”

  1. Getting fired after years of hard work sucks.
    My aunt got fired from her job at a restaurant a while back. Luckily for her, she had enough cash to last for a couple of months – so she spent her time discovering herself a bit.
    I think that unless you got lots of bills to pay, and assuming you can afford it, you should do something with yourself instead of searching for a job right away.
    Really liked your input on this idea.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    • Hi Vlad and thanks for your comment. Its good to let go for sometime and try and get your mind back on track. A good get-away could do you some good. In the end if you don’t have a fair bit of disposable income then getting a job as soon as you can could be your only way out. Money tends to run out pretty quick.

  2. Thank you for great counseling and advising. Losing a Job can be so hard especially when the family is looking forward to as a provider.

    Many of the ideas are useful. As I was reading ideas were also forming in my mind. I thought whilst you are employed, you need to plan for time of unemployment. When you spoke about declutter I said to myself what will you sell if you don’t have assert to sell.

    I like the idea of learning new skill and we must start today. In my mind starting an online business come to mind because of its flexibility that I can continue to work while I develop my business.

    I don’t know if you I agree with my ideas.

    • Well, Jonathan many people don’t plan for unemployment when they are employed. 95% of them fall into hard times just after losing their jobs.

  3. With the economy the way it is, it’s hard for some folks to hold down full-time work, especially here in the UK where retailers, for example, are introducing ZERO hour contracts and not providing job security.

    How can anyone afford to live and put a roof over their head if their employer doesn’t give them enough work?

    It’s kinda sad in a way that folks are losing jobs due to technology. But wouldn’t that also mean there will be more IT job opportunities available?

    To be honest, I think jobs are over-rated. Yeah, they pay the bills, but that’s all they’re good for.

    I’m tired of the “status-quo”, so I’m following your online business recommendation and breaking these employee chains once and for all.



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