What is Worldprofit Associates and Does it Really Deliver?

Website:  www.worldprofit.com
Price: $ 99 + upsells.
Owners: Sandi Hunter, George Kosch, and Jeffrey Lant
Overall Rank: 4/10

What is Worldprofit Associates- homepageAt a time when internet marketing has to a mainstream business model, business conscious individuals have invented numerous platforms to help businesses reach their target audience at minimal cost. Some of such platforms are legit while many others are outright scams. If you have come across Worldprofit associates, you may be wondering if it’s a legit platform or just another scheme to freeze you off your sweat.

World Profit Associates overview

‘Worldprofit associates’ is a budding internet affiliate marketing venture located out of Canada and founded back in the 1990s. Over time, the venture has grown to include a variety of tools that beginners and seasoned internet marketers can leverage on to spur growth and profitability of their online businesses. These tools are accessible through their website portal.

Features and tools

The tools found on the Worldprofit Associates are either meant to help users gain more traffic, learn more on internet marketing and basically create websites that can appeal to users. Some of these include:

WordPress training to equip internet marketers, both beginners, and seasoned marketers, to get in grasp with the world’s most popular content management system.

Website hosting services

  •  Classified ad services where clients can market their online ventures and generate traffic from the same.
  • Website development for marketers who don’t have the skills and the time to create professional websites.
  • Article marketing to help marketers to reach out to more audience.
  • List building services for effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Autoresponders to improve communication with clients.
  • Traffic exchange services with other internet marketers so as to boost sales volume.

Pros of using World profit associates

  • The company has been on for over 20 years and, as such, the brand has built a solid foundation to help appeal to a larger audience.
  • World profit boosts of a longstanding reputation resulting from its dealings with past clients. This certainly acts as a guarantee of reliable and helpful service package.
  • The fact that this is an internet marketing company means you can easily access information on their customer service, past customer reviews and other important data pieces regarding the company’s progress.
  • The company offers tiered levels of membership starting the free tier to premium membership. This means you can become a member regardless of your financial situations.


Despite the many positives attributed to World profit associates, there can never lack a negative.

What is Worldprofit Associates sign up

  • Internet marketers who register for premium membership tiers are required to pay a defined sum on monthly basis. This eats into their profits and makes the platform less attractive to many marketers. But perhaps the lowest point for all this is that even after paying a massive 99 dollars for silver membership; you will receive numerous but pointless upsells. You’ve to score through lots of unnecessary info just to get what you want.
  • World profit associates still apply some of the old-school sales tactics that often focus on selling rather adding value to the recipient. This is a big turn off to experienced marketers who know all too well that today’s marketing lays more emphasis on meeting users’ needs rather than tricking them into buying. This explains why many novice internet marketers hardly benefit from the world profit association programs and end up branding the company a scam.
  • The transition of traffic to client’s sites is low. One of the core services offered by World profit is traffic exchange. And you know that traffic is, in all ways, at the core of the success of any online venture. However, the rate at which the traffic trickles down to affiliates is low. More so, the traffic doesn’t contribute to improved sales volume and makes the traffic to be rigged.
  • The user interface for worldprofit.com isn’t the friendliest to users. The graphics are less attractive, the links lack coherence and basically, users do not know where to go next after completing a certain stage.

Who can use World Profit Associates?

World profit is stacked with great bits of information if you know where to look. This means that anyone looking to upscale their internet marketing ventures and who can easily differentiate between what works in today’s internet marketing have a prime chance to gain from world profits. Even then, this platform is not ideal for a novice with a background in internet marketing as there are many marketing strategies advocated for in the platform yet they are no longer effective in today’s market.

The biggest turnoff in this program is that most of the training is geared towards generating traffic back to their business center for the sake of making more upsells. A decent online program that is out to assist its members would understand that most people have no money to spend on expensive programs.

Any support ticket that you send out to World profit is handled at the company’s headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. This means that there is a possibility of variations in the banking systems for clients who come from regions other than Canada. Sometimes, you will be needed to make use of swift codes to ensure your queries are responded to. Out of 10, World profit’s support desk could do with a 5.


Like most other affiliate marketing platforms, World Profit associates employ a tiered structure for its membership structure. Any individual joining the company can choose between free membership, silver membership, which goes for 99 dollars, and platinum that ranks at the top of the tier.

Most of the products offered at World profit have a price tag attached to them with the cheapest training package “How To Succeed As As Affiliate” going for $17.00 while the most expensive will ‘6 Viral Mini Videos’ will set you back some $197.00.

Compare that with my number one recommended training program and you will see that you are really not getting value for the money you spend on the program.

Bottom line

World profit offers a wide variety of tools and training materials that affiliates can leverage on to generate traffic to their sites and ultimately improve their bottom line. The effective of such tools, and which define the effectiveness of the platform, remain debatable if past users’ reviews are anything to go by.

If you are to succeed as a world profit affiliate, don’t fall for their marketing gigs. If you master the art of discerning between what’s helpful and what’s just meant for marketing, you can find the platform overall helpful. While the platform can be rated as a scam, it attracts a partly 4/10 star rating basing on the effectiveness of the tools on offer and the user experience a read gains while on the site.

the fact that they tell you to sign up for the program with a lot of free goodies for you only to be met with salsey adds asking you to upgrade to paid membership, makes it lose all credibility despite the few positive aspects to it.

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Final Verdict:

Product name: Worldprofit

Website: http://worldprofit.com/
Owners: Sandi Hunter, George Kosch, and Jeffrey Lant
Price: $ 99 + upsells.
Overall Ranking: 3/10

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