What is The Younique Business Opportunity?

What is the Younique - homepageCompany Name: Younique

Website: youniqueproducts.com

Owners: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft

Cost: Starting @ $99

I bet a close friend of your or perhaps a relative might have approached you with this wonderful idea that is the Younique business opportunity. Not sure whether to join in, stay or leave?

May I first start by stating that I am not a consultant with Younique and so I am not going to be asking you to whip out your credit card for your dream to success. This review is based on my own research and the aim is to help you make an independent decision on whether to join, stay put or bail out. The decision is entirely up to you.

So just what is the Younique business opportunity?

Beauty certainly is big business given the huge numbers of MLMs that promote beauty products. Younique is the brainchild of Derek Maxfield and his half sister Melanie Huscroft. Prior to founding Younique Derek was involved in software development for direct sales companies for 12 years. It was with this knowledge that he decided to take the plunge and do his own thing.

Wat is the unique- founders
Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft

Younique sells high performing, pure makeup products that are good for your skin, regardless of your skin type or concern.

Founded in 2012, their mission was to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe. They also firmly believe that all women should feel valued, smart, and empowered through opportunities for personal growth and financial reward!

The short version of all that is that this is an MLM that sells cosmetics through consultants in a multilevel structure.


What is the unique - productsYounique certainly has a massive range of products in their catalogue that it would not make any sense me to listing it all here. To simplify things Youniques products fall under the following categories

  • Eyes- Lash enhancers, brows and eyeliners
  • Lips – Lipstick, lip gloss, lip care
  • Face- Foundation and powder, BB cream, highlight and contour
  • Skin Care- cleanse , mask and moisturise
  • Body oil- beachfront kissed body oil? I want that one!

Under each of these categories they have a wide collection of products. Click here to check out the whole package.

Compensation plan

Like all good Mlms, there must be a compensation plan otherwise what would be the point? This is the bait that attracts consultants or presenters as they call them, to join the business. It’s all about the commission you make for sales and recruiting others to join you. The interesting thing about Younique is that they have virtual parties unlike the old school MLMs where you would invite total strangers into your house. You get to chose your favorite media channel and advertise what you are selling.

Most of the products are reasonably priced in comparison to other products of that range within the market. The compensation is between 20% to 30 % depending in what level you are at. The higher the better.

I am not a big fan of explaining how compensation plans work, so I will just let this lady with a beautiful voice give you a take on what’s up. (Please note that I am not endorsing the video, it’s only for presentation purposes)


To become a presenter with Younique you will need to buy a starter kit for $99, but here is the kicker. You will need to sell or buy $125 worth of of products within a 3 month period for you to remain a presenter. If you cant meet that target you will be signed of and then forced to re-apply.

The good and bad

Normally, every business opportunity has the bright and dull side that everyone involved in it has to come to terms with. Younique is not any different, or should I say not unique. For the good, this is a plus while the bad is what determines whether to remain in the game or call it a day. Here are the two sides of the coin when it comes to these business opportunity.

What I like
  • They have an easy to follow website that clearly explains what they do.
  • The founders are in an industry that they have a lot of experience in, so it’s easy to trust them.
  • They are a relatively new MLMs so there is some potential to make money
  • Some of the products are not way above market value
What I don’t.
  • This is an MLM. You are in the recruiting business. Expect to attend a lot virtual parties. Your Facebook account will never be the same.
  • No scientific proof to show that the products are as effective as stated.
  • Pressure to meet sales targets.
Bottom line

Younique seems like a pretty decent company with good products.

It is not a pyramid scheme like some people would claim. It’s is just one among the thousands of  multi-level marketing businesses that exist out there. Are any of these companies better than the other?

I doubt it.

There is an narrative that network marketing companies use and that is to pitch their products as magical or the next big thing. Until I see proof, I am not buying into it.

Opinion is always divided in the middle about how good or not the products really are. Unfortunately there is a mob psychology kind of thinking among network marketers. In most cases it comes down to who is making money, who is willing to push and who is not.

If these products were put on store shelves competing against other products how well do you think they would sell. I can bet you they would have a hard time competing

The other trouble with the multi-level marketing business model is that the products usually tend to take a back seat and recruiting becomes the center of focus for your business.

Many people fail in this form of business because it is by no means easy as they are led to believe. In fact,  less than 1% of all the people who join multi-level marketing businesses succeed. You heard that right! Less than 1%!

The very nature of multi-level marketing is also shrouded in a lot of misconceptions and controversy.

I can understand why. You are not really giving people an opportunity to make money. It’s more like reaping the benefits out of their hard work.

Selling your products via social media is certainly a great way to do business. It should however not be the only way. In fact it should come as an alternative way because the industry changes all the time. I also find it intrusive when friends start sending you content of their business opportunity on your social profile in the hope that you will join the bandwagon. Yikes!

In the years I have been in the marketing industry I have come to appreciate the fact that the only way you can make money selling products in a stress free way is by having your own website. You don’t even need spend money to own one. Why run around chasing after people to join your opportunity and yet you can reach the billions of people who are connected on the internet today.

If you belong to the 99…% plus number of the people trying desperately to make money recruiting people to their business, how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit. Might turn out to be what you have been searching for all along.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Younique business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

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