What is the Herbalife Business Opportunity?

What is the Herbalife business opportunity herbalife-homeIf you are reading this review, chances are someone might have approached you with this amazing opportunity that is the Herbalife business opportunity. You are probably sitting on the fence wondering whether to jump in or not.

Or maybe perhaps you are already on board and just want to know whether you are in the right place.

In this review, I give you an honest take on what the business is all about and what it takes for you as a distributor of Herbalife products.

Herbalife is certainly one of the big players in the nutritional supplement and multilevel marketing companies with a network of 3 million distributors in 91 countries and a total valuation of over $8 billion.


What is the Herbalife business opportunity herbalife-home
Mark R Hughes

The company was founded in 1980 by entrepreneur  Mark R Hughes. Originally, Herbalife was designed to provide a distribution platform for weight management products.

Over time, the company would become known for its range of health supplement, diet snacks and protein shakes that cater to those people whose aim is to lose weight.

The flagship product of the company is the Formula 1 protein shake which is a soy based drink and is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.

Herbalife tools and training

The Herbalife company provide all the tools and training necessary to succeed in this MLM business. The Herbalife Learning Center offers various training modules that are engaging and interactive. Your knowledge is tested with a quiz and your achievements are recognized through downloadable certificates.

The various training modules provide you with the most accurate information on the topics covered. You can learn at your own pace within the Learning Center and build confidence that will help you retain both customers and downline distributors, recruit new team members and retail the products.

The Ethics Training is the first that should be completed, followed by the Nutrition Education Program. New training that is more up-to-date is added by Herbalife from time to time.


One has to purchase a Herbalife Member Pack in order to become an official distributor. The regular price of the Member Pack is $92.25.  The purchase covers a few products and provides a person with the right to buy additional Herbalife stocks at a discount.

Herbalife distributors can also recruit more distributors as their MLM downlines, getting a commission out of every referral and receiving a percentage of their downlines’ earnings.


Herbalife offers its distributors the ability to decide the level of commitment they want to devote to their independent business, whether that’s full-time or just part-time.

Distributors can choose when and where they work as well as how they structure their business. Herbalife  offers support to their distributors which instills confidence knowing they have a credible, successful international company behind them.

In order to start, you do not need any previous nutrition education or business experience. A current Independent Distributor will be assigned to you who will ensure to teach you everything you need to know, support and guide you as you grow your own independent business.

The compensation plan

Rather than go through the entire compensation plan, I will allow this lovely lady explain it to you. Please note that I am not endorsing this video and its only for purposes of helping you understand how the Herbalife compensation plan works.


Let take a close look at some of the pros of becoming an Herbalife distributor.

  • It’s an easy start-up system. You only have to follow the instructions and fill out some forms and you are good to go.
  • The company provides many quality nutrition product lines. Its products have been developed and tested by professional nutritionists and scientists along with independent third party companies. Clinical trials have been performed in order to test the products for the requirements of different regulatory bodies.
  • Herbalife’s compensation system can provide you a substantial income. You grow the multi-level marketing structure by teaching other distributors within your down line on how to become successful at their turn. You receive a percentage of their productivity as a commission by using duplication.
  • Herbalife has an Interactive training system. Your mentor can help you to upgrade your skills and become more confident in closing sales.


Nothing is perfect. Not even the Herbalife business opportunity. Let’s look at the cons.

  • You must purchase inventory in for you to begin with. Your level within the company is indicated by the amount of inventory you purchase. Also, your commission percentage with each sale depends on your level with the company. You may need to invest thousands of dollars in your initial inventory and get dozens of boxes shipped to your house.
  • The marketing structure that relies heavily on your local market. Starting a home business in nutrition product retail might be difficult if your local market is not favorable to this kind of products. The website design is also a con to the Herbalife business. The website franchise sites all operate the same and look alike. That doesn’t help you to differentiate your business from the competitors.
  • The extensive training is great but sometimes it is difficult to absorb all that information from your note taking. In order to understand the new notions presented at the live training, you need to check them over and over again.
  • There is a lot of emphases to buy more to make more. The fact is, the more you buy, the more your upline makes. Makes no sense for one to spend $ 1000 to get back $200

Final Thoughts

Herbalife is a great company. What you need to know is that Herbalife is just one among the thousands of Multi level marketing (network marketing) like Amway, Avon or Kangen Water that sell their products through consultants.

In all cases with MLMs, the products usually take a back seat and recruiting becomes the center of focus for your business.

The deal with MLMs is that unlike brick and mortar businesses where they have to keep an inventory and invest in advertising and distribution, these costs are passed to consultants who are compensated for their work.  Its a smart way for the company to just sit back while their customers do all the hard work for them. I am not sure how smart it is for consultants.

Well, if you are good at approaching people out of the blue and presenting them with an opportunity like this, this could work well for you. Most people are not.

The fact is many people fail in this business because it is by no means easy as they are led to believe. In fact,  less than 1% of all the people who join MLMs succeed.

The odds are certainly against you.

I don’t mean to discourage you but also the very nature of MLMs is shrouded in misconceptions and controversy.

How about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit or attend endless meetings.

I will leave you with Dave Ramsay’s take on it.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment regarding the Herbalife business, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.


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4 thoughts on “What is the Herbalife Business Opportunity?”

  1. Hi Leonard, I have tried Herbalife products before.
    They are great for people who want to lose weight or make a healthier lifestyle.

    Also, they had described me their business model but I was not interested in getting started.
    I had made my research and it was too difficult to find new customers in my area.

    • Thaks for stopping by. MLM is a pretty wild shot.

  2. Amazing review.

    I like the review above, very simple yet language and easy to digest.

    Often time I will be very cautious with these type of Multi level marketing (network marketing) companies when coming to earning my income.

    I have joined few but seems like most of the Schemes didn’t work well and just over promising.

    Great to know WA and thanks for letting me know. Excited to giving it a try.

    I hope more and more people able to read this before wasting their hard earned money.

    • Hi Maxx. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you found my post useful.


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