What is Good Quality Content All About?

what is Good Quality Content- man typingIn search engine optimization, content is king. To this end, you need high-quality content to attract views, hits, and corresponding actions. That said, when you ask about high-quality content, you will receive tons of opinionated and varied answers. After all, quality is highly subjective, and everyone views it differently.

However, when you think about what is considered to be high-quality content by Google and other main search engines, the answer is much clearer.


The first step to understanding whether what you are looking at is quality content revolves around the amount of research that you put into it. Good quality content comes about from research and creation – more than anything else.

Luckily, anyone can learn how to create valuable content by going through the Webmaster Academy Course established by Google. In the process of your research and learning, you will find out about the do’s and don’ts of content creation.

Further, research will empower you to know how to make the content you add to your website/blog engaging, credible, and useful. To this end please ensure that your content is:

  • Informative and Useful 

    The content you provide should provide readers and viewers with all the information they require to make informed decisions. For instance, if you wish to launch a restaurant website, you would have to include information about your menu, contact information, hours of operation, and location.


    The research will enable you to check out what other websites are offering. This way, you will learn how to provide more value than they do – thereby creating high-quality content in the process.

    For example, if your blog deals with dog training, your content needs to provide a different perspective or more value than the many articles that have previously been published about dog training.

  • Credible

    In the same way, you should be able to show that your content is credible by using original citations, research, reviews, testimonials, and links. One way to boost your reputation and trustworthiness is by getting real testimonials from real clients and author biographies.

  • Engaging

    People love reading something that captures their attention. Your research should help you create content that is engaging. Go a step further and weed out all factual, stylistic, and spelling errors that might distract your visitors.

    If possible, get rid of ads so that your visitors can focus on the high-quality content you’ve provided. Then, engage with them through social media widgets, comment boxes, and regular updates.


    At the end of the day, your audience will decide whether the content on your website is of high quality. The secret to creating and publishing high-quality content revolves around your understanding of the questions your intended audience ask and striving to provide the right answers to them.

Remember, the purpose of your content should be to:

  • Share information about certain topics
  • Express an informed point of view or opinion
  • Entertain
  • Sell services and/or products
  • Allow your audience to post questions that you or any other user can answer
  • Allow users to download certain files

While creating quality content, therefore, you should try as much as possible to match the intent of your users with the content type and the purpose of each page.

Tips and strategies

So, what tips and strategies can you use to ensure you only come up with high-quality content? Consider the following:

  • Always ensure that your pages are targeted at users and not at search engines
  • Never try to deceive your audience
  • Avoid all tricks designed to improve your rank on search engines
  • Only use content that is engaging, valuable, and unique
  • Write naturally.

Even as you adopt the tips above, there are some commonly-used techniques that you should avoid at all costs. These include:

  • Using content that was generated automatically
  • Participating in a link scheme
  • Creating web pages with little to no original content
  • Cloaking
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Hidden links or text
  • Doorway pages
  • Scraped content
  • Loading web pages with irrelevant key phrases and keywords
  • Creating pages that behave maliciously, such as by phishing and/or installing adware, Trojans, or viruses


In general, the higher the quality of your online content, the higher Google will rank your website. The volume of content within your website also helps.

That’s why it’s important to write on a regular basis. As your site grows and your domain ages, it becomes easier for search engines to find it. New posts will begin to rank a lot faster with time.


At the end of the day, the only way to determine what good quality content is all about starts with you. Whatever you write must come as a naturally as the way you talk. It all starts with the intentions, needs, and desires of the target audience.

If you want to learn more about writing great quality content, check out this online education program.

By matching your content with what people are looking for, you have higher chances of providing them value, getting them to come back for more, and eventually convincing them to take the course of action you advised.

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on good quality content, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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