What is Direct Cellars Wine Club – A Wine Drinkers MLM?

what is direct cellars wine club-wineBusiness opportunities dwell around in every angle that you can’t realize unless you are an enthusiast. Well, if you are a wine enthusiast, this one might be an interesting one for you. I have written various reviews on all sorts of multi-level marketing businesses, but not one like this one.

This review is all about the the Direct Cellars Wine Club.

The business  launched its operations back in the year 2014. Cellars Wine Club majors in finding, purchasing the finest wine flavors from famous vineyards, artisans and every other wine producer from all over the globe and distributes these wine drinks to potential customers on customized services at the most affordable prices.

Cellar Wine Club products

what is direct cellars wine club- homepageOne amazing product from cellar wine is that members of the club receive wines according to their preference. They have a huge collection of wines where they deliver you a batch containing various tastes of wine according to your flavor.

If you prefer red wines, then you will be receiving several bottles of red wine with different flavors. All the brands are of high quality as they are tasted by a team with high experience on top of the notch wines.

The professionals make sure that you receive 2 to 4 bottles of different flavors from their auto shipment at the very same affordable price. For every shipment, you can expect to see a new bottle of different wine from your exclusive flavor and this is something pretty amazing for those people who love trying something new every time with an exclusive taste.

It is amazing how Cellar Wine Club charges their customers considering that you receive 2 bottles of wine every month you order for $49.95 and 4 bottles which includes a new wine brand at only $79.95 which is a unique offer you don’t expect to get anywhere else.

You should not forget that their wine comes from exclusive and small vineyards that have been producing wine for many years. Most of the vineyards artisans are family owned and operated thus assuring high-quality production as it is something that they have done for decades and centuries.

Business model and compensation

Cellars Wine Club offers several amazing opportunities for you to benefit and also make money. Not only being a customer, you can also join the affiliate and referral programs to make revenue if you don’t want to get too much involved as a direct seller. Should you feel that you have some skills in sales and marketing, you can start by convincing some of your best friends to join the club through your link.

That is typical of all MLMs. That’s called your warm market. If they become regular customers in every month, then they will be earning you some good revenue.

If you  successfully refer 3 friends who purchase wine products from the club in that month, then you are guaranteed to receive your monthly order for free during that month even if they purchase cheaper products than yours which is a perfect deal.

Another brilliant option is to participate as a direct seller as they can operate on the hybrid compensation plan. This is an opportunity that offers you the chance to earn through binary and unilevel commissions. Here, there is a tricky catch whereby you have to sponsor two active members to make an auto-ship for you to qualify for these commissions. It is a good deal as your earnings here are pretty high.

For affiliate commissions, you receive a $20 commission everytime you sell a bottle of wine package to a new customer. You also receive $125 whenever you introduce a new premium wine lover affiliate who enrolls through paying and becomes a member. You also receive $250 for recruiting a new premium wine lover elite affiliate after they pay for the enrollment on the club membership.

There are also binary commissions which come your way through the following qualifications and ranks:

  • what is direct cellars wine club- wine partyWine enthusiast who earns a commission of 6% through qualification status.
  • The wine lover who earn through recruiting and maintaining at least affiliate and by signing as direct cellar affiliates.
  • Wine critic who earns 8% by recruiting and maintaining 3 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Wine specialist who earns 10% by recruiting and maintaining 4 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Wine Expert who earns 12% by recruiting and maintaining 5 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Wine Connoisseur who earns 14% by recruiting and maintaining 6 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Wine Aficionado who earns 16% by recruiting and maintaining 7 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Wine Master who earns 18% by recruiting and maintaining 8 qualified members who also earn a commission.
  • Master Cellar who earns 20% by recruiting and maintaining qualified members who also earn a commission.

You can also get Unilevel commissions based on your rank where you can unlock to level 9 deep which ranges from 10% to 38%. You also have the opportunity to earn a matching bonus from the commission of those you have recruited directly all the way down to level four.

What I like about the Direct Cellars Wine Club
  • Many and varied opportunities for you to make money through high commissions which are paid instantly.
  • Clear and easy affiliate process that is easy to follow and comply.
  • Becoming a member offers you the opportunity to taste a new wine flavor every month at the same price
What I don’t like
  • To qualify for commissions, you must have recruited active members who have already enrolled and are active customers through your affiliate link.
  • You will have to keep on buying from the direct Cellar Wine even if you are not making any income from the membership of the club.
  • It is not easy to convince members unless they are passionate about wines.
Training and cost of becoming a Direct Cellar Wine Club

You don’t have to go the long processes of training to become a member. It will only take you the shortest time to understand how the business works. You only need to understand that you get a commission as an affiliate by recruiting new affiliates where compensation is determined from the amount and the rank that new members pay for.

Bottom line

Would I like recommend becoming an Direct cellars wine affiliate?


Whats better than getting your favorite tipper and earning while those you refer to Direct Cellars imbibe as well. The business certainly offers a good opportunity to earn while purchasing the best wine flavors from all over the globe at the most affordable prices.

But let’s look closely at the business model.

To set the record straight Direct cellars is not a pyramid scheme like some people would claim. Direct cellars is just one among the thousands of multi-level marketing businesses like Forever Living or Herbalife that promote their products through consultants.

My beef with the multi-level marketing business model is that the products usually tend to take a back seat and recruiting becomes the center of focus for your business.

Well, if you are good at approaching people out of the blue and presenting them with an opportunity like this, this could work well for you. Some people just have it and if that’s you by all means go for it

Having said that, I can tell you here and now most people are not.

The fact is many people fail in this form of business because it is by no means easy as they are led to believe. In fact,  less than 1% of all the people who join multi-level marketing businesses succeed.

The very nature of multi-level marketing is also shrouded in a lot of misconceptions and controversy. I can understand why. You are not really giving your family and friends an opportunity to make money. Its more like reaping the  benefits out of their hard work.

If you belong to the 99…%, how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit. Might turn out to be the smartest decision you have ever made in your life. Trust me.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Direct cellars wine business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.


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