What Is Autopilot Profits? Cash Spitting ATM Machine?

autopilot profits homepageYou might have heard of the the Autopilot Profits business opportunity and probably want to find out whether its worth investing in it or avoiding it totally.

Welcome to my review and let’s find out if this program is the worth the investment of your time and money.

We live at a time when sometimes it’s really hard to tell a legit business opportunity from a scam. That is what the internet of everything comes with. The last thing you want is to be lured by a program that promises the good life only for you to end up with zero.

Trust me. That happens a lot.

So just what is Autopilot Profits? Is it a scam or legit? Can you make some serious money?

No doubt you want some things cleared. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Company Name: Autopilot Profits

Website: www.autopilotprofits.com

Owner: Ewen Chia

Cost: $37 + Upsells

Rating: 1/5

cta banner

Ewen Chia is a man who has made a lot of money over the years. He has been an internet marketer since 2007 and has written an ebook How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!

Ewen and friendsOne thing that I like about Ewan is that he doesn’t hide behind the shadows like many other online program owners. He tells you who he is and what his biz op is all about.

I am not sure whether he has had a chance to meet Tony, Donald and Robert. I honestly doubt it, but that is a nice picture.

The Autopilot profits is an online program that teaches you how to make money on.. you guessed it. Autopilot. The name speaks volumes. I never get tired of reviewing products like these.

What hits you on Ewens sales page all the way to the end is how you will own your own ATM or several of them making you money day in day out without fail.

Those are very bold claims to make. What is is concerning is throughout the whole presentation, not once does he tell you how your ATM will be making you that kind of money or what you need to do for that to happen.

I kept reading and I realised he actually does. 

sales page screenshot

Nothing. You don’t need to do anything to make the money. Everything here is done for you.

A big red flag in any online business is  when someone goes overboard in trying to sell you their opportunity. Ewen Chia has a lot gimmicky sales tactics. He talks about how he has worked the price of his program to be worth  $3,797.00 and he is able to knock it all down to $37 just because he wants to help people.

What you need to know about Autopilot Profits is that it’s just a sales page that is supposed to get you to promote all his other offers.

Ewen Chia is the king of upsells.

How it works.

Autopilot profits is a Clickbank product that apparently teaches you how to promote products through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great to way to make money online and in fact, it can be quite lucrative, but only if done right.

Once you sign in to the members area, you receive a 56 page ebook. Incase you didn’t know, ebooks are a dead art. No one reads them any more. If you have the patience you can as well download it. You also receive a series of about twenty, 5 to 10 minute videos covering the basics online of marketing like how to set up with WordPress and drive traffic from solo ads..etc.

But here lies the problem with this program. You are not going to get very far before you see all these numerous pop ups asking you to join  other programs. All these other programs are nowhere related to the original program and are just meant to milk more money from you.

upsell screenshotIn fact, the minute you land on the sales page, you are hit with a pop up asking you to buy Autopilot Income Machine for $27.

Here is what else you will be confronted with;

  • Mega Traffic Package $67
  • Autopilot Social Profits  $147
  • Instant Websites   $197
  • Ultimate Free Traffic Software   $297
  • Traffic Millionaire $19.97/month
  • Shortcut to $10K for  $9.97
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop training $297
  • Cash Biz  $529.97
  • Traffic Avalanche $37
  • Copy Paste Income $37
  • Complete Business Setup $297
  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) – $49 + $19/month + $1997
  • Pure Leverage $24.95/month + $19.95/month

My Top Tier Business was part of MOBE and was recently shut down by the FTC, so you may as well forget about it.

As you can see Ewen Chia is a man who has had a fair go in his endeavours. Would you trust a guy who is involved in so many programs. I mean, which one is better than the other. Why have all these fancy words like shortcut, instant ,free, copy paste.

The reason why people get jaded by online businesses is because people like Ewan want you to believe it’s easy. There is no button you can switch on and have money pouring from everywhere. You cannot invest $9.97 and expect to make $10 000. That is not how things work in the real world.

Its deceitful and sends a bad impression especially to people willing to get into the online marketing industry.

Pros and cons

Every business opportunity has a the good and bad site of it and its important to weigh both sides in order to determine whether to join, stay on or call it a day.


If you are venturing into the world of online marketing, you can draw a few good points from the Autopilot Profit program. Ewen Chia is a man with a lot of experience, despite his dodgy marketing tactics.

These being a Clickbank product, you can always get a refund in 60 days if you feel you are not happy with it.


The training is shallow. Everything you are taught can be found online for free or at a fraction of the cost of what Ewen charges. Of course, as I mentioned the upsells are a real pain. It’s best to steer clear of those.

The biggest con I can see with the Autopilot Profit is the deceptive way the product is marketed.

Can you make money

Indeed yes. If you search online you are likely bound to come across very positive reviews of programs like this. These is because companies like Clickbank and JVzoo pay affiliates a commission when new members sign up through their link.

Here are is a list of some similar programs that I have reviewed on this site that seem to follow a very similar trend.

If you have to promote a program just for the sake of earning a commission, you had better have a lot of faith in it. Unfortunately many of these programs don’t deliver much and will often die off or morph into something else in the course of time.

Building a business the right way.

man lifting weightsThe reason why done for you systems don’t work is because all businesses online or otherwise depend on traffic to thrive. Traffic simply means visitors to your store or in the case of online businesses, website.

You can’t start a cafe and hire someone else to do all the work for you. You have to put in some work. The harder you work, the more visitors you get and therefore, the more profits you are likely to make. There are only 3 main ways you can generate traffic to your website.

  1. Paid traffic is pretty self explanatory. You pay to get visitors to your site. It’s sort of like advertising on TV or radio. Run the ad, the masses listen or watch it and hopefully if the ad is a success, you will have folks tripping over each other hoping to catch the wave. Bing ads is commonly used as a paid traffic marketing tool.

  2. Social media.

    Social media is complicated. With social media, you need to understand who your target audience is. Don’t spam your buddies with your opportunity. It wont look good on you. If you want to reach a wider audience, you might have to invest deeper in your pocket. Like in Facebook ads.

    Typically, conversions with Facebook on the make money online niche is meager. You might want to check out Pinterest as a social media business focussed platform. It has a better conversion rate since its algorithm works like a mini search engine.

  3. SEO (Search engine optimisation)

    This what is referred to as organic traffic. Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo love content. Not just content but good high quality content that is unique and offers value to the reader. The content must also target low competition keywords for it to stand a good chance of ranking high in search results. Learn more about keywords. Give search engines what they love and they will heavily reward you for your efforts.

No. 3 is the best way to go about it gaining traffic, if you are hoping to succeed in internet marketing. The great thing about SEO is that it doesn’t cost you a dime to grow your traffic. But, you will have to do some serious heavy lifting before you can make money. You cannot attract organic traffic to your site with a single keyword. You need tonnes of them.

Any done for you system is in the business of making money for itself and you will never get far with that sort of training. Anyone who tells you to plug into their automated system to make money is probably trying to rip you off.

If you have some experience then don’t look for a quick easy way out. Believe me, I have been down that route. I have lost money a couple of times on such programs.

Building a successful online biz is not easy but then again, it’s not as complicated as a lot of people imagine. There are technical aspects of any business, that one has to familiarize themselves with and that is no exception with online businesses.

Once you get that part right, the rest is easy.

Here is the deal. You can never own anything that is done for you. It does take a learning curve to to succeed as an online marketer.

For the sake of your solopreneur journey, I hope you will never stop learning. If there is one lesson you need to learn today, is keep away from Autopilot Profit.

Overall opinion

thumbs downIs the Autopilot Profit. a scam?

Not quite, since you have an opportunity to get back your money if you are not happy with it.

Would I recommend it. Absolutely not? I don’t see any value within the program. You can’t learn affiliate marketing by getting things done for you or spamming your link all over the internet.

The Autopilot Profit is nothing but hot air.

Becoming an authority in your business

signboard become an authorityIn the years I have been in marketing I have come to appreciate the fact that the only way you can make money online for the long haul, is by having your own website.

Not one that has been provided for you, but one you have built from the ground up. You don’t even need to spend money to own one.

If you follow the strategies that I have recommended above and apply them to your website, you can be assured of building a stable flow of income for years to come.

I have been building this site for a while now and it generates me a consistent income.

It’s taken a lot of patience, hard work and total dedication. That is the way the game plays out and it’s something I would not take shortcuts with. You have to go the full yard.

I would highly advise you to check out my number one recommendation. This is an independent community based education platform that has stood the test of time and continues to get better.

Here you learn the real deal on what it takes to become a truly successful online marketer. Best of all its 100% FREE to get started with. You also get 2 FREE websites. Yours to keep for life. Check out the steps I followed and see if it’s a good fit for you. You have nothing to lose.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on Autopilot Profit, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share.



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6 thoughts on “What Is Autopilot Profits? Cash Spitting ATM Machine?”

  1. It’s quite frightening really – all those upsells that have nothing really to do with the product you ended up on the sales page for (I counted 13 in all!!!). 

    I wonder how many newcomers to earning online have actually fallen for this in it’s entirety – purchasing all the side products because they thought they need to?

    That’s a lot of money wasted right there! 

    Seeing as it’s a Clickbank product – is there a refund policy in place?

    • Hi Chris. Great to see you here buddy.

      Indeed, it is frightening. you will be surprised how many people will fall for this crazy sales tactics. It’s hard for people who are new to the industry to see through the cracks sometimes. It’s the notion that when you buy more you make more that drives people to go for the upsells. 

      Unfortunately, these upsells contain very shallow information or training to that can help you build a long sustainable business. If there was value in buying an upsell, that would be something worth going for. Buying one to promote it makes little sense. Its pretty much the same model of how most MLMs operate. To make more you need to buy more.

      Clickbank gives you a 60-day money back guarantee on all products hosted in their marketplace. If you decide to buy the upsells through your new purchase then that is between you and the program owner. In all likelihood you will not be getting your money back from there. That is how these guys are able to cash in. 

      The refund process is also tedious so may people just forfeit it all together. 

      Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Leonard. It does take effort and time to see the fruits of your labor. Traffic is the lifeblood of a thriving business. Without traffic, there’s no business. I have to agree, that anything that seems too easy, and offers you short cuts and get rich things, are a red flag in my books. Thank you for this review.

    • Hi JD. Without traffic you are not going to go far with your business. I really love SEO because once you get the metrics right and keep up consistency, you will eventually begin to see results trickling in. That is what truly works, not people talking about cash spitting ATMs. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had one. Its crazy people can be so gullible at times, but I would not trust anyone giving me hype and not telling me the hard truth. 

      Its really all about the upsells. Money is not always easy to come by and its worse when people are lured to programs that suck your pockets dry. 

      Thanks for dropping in and best of wishes.

  3. I pulled my calculator when  l saw the list of payments that I have to make to this program. one in particular caught my eye the ”Super Affiliate Millionaires training for 297$” that right there is a big red flag for me.

    So anyway, I stopped calculating when I hit 2000$ I  mean why would one pay two thousand dollars to get a training that can be found at a very low cost, and good quality Training, I for one would not be sitting reading a bunch of Epages or watching videos that have no one on the other side to answer questions I might have.

    I totally agree with you, this program is a waste of time and money. I would rather join A program that will teach me how to build my online business step by step. And not  the so called money spiting program that actually does the exact opposite.

    Well, I better stop now because I am getting angry because I have been scammed before by programs like these and even   though, they say that they will pay you, your money back if you change your mind, it is a long process and most of the time you end up losing your money anyway.

    Thank you so much for your honest review.

    • Hi Rose.Yes indeed, the upsells within this program will make your head spin. But that’s really how most of this low end online businesses operate. It’s the only way the owner can cash in. The idea that one can just make money just because you paid some money to become a member of a program is absurd. If you are not putting in any effort into your work, then there can be no success. It’s even more worrying the owner of the program insists that you don’t need to do anything.

      I am yet to come across anyone who is successful in businesses that never worked hard. Talking of losing money, I lost quite a bit myself when Empower Network was around back in 2012. It’s okay to make mistakes I guess. You live and learn. 

      Best of wishes in your endeavours and thanks for dropping in.

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