What is Allysian Sciences

What is Allysian Sciences - featured imageHi and welcome to my Allysian Sciences Business review. My guess is you are probably thinking of joining the business and just want to be sure if you are treading on the right path. Or maybe you are already a member and just want to learn a bit more about the business.

It’s great that you are doing your research because the last thing you want to do is invest your hard-earned cash in business only for you to end up frustrated.

Sit back and let me take you through this business and hopefully you will find out whether it’s worth investing your time and money in or avoiding it altogether.

The question you might be probably be asking is, is Allysian Sciences a scam or a legit business opportunity? Can you make some good money with the business? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

  • Company Name: Allysian Sciences
  • Website: allysian.com
  • Owner: Rod Jao and Apolo Ohno
  • Price: $59.95

What is Allysian Sciences

The world of multi-level marketing is flooded with companies that claim to have revolutionary products that give an edge when it comes to your personal well being. And what better way than to target people who would like to improve their brainpower.

That is primarily what Allysian Sciences is founded on. The company sells a range of health and nutritional products through independent distributors.

On their website, they state that they specialize and focus on creating the highest quality brain and body supplements that have helped millions of people around the world to live a smart, healthy and happy life.

The company was founded in 2015 by  Rod Jao, a global entrepreneur and Apolo Ohno, an 8-time Olympic medalist.

Rod Jao was previously the President of Trident Venture Group Inc., a privately held investment company.

Jao was a former distributor with Amway.

Allysian Sciences is based out of British Columbia, Canada. They not rated or accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Allysian Sciences products

What is Allysian Sciences - productsAllysian Sciences has a fairly small collection of products in their catalog. Their flagship product is the Allysian Mastermind which is cognitive support formulation made with unique, potent and proven herbal and botanical extracts.  Here are some of the other products on offer
  • Genesis – A powerful nutrient delivery system that provides nourishing properties to your whole body with some phytonutrients rarely, or never, found in a regular diet.
  • Omega –  premium industry-leading krill oil and sustainable source of omega-3 derived from Antarctic krill.
  • Element plus – supplies innovative disease-fighting compounds, health-promoting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for maximum effectiveness
  • Rise – Certified fair trade and organic coffee product that releases the robust flavours of 100% Arabica coffee crystals, enhanced with clinically supported natural extracts such as Neurofactor.

Check out this page for a list of all their products

How does Allysian Sciences work?

To get started with Allysian Sciences you’ll have to pay a standard membership fee of $59.95. In order to get get your business up and rolling you will have to purchase one of the following packs

  • Basic Pack for $199
  • Executive Pack for $499
  • Business Builder Pack for $999
  • Professional Pack for $2999

The higher up the level you buy, the more you can expect to earn in terms of retail commissions. Basically there are two main ways one can generate an income with Allysian Sciences.

  1. Earn commissions through product retail sales.
  2. Earn commissions when others join your team and become active members.

Number 2 is where the real money lies. If you can build a large team below you, you can expect to start making some good income. Distributors earn a 25% commission on all retail sales.

To get a good understanding of the compensation plan, watch the video below. You can also peruse this Allysian sciences compensation plan pdf.

Can you make money with Allysian Sciences?

I have personally met a few highly successful network marketers, so I believe if you have the right skills and are able to build an active team, you can make money.

It’s however always easier said than done. Most people are just not cut out for it. Selling products is never easy. A lot of people you approach will probably not be interested in joining in.


Being a relatively young company, there is a fair chance that you can make money as a distributor.

They do have a very comprehensive training program called the 28 day Academy Of Mastery that enables affiliates to learn the ropes of building their own business.

I haven’t used any of their products but, I haven’t seen any complaints regarding the quality. I believe they have great products that can offer a range of health benefits.

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Without Having to Recruit?


The health and wellness industry is highly competitive. There are hundreds of companies selling similar products so as a distributor, you will have a hard time convincing your clients why they should choose your product over the others.

Allysian Sciences products also don’t come cheap. A jar of Mastermind that contains 90 capsules goes for $89. You can get similar products in the market for way less.

Is Allysian Sciences a Scam?

Certainly not. People sometimes tend to get suspicious of network marketing companies because there is always a lot of emphasis on recruiting. As long as a company has a solid product or service behind it then you can’t brand it as a scam.

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes simply shuffle money around and eventually those who join in late end up losing everything. The people at the top end up pocketing everything before the scheme falls apart.

Wrap up

Allysian Sciences might be a great company for those who have the energy to recruit.

To most, it’s not a very viable option to grow a business.

I was a former network marketer and aside from being a real pain to everyone I approached to join my business I spent a lot of money and never got to recruit even one person. I might have approached over 300 people. Some of them were clearly not impressed.

I had to face the facts. Was I really building a business or was simply helping some top shot make their money?

Truth be told you are not really running a business. The people running the business are the people whose products you are selling. They dictate what you sell, price and what you make for it. If you owned the business, you would have a say in that.

You also need to ask yourself whether your friends and family are worth the hustle. The other problem I saw was the cult-like devotion most people had for the business. All that talk about the business being easy and how anyone can do it is nothing but hot air.

The fact is, most people suck at selling.

According to this article on Wikipedia, over 99% of people who join MLM companies lose money. That is a big number.

If you are just joining Allysian Sciences or thinking of joining ask yourself whether you really stand a chance at success. I hate to burst your bubble but the odds are heavily against you.

Are there better alternatives to Allysian Sciences?

That is a resounding YES!

There many places online like Swagbucks where you can make some side cash doing surveys. Another great place is Fiverr where you can post jobs and bid for them.

I would say one of the most effective and long term ways to make money way you can make money selling products or services is through your own website.

You don’t even need to own the products to earn commissions with a website.

Neither do you need to recruit people to your business. People need to come to you. how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit.

Why run around chasing after people to join your opportunity and yet you can reach the billions of people who are connected on the internet today.

MLMs are a waste of time. You really need to ask yourself whether you stand a chance to make money. If you feel you have what it takes then, by all means, go for it. If you don’t, just remember to keep your options open.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Allysian Sciences business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share.

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