Usana Home Business Review- Another Nutritional Supplement MLM?

usana home business review- homepageOn this site  I have reviewed many nutritional supplement multi-level marketing based companies over the years. Apparently there are hundreds of them.  Here is another one.

Usana is among the top-rated among the top rated manufacturers of nutritional supplements as well as healthcare products. They offer their products to customers through direct selling. Usana has done quite well in the industry  and has received numerous awards. They have also won several awards for availing business opportunities.

Through the companies focus on personalization, you get to think about the effect of your daily choices; how these choices interact with your behavior and the overall impact on your health.

Usana was founded in 1992. The manufacturers have experience and are aware of consumer needs and expectations. They have top-notch facilities and use the best expertise in researcher and a development.


usana home business review Myron Wentz
Myron Wentz

Myron Wentz is the founder of Usana. He is an internationally known immunologist, microbiologist, and an innovator in diagnosing infectious diseases. Myron founded Gull Laboratories in 1974 to advance viral diagnostics  and during that time, he achieved great success by availing the first available tests diagnosis for Epstein – Barr virus; that causes mononucleosis.

Despite his success, Myron wanted to do better to help relieve the world from “pain and suffering”. He wanted people to live in a world free of diseases. So he founded Usana, to achieve his dream by offering advanced supplements to people.

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Usana is a company established on continuous product innovation. The company has an insatiable drive for producing exceptional products through its stringent manufacturing process and a series of ongoing research.
They have gained the trust of many including athletes and people who are enthusiastic about health.

Let’s take a look at Usana’s product range

    • Essential nutrition

      Active Energy Pack at $146.80
      Health pack at $ 130.95
      Bone and Joint Health Pack at $107.85
      CellSentials at $52.95
      Vita-Antioxidant at $39.95
      Core Minerals at $18.45

    • Digestion

      These are products that mainly help in digestion thus helps you get rid of complications such as constipation.

      Digestion and Detox support pack at $163.75
      Detox Plus- $94.85
      Detox Core Pack at $88.90
      Hepasil DTX, a liver support formula at $35.95
      Digestive Enzyme- $30.95
      Probiotic supplements for proper digestion and health immunity at $27.95

    • Optimizers

      usana home business review- products
    • These are products which target particular areas of your health depending on your personal needs. They include;Sleep Support Back at $ 38.90
      Belly Balance Pack at $58.90
      Vitamin D at $20.95
      Cooster C 600 at $34.95
      BiOmega at $23.95
      Digestive Support Pack at $65.90
      Fitness Support Pack at $44.90
      Wellness Fitness Pro at $125.85
    • Personal care

      Whitening Toothpaste at $8.9
      Hydrating Toner at $14.95
      Shampoo at $16.45
      Shower Gel at $16.45
      Daily Cleanser at $17.45
      Conditioner at $17.95
      Night Renewal Crème at $35.45
      Daytime Protective (SPF 15) at $37.45
      Deluxe Pack inclusive of Serum Intensive at $170

    • Diet/ Energy

      They offer protein shakes powder that ranges between $35.95 and $169.75
      The prices above are for reference purpose. When selling the products, you should expect around 10% markup for the products profit. It may not be much, but it can be a nice source of passive income. Since the products are consumable, a consumer may like the products and organize monthly supplies.

Usana Compensation Plan

Selling a Usana product gets you a certain number of points. Accumulated points are convertible to dollars. The Company has a binary compensation plan. For better understanding let’s use this example; since the company uses a binary compensation plan, you need to have both legs, which Usana refers to as business centers.

Note that you need to meet the set requirements for you to maintain an active business center or even qualify to earn commissions.

Each business center has a 100 PV (Point Volume), and three business centers have a 400PV. There is always a set deadline that you must meet to be eligible for the three business plan. When you sell, you accumulate points as we earlier stated. To match each side has to have the same number of points (the left leg and right leg must be equal).

For instance, if there are 1000 points on one die while the other has 600 points, 600 points from the first side flush and create one cycle. So there is a match, but the 400 excess on the first side rolls over to the subsequent month.

To keep earning, you will need to flush these cycles. When growing your business or recruiting others, you create Group Volume (GV). For instance, if you may recruit 100 members who may flush 1000 points monthly. In this case, you get a leadership bonus and rank advancement. There are also incentives such ass car bonuses or luxury tips.

Sounds complicated?  Yeah. I think so too. Check out this video. Hopefully it will clear the air a little bit.

  • What I like about Usana

    It is a cheap investment
    Networking opportunity
    Lucrative compensation plan
    Working in a positive environment

  • What I don’t

    There are requirements you must fulfill to be eligible for commissions
    Direct recruiting and selling
    Some products are quite costly

Tools and training

Usana gives you a business plan and several marketing materials. However, you need to seek most of the training on your own. You can choose to get a sponsor and a top individual in your upline to train you. Since most MLM companies have events, you can also join phone conferences or sign up for updates. There is probably a replicate Usana Website where you can get information and assistance on online sales.


It costs $29.95 to join Usana. This cost is inclusive of your preliminary business plan as well as marketing materials. You can opt to buy a business pack which costs between $135 and $420. Business packs have numerous products which have points.


As I mentioned earlier, there perhaps hundreds of nutritional supplement based MLM companies out there each trying to out do the other.

Is there one that is better than the other?

I doubt it.

I was involved in the Amway business (one of the oldest nutritional supplement based MLM ) for some time.  I loved their products. The only thing I could not reconcile is why I had to pay 2-3 times the price of a bottle of multivitamins while I can get the same for a fraction of the cost at the local chemist. Sounds like a rip off to me.

Do multivitamins work?

Yes they do. They are however not a replacement for a well balanced diet. I also don’t think all vitamins can be stored in a tablet. Most vitamins are best when taken fresh from your backyard garden. In other words, fresh fruits and vegetables. Store them a bit longer and they loose their potency.

Let’s take a close look at the business model.

To set the record straight Usana is not a pyramid scheme like some people would claim. Usana is just one among the thousands of multi-level marketing like DoTERRA  or Herbalife that promote their products through consultants.

My beef with MLMs is that the products usually tend to take a back seat and recruiting becomes the center of focus for your business.

Well, if you are good at approaching people out of the blue and presenting them with an opportunity like this, this could work well for you. Some people just have it and if that’s you by all means go for it

Having said that, I can tell you here and now most people are not.

The fact is many people fail in this form of business because it is by no means easy as they are led to believe. In fact,  less than 1% of all the people who join MLMs succeed.

The very nature of MLMs is also shrouded in a lot of misconceptions and controversy. I can understand why. You are not really giving your family and friends an opportunity to make money. Its more like reaping the  benefits out of their hard work.

If you belong to the 99…%, how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit. Might turn out to be the smartest decision you have ever made in your life. Trust me.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Usana home business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “Usana Home Business Review- Another Nutritional Supplement MLM?”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the compensation plan. I agree with you, it seems complicated. So not only do you have to have good people selling skills, you need to be able to understand Usana’s complicated compensation plan.

    Do you know if Usana is doing well? I’m am always curious when the program has horrible marketing. If the offering doesn’t make sense or I can’t understand it, how can it do well? What if people can’t understand the money part which would be the whole reason they join the program in the first place.

    • Hi Kim. I am sure if you hang in there long enough you will begin to get the gist of the compensation plan. Usana is certainly one of the big MLM players. It’s currently ranked at number 24 of the largest MLMs. I am not sure where they are in terms of revenue but I guess they are doing alright. Most of this type of businesses tend to go up or down from year to year.

      Thanks for checking in my friend

  2. I have tried a few of those companies before, Amway and Herbalife. I never do well with them though. I always get such negative response from people. The fact that you have to recruit others is always a deterrent. Nevertheless, the products are good. I know friends and family members that have digestion problems, so the digestion products should be a good sell to them, I hope. Great review. Thanks 

    • Hi Carol. Multilevel marketing even though legit in most cases is no walk in the park. I have met some highly succesful cosultants during my days at Amway. The only question I kept asking them is how they managed to succeed so well while the majority of us don’t. It turned out  the secret is to keep recruiting. 

      But you don’t say you are recruiting but rather giving others an opportunity to make money. That certainly is not something I am comfortable with. I also found the meetings to be full of cheering and whistling. It was almost like being in a cult. Talk of bizzare.

      Anyway I have never tried any of their products but I would imagine they work. If you have friends and family with digestive problems,  maybe you ask them to give Usana digestive products a go. 

      Thanks for dropping. 

  3. It seems everywhere you look online these days, there are Network Marketing companies covering a wide range of markets.

    I have come across Usana on several occasions and I do like the fact that it provides a good number of health and nutrition products (many of which seem reasonably priced too).

    I think the cost to become a distributor is also fairly reasonable, and there’s definitely the opportunity for people to earn an income if they’re willing to work hard and put themselves out there with the company.

    However, the only thing I dislike with the MLM is having to meet certain requirements in order to get paid. And this is an issue I’ve found with nearly all MLM programs online or off.

    As a distributor, the requirements put too much pressure on you – whether it’s to buy so many of the products yourself or make so many sales within a certain time-frame.

    Unfortunately, the emphasis is always on “team building” to make the mega money because it’s just not lucrative when you’re simply selling the products yourself.

    I appreciate the review of Usana, but it’s not an ideal business model for everyone.

    I’ll definitely check out your recommended money-making option instead.


    • Hi Neil,

      The MLM business model is way overrated. Mary Kay, the founder of the Mary Kay business once described the business as filling your bath tub with the sink hole open. It proves that even the top earners within the industry don’t believe in the products as such. It’s all about recruiting. It really is a frustrating way to make money. 

      Its also a dishonest way to build your business. During my days with Amway, top consultants always emphasised on the importance of spending money on the products in order to grow the business. Many people ended up accumulating huge credit card debts. It’s just not right to put someone in a financial fix just for you to benefit in the end. 

      The MLM business structure needs to be redefined. People who join need to be told the truth of what they are getting themselves into. You can’t lie your way to success.

      Check out my recommendation and see whether it’s a good fit for you.

      I really appreciate you dropping in. Thanks Neil and best of wishes


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