Top 5 Work Home Customer Service Representative Jobs

work home customer service representative jobs- lady on phoneWith better internet connectivity, many companies are outsourcing customer representative jobs to individuals who work from home. This has helped bring down the price of hiring labour while giving ordinary folks an opportunity to earn some money right within the comfort of their homes

In fact a quarter of all north American call centers outsource work from home. The major advantage of these customer representative jobs is recognition of core competencies among contractors. They also help companies expand their network of agents as the need arises.

If you are thinking of taking this route as a career, its worth noting that you require some basic special skills many of which have a lot to do with your own personal initiative. Basic computer and interpersonal skills are a must. It’s also important that you continue to educate yourself in order to to keep up with industry standards. Remember only the best make the cut.

Let’s take a look at some customer representative jobs that you can engage in

  1. Virtual assistant

    This is a highly specialised form of customer service as it involves more than just taking and answering calls. As a work from home virtual assistant you may have to prepare work schedules, answer emails, do research, book travel etc.

    You may have to work for several clients so you must be highly organised in order to qualify. Alternatively you may have to work for a third party meaning that you will be managing different clients from time to time.

    The role of a virtual assistant is hard to define as its largely dependent on how knowledgeable one is. If you can work with platforms like wordpress you might even be given the role of managing and updating a clients website.

    Some virtual assistants might even be in charge of managing a companies social media accounts. If you are looking to venture out as a VA, a good place to start would be Upwork or MTurk.

  2. Travel agent.

    The Travel industry has undergone a massive transformation over the last couple of years. Gone are the days when one had to walk into a travel agents office to book a flight or hotel accommodation.

    We now have independent travel agents who can get you super good deals right from the comfort of their own homes. It’s worth noting that these sort of jobs require some level of experience. Accreditation may also be required in some cases. Experience in the industry is a must.

    If you have what it takes to become a work from home travel agent you may want to check out American Express. The company has over 60 000 employees and allows most of them to work from home.

  3. Online chat agent

    Ever gone on a website and seen a little widget on the right bottom side of your computer screen asking for a support live chat in relation to a topic or service you may be inquiring about. I have. In fact today I cancelled an existing mobile phone service through live chat. Most of the people who work in live chat services probably work from home.

    Most services required of live chat involve sales, billing and tech support. It is imperative that you understand a company’s structure and services before you can become a live chat agent. You need to have the answers to questions that clients may be asking. Training to become a live chat agent is often provided.

    The great thing about these jobs is that since we are talking about the virtual world, one can provide online chat support at any hour of the day 24-7 unlike the intrusive nature of phone calls. Online chat services will definitely continue to grow given the convenience and amount of time that one saves when it comes to outsourcing customer service.

  4. Technical support

    As a technical support agent, your job involves handling calls from customers in relation to a companies products or services. Many times some of these jobs are outsourced from overseas.

    To become a technical support agent you will need to understand the inner workings of a particular organisation. In most cases training is provided. You must show a sense of confidence and an the ability to communicate i a a clear concise way to become successful.

  5. Home call centre agent.

    Home call center jobs are highly valued and are the most common of work at home representative jobs. Most home call center jobs involve processing of insurance claims, helping customers handle their financial products, customer complaints, etc.

    In most cases, one learns on the ob since most of the queries raised are easy to handle with once you get that bit of background knowledge.

Bottom line

If you choose to work as work home customer service representative, its important to note that you will not enjoy some of the benefits that full time company employees enjoy. eg paid leave, medical insurance, etc.

The good news however is most of these jobs are highly flexible and so can choose the times that you want to work. You also save time on the daily commute and create more family time.

A definite requirement for one to become a customer representative agent is to have a reliable landline, a computer with a stable internet connection and a mobile phone. Like in all industries, for one to become successful you need to be self motivated and have the ability to work independently with minimal distraction.

In some cases you might need to register yourself as a business, since you might be working as an a independent contractor.

If you are thinking of testing the waters as work home customer service representative jobs, apply and work part time just to get the feel of it. If it’s a perfect fit for you then by all means go for it.

Working as a home customer service representative is a great way to earn an income. There are still many ways to earn an income from the comfort of your own home. You may want to check out this amazing education platform that has enabled me to build a successful online business.

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