The Truth About World Ventures: Everything There is To Know

The truth about World Ventures-home pageThere have been lots of talks recently about whether or not World Ventures is legit or a scam. Perhaps someone in your friends’ circle thinks about a credible income opportunity where you can make decent returns and travel the world. World Ventures is a multi-level marketing company that follows its mission to better the lives of its reps and the communities around the world.

World Ventures is a multi-level marketing company that follows its mission to better the lives of its reps and the communities around the world.

Apparently, several people are making lots of cash within this program. But then again, there are those who haven’t made even a dime. Let me give you an unbiased review of world ventures to help clear any waves of uncertainties.

What is World Ventures

Established in the United States way back in 2005, World Ventures incorporates multi-level marketing tools and strategies to trade holiday products and discount travel. It has members called Independent Representatives, who pay a fee to get a chance to sell their “DreamTrips” holiday packages.

Independent Representatives earn commissions and additional discounts when they sign up other members. The company achieves its corporate social responsibility using their VolunTourism program. In essence, VolunTourism is a group vacation that revolves around giving back to the community.


World Ventures was founded by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent. Even though they were successful businessmen before they started the World Ventures, they were passionate about travel. Remember, money plus passion equals success. As of today, World Ventures boasts over 500,000 members in almost 30 countries, generating average revenue of $731 annually.

How does it work?

World Ventures is a direct-selling enterprise that allows the average person to build their home-based business and develop residual, autopilot income. The revenue for independent representatives keeps growing with time.

In simple terms, you join the program and become an associate of traveling deals, dinner discounts and a couple of other enticing perks. Once you’re accustomed to the business model, you start selling other individuals the idea of joining under your name.

World Ventures has a variety of products. These encompass the following

  • Dreamtrips
  • Dreamtrips Life
  • Luxury Dreamtrips

These products represent different paid memberships, which the idea of World Ventures opportunity is all about. You sell the products, recruit other prospective people to join the clubs and earn commissions and discounts out of it.

Target audience

  • World Ventures is suitable for people who:
  • Are determined and hardworking
  • Have prior sales experience
  • Have MLM experience
  • Have extra monthly cash to spare
  • Are committed to building a full-time business (part-time isn’t advisable since Direct-Marketing takes lots of time and attention to achieve success. Part-time may only be applicable for people with influential powers—CEO, Chairman, or high ranking officers of a firm)
  • Okay with the idea of traveling with other World Ventures members

World Ventures may not be appropriate for anyone who:

  • Is heavily indebted
  • Expects to make a decent income without hard work
  • Have no time to establish a full-time business
  • Is not ready to be a sales person
  • Is only used to traveling alone

World Ventures opportunity 

the truth about world ventures- city buildingsWorld Ventures members earn money through bonuses and commissions. These are gained by getting the like-minded travel enthusiasts to join the World Ventures membership, and then learn different ways to sell more memberships to others.

Ideally, everyone can earn money along the way, but the opportunity depends on the number of travel membership packages you can sell.

World Ventures compensation plan

The World Ventures compensation plan is not bad, especially the Personal Sales Bonus.

  1. Personal Sales Bonus 

    $100 bonus is paid when a rep peddles out 3 of the highest end trips in 28 days. If another set of 3 trips is sold within the same 28-day period, bonus becomes $150. Reps earn $150 for each subsequent set of 3 packages sold during that same period. Bonus becomes $50 if 3 of the cheaper packages are sold. For another set of 3 lower-cost packages, a $75 bonus is paid.

  2. Wings & Wheels status 

    You get an improved status if you sponsor around 4 or 5 customers. That means, aside from the monthly fee waive you earn 8% lineage commission on all sales.

  3. Residual commissions

    World Ventures reps must obtain the Senior Representative rank to qualify for commissions on the downlines. Senior Representative Status implies 30 x 2 downlines in the representative lineage.

Other bonuses

Numerous bonuses come as reps sell more and elevate their status.
As is evident, you can earn money right away by selling the various travel packages on offer. Commissions are only limited to the Senior Reps Status.

So, how can you really make money with World Ventures?

A representative must always be active so they can be eligible to earn money. That implies that a rep must be up-to-date when it comes to paying monthly RBS fee. RBS is an acronym that denotes Representative Business System. It covers the areas stated below:

  • Online support and training programs
  • Maintaining the admin website
  • Personalized website
  • Representative marketing kit

Sales and marketing tools

The RBS fee is paid along with monthly product costs. New reps pay $99.95 as a one-time RBS fee. And, to remain active and make money through their team, they pay a monthly fee amounting to $10.99. Failing to pay the RBS fee renders you to become a vacation club member, which also has its initial fee and ongoing monthly charges.

Hence as a rep, your startup cost is $99.95 + $10.99 =$110.94

The outlined budget gets you through your first month as a rep, and then you must pay $10.99 monthly fee to keep going. If you’ve got a good network of moneyed folks and are accustomed to selling travel packages, then the initial hump shouldn’t be a problem. Usually, the first Personal Bonus covers the startup RBS fee.


  • The World Ventures compensation plan presents an excellent opportunity for making real cash fast. World Ventures is a high-stakes marketing program with expensive products. Thus, you should anticipate significant bonuses
  • It offers exciting products that get people hooked with absolute ease. Many people are excited about travel, particularly via network marketing. The World Ventures program augurs well with the online marketplace.
  • The product is real, original and unique
  • The product provides actual value to the prospective customers. It presents great deals on travel.


  • The World Ventures website is somewhat unsettling and confusing. When prospects try checking out the three packages, they’re often redirected to three separate sites. Also, none of these websites outlines the package pricing readily available. It’s easy to fix, though.
  • The startup is high. But, that’s what we should anticipate because this is a high-end product that conveys impressive bonuses.

So, is World Ventures a scam? 

In my opinion, I’d say NO it’s not. World Ventures brings deals in one place, and you only VOLUNTARILY pay to access these deals. The company honors its refund policy and pays back your money if you aren’t completely satisfied with the services.

The program is neither over-hyped nor under-delivers on its mandates. Recruiters adhere to the company policy regarding income disclosures and testimonials. They’re often paid in full and on time.


Overall, World Ventures is a pretty decent company. The compensation plan and bonuses are good, but you must recruit dedicated people and keep them motivated so that you can grow an active team. To be honest, many people tend to fail in this kind of business because recruiting a dedicated team isn’t just a walk in the park.

I am not trying to scare you from joining the World Ventures in any way. Rather, I’m trying to keep everything real so you know what the business entails. You can make a lot of money with World Ventures only if you stick to their rules and guidelines. Perhaps it’s time you gave it a try. Who knows? Maybe you are good at it.

Maybe you are not. A lot of people who join MLM companies are led to believe it’s an easy process to grow the business. The truth is it’s extremely difficult. People do find success, yes, but the majority fall out along the way. Approaching total strangers and presenting them with an MLM opportunity these days is viewed with suspicion. By getting someone to join your team means you benefit from their efforts.

At the core of it you are in the recruiting business.

I don’t know about you but that’s just not my cup of tea. How about I show you how you can build an online business without having to recruit or attend endless meetings.

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on World Ventures, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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