Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter: A Brief Guide

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Man holding signThere are over 2.2 billion people on the internet today. That’s over  2/3 of all internet users. In this Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter guide, I will show you strategies and tips on how you can leverage this 2 platforms to your advantage.

Facebook and Twitter have the lion’s share in the social media industry.

Social media is serious business for internet marketers and its something that should not be underestimated.

While working with Facebook and Twitter, you need to understand how social media works. Your ability to optimize, implement, craft, and measure winning social media marketing strategies will depend on how well you understanding this two social platforms

In this brief guide, I will show how to engage customers, drive site traffic, increase sales, and promote brands using Facebook and Twitter:

Why market with Facebook and Twitter?

One of the soundest of marketing investments today revolves around social media. For your strategies to work, however, you need to test, check, and experiment with every form of advertising.

When you advertise on social media, you will be able to educate your target market, nurture prospects, increase awareness, and attract people to buy your products/services.

It’s important to keep improving your knowledge, give your brand exposure, so as get more quantifiable sales from your social activity. The great thing about using Facebook and Twitter is that you will enjoy such benefits as:

  • Interaction

    Your content and ads will allow users to interact with you. Through social media marketing, you will expand the reach of your brand to include new potential customers. Your brand also grows when people are able to interact with it from a social network perspective.

  • Followers

    Brands that use social advertising often see a notable increase in their follower count as the visibility of their brand increases. Your followers have the capacity to spread your brand far and wide especially when they share your content with other followers within their profiles.


Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Facebook create pageThere are more people connected on Facebook than all the other social media platforms combined.

It is the best social media platform to use if you are looking to target your followers and those within their network.

By so doing, you’ll tap into a ready and willing market – one that is eager to hear know more about you.

To begin your Facebook campaigns, you will need to set up a separate fan page or business page. Never use your personal profile. This is against Facebook’s terms of agreement and could get you locked out of your account.

Creating a page is an easy straight forward process.

Facebook also provides different types of advertising. On average, the ads you create will allow your brand to reach 89% of the target audience. These includes:

  • Boosted posts

    In particular, you can use Boosted Posts to promote any message to an audience wider than that on your web page. Whether you wish to launch a new product, market your recent product review, or release a new eBook, therefore, boosting your post will work out well in your favor.

  • Facebook offers

    You can also use Facebook to issue giveaways like discounts and raffles to your followers. From a targeted and expanded audience, ensure that you promote every offer you make on this social platform.

  • Measuring performance

    Facebook generates ad reports that will provide you with all the details you need on the performance of your ads in the real time. Through these reports, you will get such information as:

    • Reach
    • Unique clicks
    • Click-through-rate (CTR)
    • Conversion tracking
    • Audience demographics

You can also schedule your posts to coincide with the most convenient time that most people are active on social media giving yourself a wider reach.

Use these reports to find out what is working well, where you need improvement, and how you can make your social media marketing more effective in the future.


With Twitter, you can market your business within your social profile.  It’s also a powerful social media platform for marketers.  Tweets tend to have a much quicker and spontaneous reach than Facebook messages.

Twitter comes with a wide variety of ad options as well.

This means that you should be able to choose the one that will relate best to your overall marketing goals. The following will improve your performance on this network:

  • Followers

    Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter ads pageWhen you join Twitter – or you wish to make major announcements like product launches – you might want to get a largely targeted reach at first. Promoting your account will gain you followers for these purposes.

  • Site conversions and clicks

    You can also use your Twitter account to get a better understanding of how your social media market efforts are impacting your new customers and visitors. To do this, set up the conversion tracking feature on your Twitter Cards or Promoted Tweets.

    Then, closely track the conversions and clicks you are getting from Twitter.

  • The tweets you promote work in the same way as regular ones. However, the cost involved ensures that they reach a large targeted audience. These tweets, therefore, will give you more engagement and greater visibility on the most important posts.

    This is something that is difficult to match when you just tweet regularly.

  • Leads

    More companies are recognizing the importance of social media market. With Twitter Ads, for instance, you should be able to capture the contact information of your leads within the tweets themselves. This way, you will capture people who are ready for conversion.

  • Customer advertising

    Through customer ads on Twitter, you will be able to specify the keywords, the follower types, and audiences, the interests, and the television programming you are looking to reach for.

  • Measuring performance

    When all is said and done, you will need to find out how you are performing on your Twitter activity. The ad analytics on this social platform are among the best.

    They come with a separate dashboard for every ad you create. This way, you will be able to check the numbers and insights from each specific performance metric. You will also get information about

    • Impressions
    • New followers
    • Engagements
    • Follow rates
    • Audience demographics
    • A/B testing

Additional social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter security guard Once you understand how to use Facebook and Twitter for business, consider implementing the tips below:

  • Informality

    Be as informal as possible and ape the way your audience talks while on social media. If required, adopt the use of memes, Emojis, and other tactics that will attract millennials to your company.

  • Be succinct

    Make your content good because your brand only has a couple of seconds to make a connection. Your content has to provide value and be engaging

  • Use Call-to-Action

    Always be clear about what your messaging wants the reader/viewer to do. Use call-to-action links to lead your readers to where you want them to go for more results.

Final word…

Social media marketing should be tailored at accelerating lead generation, increasing sales, raising brand awareness and loyalty, and attracting more qualified customers to your brand.

When you set up your profiles on both platforms be sure to upload appealing images that compliment your site.

Avoid putting information on whatever you are promoting on your banners. You should not appear salesy. Keep it simple.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend taking your time to get the feel of both platforms before starting your campaigns. Join groups and follow those within your niche market.

As you grow your social business accounts you may want to put paid ads from time to time in order to boost your exposure.

Social media is all about being able to connect with others. Make it count.

Go out and prosper!!

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.


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8 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter: A Brief Guide”

  1. I post my blogs to facebook, followed by LinkedIn and twitter. I use StumbleUpon sometimes, though I will get into the habit of using it more since it seems to be gaining popularity. I am a facebook addict! I share many posts (though I am careful that it’s not too personal). Facebook and other social media is also a good way to publish blog posts and get visitors to my website.

    • Hi Karin and thanks for your comment. I love google + of all of them. Haven’t heard much about StumbleUpon. I will check it out. Social media is a powerful way of promting your business.

  2. I used to be a fan of social media marketing until I got very little to zero conversions after several months of effort. In my opinion, it depends on what kind of website and articles you are trying to promote. If you are reviewing physical or digital products, it is very hard to make a sale thru social media marketing. Yes, you get followers, likes, and retweets. But at the end of the day, we want conversions – sales. Something that only targeted organic visitors can give.

    • Hi Pitin and thanks for your comment. What you need to understand is that the idea of sharing your content on social media is to build back links to your site. The more external links you have on your site the better your rankings will get which translate to organic traffic and that is what you are aiming for. This must however go hand in hand with regular quality content. Never under-estimate social media marketing.

  3. Hi Mburul,
    I like your Title and the way you arrange the site, its easy to read.
    I use both Facebook and Twitter but I feel Twitter tends to give me better traffic thus I fully agreed when you state “Tweets tend to have a much quicker and spontaneous reach than Facebook messages.”.
    Have you tried using You Tube ?

    • Thanks Jaclow. I do sometimes embed videos on some of my posts, but i have never posted personal videos on YouTube. It is also a very powerful platform that you can also use to promote your site.I would definately recommend it.

  4. Hi Leonard, helpful information on this post.

    I have created a Facebook fan page but I do not want to invest any money to boost my posts.

    Have you any tips on how to grow it with organic traffic?

    Until now, I share my content and some quality posts from authority websites relevant to my niche.

    • Hi Ilias and thanks for dropping by. I’d probably say that the best way to market your facebook fan page for free is to join other groups that are related to your niche and regularly post to those groups. Boosting your posts, in my opinion, is more effective because it targets specific demographics. Check out this link

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