Secret Sister Gift Exchange on Facebook Scam

Secret Sister Gift Exchange on Facebook bannerHi there. It’s holiday season again is here and with it comes a time of exchanging gifts to loved ones.

It’s also a good season for scammers. With all the shopping craze going on you can bet someone will find a way of having a go at our insatiable appetites for gifts during the holidays.

The fact that there are so many people connected on Facebook has made it easy for scammers to target Facebook groups and profiles.

Secret sister gift exchange is one such group. It was very active last holiday season and it’s back with a bang this season

The scam bears all the hallmarks of the chain letters of the 90s and early 2000’s. Except now they have gone digital.

This is how the Secret Sister Gift Exchange on Facebook  works

Secret Sister Gift Exchange on Facebook page captureYou receive a message from somebody you know or may not for a fee of $10 and in exchange, you receive up to 36 gifts.

Once you join in, you are sent a list of six names and addresses

Send your gift to the person in the number 1 spot and bump the number 2 to the top of list

Add your name to the number 2 spot and the send the list of the 6 names (yours included), to six new friends.

The scam is predominantly active in the US, but as you may already know, with Facebook boundaries tend to get pretty thin.

Pyramid scheme.

Sister secret gift exchange is nothing but a pyramid scheme. Anything that promises outrageous returns for a short term investment is a big fat red flag. While 10 dollars might not seem like a lot of money to most people, it’s accumulative effect always lead people to invest more of their money especially when they see short term rewards.

It’s like gambling. You win some, but the system always takes the lion’s share.

Police have issued a warning against participating in this group. It’s illegal and could get you prosecuted. You are also risk getting your beloved Facebook profile blocked for violation of Facebook’s terms and agreements.

In conclusion…

It’s not hard to see how scammers target the vulnerable in society. People who don’t have much money will easily fall prey to scams like this. Everybody wants a piece of the action during the festive season. Right. If nobody has bought you a gift this season, why stress over it.

Secret Sister Gift Exchange is an easy way out of a difficult situation.

Be honest with yourself. It is highly unlikely that you will get back 36 gifts for just $10. Unless they are all worth pennies.

You will also be taking a great risk sharing your personal information with strangers. That’s how people’s identities are stolen and end up in a fix. It’s a foolish thing to do.

If the deal is too good…it probably is good to run!

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