Saladmaster Review – Great Opportunity or Just an Elaborate MLM Scam

Saladmaster reviewHi and welcome to my Saladmaster review. You are probably thinking of joining the business and just want to be sure if you are treading on the right path. Or maybe you just joined and just want to learn a bit more about the business. It’s great that you are doing your research because the last thing you want to do is invest your hard earned cash in a business only for you to end up frustrated.

Sit back and let me take you through this business and hopefully you will find out whether it’s worth investing your time and money in or avoiding it all together.

So just what is Saladmaster? Is it a scam or legit? Can you make some good money with the business? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

  • Company Name: Saladmaster
  • Website:
  • Owner: Regal Ware
  • Rating: 2.5/5

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May I first by stating that I am not a consultant with Saladmaster and so this review is from a third party perspective. The decision to join or stay in if you are already a member is entirely up to you.

Saladmaster was founded in 1946 by Harry Lemmons in Dallas, Texas. Harry started by distributing his first equipment, the Saladmaster machine, which is a kitchen tool that grates salads through a rollout mechanism. Pretty handy. As the years rolled on, the company kept expanding and developing new products. In 1979 they were acquired by Regal Ware, a company that manufactures cookware. They are currently located in 46 countries around the world.

Ayo Olaseinde a long time member of of Saladmaster was appointed president in 2018 by Regal Ware. The Saladmaster website offers very limited information on the company and its products which is weird for a company that has been in operation for that long.

The other thing that surprises me is that they are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. That is another red flag.

Saladmaster sells cookware through a multi level marketing structure.


They have a wide range of kitchen products that include pots and pans, bowls, griddles, accessories and even electric skillets and a food processor.

The hallmark of the Saladmaster cookware is quality. Most of the pots and pans are made from stainless steel and titanium. This gives food a more natural taste. Titanium does not corrode when exposed to the elements. Its what is used in surgical equipment. The cookware will also probably last you a lifetime.

They like pitching that fact that the products are manufactured in the USA which is all good but does that really make them exceptionally different from other products from around the world? I don’t think so.

How it works

Saladmaster review - productsThe products are sold and distributed through consultants who join the business. If you know something about MLMs you might have heard of parties. It’s not a real party with beers and a barbecue as such but a way to get you to come to someone’s house and watch a presentation.

Steadmaster consultants will normally approach someone (usually a friend or relative) and invite them over to their house for a show and tell. You will be taken through a process where the host prepares dishes and asks you to compare the different meals made with Saladmaster pots and pans verses your regular. Most people are always dazzled by the unique tools and the food. In my opinion, if you are not a good cook, kitchen tools will not make you a better one.

The next order of business is to convince you to buy the product and of course if you like it so much, why not become a distributor. Some people will make a one time purchase while others will be looking at the potential to earn revenue. The host will earn a commission for your purchase and will continue to earn if you start holding your own parties and making sales.

If you decide to become a distributor, here is what you need to know.

You are in the recruiting business! There is no way to sugar coat that. I know they tell you that you are an entrepreneur but in essence you are no different from a door to door salesman.

If you love cooking or you are somehow connected to the food industry, I believe this could work out really well for you.

If you are in a different industry, probably not. To succeed in anything you need to have a passion for it.

Second thing you need to learn is that the products don’t come cheap. Again the website does not give a breakdown of what the products will cost but from word on the internet you looking at a basic set costing up to $3500. You will get discounts if you attend a party but wow! How many people have that kind of money to spend on cookware?

Okay, maybe there are some rich people who will buy the products. I just can’t see them flogging pans and pots.

Pros and Cons


The one thing I can say is they do have great products. I give that to them. Can you make money with this opportunity? If you possess the gift of the gab and love the business, then yes you can. Network marketing is a numbers game. The more convincing you are to the masses who will attend your parties, the better your chances.


As I mentioned, this is the recruiting business. You will really need to approach as many people as you can with the opportunity if you want to see some results with your business. Are your friends and relatives worth the hassle? How many parties can you host before you run out of people to invite.

The products are also way overpriced. Pampered chef offers a similar range of products for a fraction of the price.

The lie that is Mlm.

There is a narrative that network marketing companies use and that is to pitch their products as exceptional and even justifying the expensive price tag that comes with them. I am sure you if you shop around, you can find a similar range of high quality products in the market that are just as good if not better and most likely cheaper. In fact you can find some of these products on places like ebay for less.

The people selling them on ebay are most likely people who bought a large amount of items in the hope of re selling for a profit only to be stuck with dead stock. They are just trying to recover their money.

People now use Social media as a way of reaching out to potential recruits.

recruitingIt can be more effective than reaching out to random people on the streets. Unfortunately, most people go about it by spamming social media accounts to promote their business.

It’s not really a long term way of building a business. It’s also very intrusive.

Unsolicited marketing info coming on your timeline especially from people you may know is just plain irritating.

People fail in this form of business because it is by no means easy as they are led to believe. According to The Balance Small Business, less than 1% of all people who join multi-level marketing businesses succeed.

Mary Kay once described the business as filling your bathtub with the sinkhole open. Most people will be gone once they realize just how difficult the business is. The fall out rate is massive.

You may be asking, so how come these companies seem to turn out such huge profits? Good question.

Most of them have very low overheads. They don’t need to advertise. That is why they give you a cut from sales and recruiting. At the very bottom of it, you will be doing all the donkey work for them.

You are not running a business. The guy running a business is the CEO of the company whose products you are distributing. You are just a salesman.

The whole model of the multi-level marketing business is also shrouded in a lot of misconceptions and controversy. I can understand why. You are not really giving people an opportunity to make money. It’s more like reaping the benefits out of their hard work.

I think that is a very sleazy way of doing business. If you are just joining the Saladmaster business, just remember that you are in for the ride of your life.

Saladmaster review overall opinion

I would say Saladmaster is an okay company. Certainly not great.

Saladmaster is no different from other MLM companies. There thousands of this sort of companies in selling all sorts of products. They also sell false hope.

You are most likely to lose money than make it. Hosting parties doesn’t come cheap. You will need to buy products, the food, cook it and just sit back and hope someone makes a purchase. If you hold 10 parties and no one buys the products, it means you are losing money.

That being said, Saladmaster is not a pyramid scheme like some people would claim. With pyramid schemes, the last guy always emerges on the other end with nothing. At least you will end up with some cool cookware.

Opinion is always divided as to whether multi level marketing is a scam or not. I suppose it all comes down to who is making money and who is not. Most people who don’t make it will be crying foul while those who succeed will be accusing the losers of lacking the patience to grow the business.

I have been involved in network marketing before and I know how the game plays out. Network marketing by its very nature is a legit way of doing business and people succeed big time in it. In fact, there are millionaires in the industry.

I left the business because it was all about recruiting. There are also some very deceptive tactics like inviting people for a meeting, party or dinner without telling them what it’s all about, and then springing the opportunity on them. That is the easiest way to lose friends.

Seldom do people even talk about the products. That’s because no one makes money just by selling products. Are you ready to start dragging your friends, colleagues and relatives to those hyped up meetings. If you are, well, good luck with that.

Can you build a business without recruiting

Many people who become successful online marketers probably have been through some sort of multi level marketing. In the years I have been in the  marketing industry I have come to appreciate the fact that the only way you can make money selling products is by having your own website.

Even with network marketing, it’s easier to find real leads to your opportunity with a website. It beats hitting on strangers. This is because when people do a Google search they already know what they are looking for. That is what we call a targeted audience. I am sure that is how you ended up on this post.

You don’t even need to own the products to earn commissions with a website.  And neither do you need to spend money to own one. This website generates me a consistent income without having to chase after people. People come to me.

Why hang around shopping malls pouncing on people trying to get them to join your opportunity and yet you can reach the billions of people who are connected on the internet today.

If you belong to the 99% plus number of the people trying desperately to make money recruiting people to their business, how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit.

MLMs are a waste of time. Some people will tell you not to listen to naysayers like me, but you really need to ask yourself whether you stand a chance.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Saladmaster business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share.


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