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In This RapidWorkers Review, We Take a Close Look at the Business to Determine if it’s Worth the Hustle or Just another Time Waster

The RapidWorkers site is certainly a blast from the past. Some people have complained about how old school it looks. I am not sure whether it’s by design or perhaps they have never updated it since its inception.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s a big deal either way. As long as a site is functional and delivers, then its game. Still, the RapidWorkers website has a few hiccups that desperately need to be attended to. We will be touching on that. 

We shall also be walking you through the business side of it and see whether it’s a viable way to make money.

What is RapidWorkers

RapidWorkers is basically a micro working site, matching users (workers) to small online tasks posted by other individuals (employers).

Some of these tasks include following people on Twitter, watching videos, liking and sharing social media posts, etc.

The primary goal and focus of RapidWorkers is based on growing publicity and marketing campaigns, particularly on social media.

How does RapidWorkers Work?

Getting started with RapidWorkers is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to enter your email address and create a login password. You will need to confirm your account through an email link.

All jobs are location-specific. You will need to be familiar with their rules and terms of service. For instance, if a job is located in the US alone, you can only be eligible to perform the task if you are in the US. Some of the jobs are marked as international meaning you can do them anywhere.

Once you complete a job, you are supposed to take a screenshot and upload it on their website then send it to their team as proof that you have completed it. I don’t know how they can manually go through every screenshot and process the payments!

It would be mind boggling considering these jobs only pay pennies. There are probably thousands of entries each day so either they have a very large team or they perhaps outsource the team as well.

You can also only use one vpn per account. Trying to game the system by using public networks or hiding your IP address will result in cancellation where you will lose even the money you might have earned.

To be eligible for payments you will need to make over USD 8. There is also a 6% withdrawal fee that is charged on PayPal. 

Can you make money with RapidWorkers?

RapidWorkers does pay and many people have earned some extra cash on the side. As you can see from the screenshot below from Trustpilot, there are people who have actually made money. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but $10 can go a long way in certain parts of the world. 

RapidWorkers review income screenshot

If you live in western countries, you will probably starve if this is your full-time hustle. Just don’t do it. Unless you are a 12-year-old who doesn’t need to worry about paying rent.


Rapidworkers have been around since 2009, so in terms of legitimacy, I would say they are solid. Most scams don’t last that long.

Microjobs are real jobs that people do. There are very many other companies that offer those sorts of services. 

Looking For a Way to Earn Passive Income Online?

I also love the ease of getting started. Simplicity means a lot of people will get a chance to dive in and check it out.

They also do have an active Facebook support page, where you can view tutorial videos and share you thoughts or ask questions on the platform 


Apart from the obvious old school design of the RapidWorkers site, my suspicion is that the owners of this platform are not from an English speaking country or background. 

Grammatical errors are everywhere. That might not be a serious red flag, but still, it does not inspire much confidence. 

There is also the problem of payments by Paypal alone. There are many countries in the world that don’t use Paypal meaning all those people are locked out. Setting a secure online payment processing system would serve the best of their interest. More people would get on board meaning more business. 

Incidentally, the homepage says they accept other methods of payment, but when you go to the FAQ section, it says Paypal only.

That is not cool.

Is RapidWorkers a scam?

Absolutely not. One problem which would make me hesitant to join RapidWorkers is, we don’t know who the heck owns the program. I find companies where the owners live in the shadows to be sketchy. 

True, you can still communicate via their web form but it would still be nice to know who is on the other end of the conversion. It helps to build trust.

The problem I see with micro jobs like these ones is that the tasks workers perform are not really genuine in nature.

Getting people to leave fake reviews and subscribe to lists that they don’t care much about is a somewhat deceptive way of building a business on the part of employers. 

I don’t blame the workers. They are in it for the money. I would gladly do them if I had to. But what is the point of a like or share on your social media page, if it’s just done to show fake popularity or activity.

Organic traffic (people who find you through search engines) is the way to build a long and sustainable business.


If you’ve been doing your research on RapidWorkers, you might have noticed that reviews are mixed. Some say how this is a great program while others swear it to be a big fat scam.

I suppose the majority of those who fail to follow the rules and get locked out would brand the company a scam. But there are many people who have complained of not getting paid or getting kicked out for no reason. It’s a mixed bag of potatoes.

I do get the impression that the RapidWorkers need to do an upgrade and streamline the way they do business if they are to stay competitive.

Still, I think it’s a great program for anyone looking for some little side cash. It’s probably a good stepping stone for someone warming their feet into the online marketing arena. 

It won’t however set you up for life. Micro tasks are just what they say they are. They pay pennies. But then again, most tasks only take a couple of minutes to complete so that is what is expected.

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