Partylite Business Review- Is This the Best Opportunity to Financial Independence

Partyline-business-review-homepageOverview of the Partylite business

PartyLite is a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization. The founder of the company was a school teacher known as Mabel Baker, and it had initially started off as a humble business enterprise. PartyLite deals in candles to make your abode appear beautiful.

PartyLite is a direct selling company. It is partnered with Blythe Industries, which is a publicly traded company. The company manufactures and sells candles, bath and body care products, air care decor, candle accessories, home fragrances and other products.

Now as for the products are concerned, this company markets many different products ranging anywhere from body care, food line, and overall health and wellness products. PartyLite has not forgotten its foundation, for their main product line is candles and candle accessories.


PartyLite consultants market their items through something many refer to as home shows. When you give a home show, you are the host of the party. The objective of having a home show is to sell the items and recruit potential people to join your business group.

The PartyLite company moves around home parties while recruiting new members. Consultants are trained on a training model referred to as 10-3-2. This training developed by PartyLite is asking consultants at each show or party to make no less than ten sales in each show, book three new shows, and recruit two new leads into their PartyLite opportunity.

Who is Partylite meant for?

Now this company does not just sell nor markets their products like many large businesses today, for they allow people to gain compensation from not only using their products but for referring others to use them as well.

With that said this lays down an opportunity for people to become PartyLite consultants where they gain compensation from purchasing, selling, and recruiting others to become consultants and using the products as well, and this is known today as MLM network marketing.

From an unbiased viewpoint, PartyLite seems like a very credible legitimate company that is well structured. Like with any company that has an opportunity for people to make income along with them, it is not an overnight process to becoming a successful representative for a company because it could take a few years to do so.

However, there are ways to speeding up this process of creating financial freedom as a consultant through Partylite that I will be showing on the site at the end of this article.

Also, when it comes to doing any MLM network marketing (in which this is Partylite’s promotional method for their products) some network marketing skills will need to be developed, and that is why it may take several years to acquire financial freedom as a consultant.

Where to start from and tools 

Partyline fragrance

Now, if you wish to work with this organization, you have to become a consultant or distributor. PartyLite provides a chance to earn the Starter Kit. This will enable you to start your business with least amount of risk.

The Starter Kit comprises of business building tools, catalogs, and product samples. Once you are ready to host your Starter party, you will generate sales for the company which will contribute to fulfilling the expense of the Starter Kit.

Once you reach the level a consultant in the company, you will be able to garner retail profits from the sales. At this point, you can also start convincing others to join the business and train them to become successful consultants. By doing that, you’ll be able to reap benefits from their sales as well. In the present times, PartyLite has over 50,000 consultants.

You will be able to sell products to home parties. The company offers incentives to the consultants in the form of discounts and free merchandise. These will be determined by some sales generated in the party of your client.

In the parties, you will also be able to contact many people and talk about the strategy to earn money and convince them to hold parties in their homes. The possibility of receiving free gifts will enhance the chances of inviting more guests to the party. More guests will translate into more sales on your part.

So far there isn’t anything wrong with this selling tactic because if you are a person that is more into socializing with people by way of home shows, then this is the right business for you.

And if you are a person that truly uses and loves PartyLite Products then I would advise you to become a PartyLite consultant. If you own the products and believe in it, people will take you seriously and trust your judgment because you are a loyal consumer of the product.

Partylite support

PartyLite proudly honors their Customers’ requests. You may reach them toll-free at 888-999-5706 — they welcome calls weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. You can likewise contact them via email by available on their official website.

If are you interested in learning more about PartyLite business, Your PartyLite Consultant can give you personal service with hosting a PartyLite Party, product sales, or providing more information about your own PartyLite business.


  • The staff all knows each other and are friendly.
  • The benefits are very good.
  • The business has been around for decades. This is a trustworthy business to take up considering its history.
  • This is an attractive business to promote.
  • The products are appealing, and most people will be interested in such products.
  • There’s a lot of scope for repeat marketing because products such as candles are perishable. It will additionally give you the opportunity to get your customers to join the business by informing them of the member benefits.
  • Is highly flexibility and have a nice place to come to work


  • Communication is an issue between higher management and staff.
  • The company often changes on a quickly, and it’s hard to complete an initiative or task efficiently.
  • Top management is often retrogressive, and it’s hard to break out of our ‘old’ ways.
  • There is also not sufficient staff to keep up with the demand of the workload.


If you’re looking for a fun way to make some extra cash and you love candles, This is a great opportunity for you. Become a PartyLite Consultant and have a good time and make money at the same time!

Having said that, not everyone possesses the gift of the gab and so if you have trouble approaching strangers out of the blue and presenting them with this great opportunity, then this is not for you.

The trouble I have with all MLMs ( My personal point of view) is that the recruiting craze always outweighs the product itself.

How about you check out my number 1 recommended program of how I make money online without having to recruit?

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment about the Partylite Business, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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  1. Thanks for the info. Some time ago, I had a friend in the Party Light business. She had fun with it but eventually moved on to something different. You gave me something to think about since candles are neat to have. The option you provide to make money w/o recruiting is worth looking into. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Amelita for your reply. I’ve been involved in some MLMs in my days. While I know of people who have found immense success in it, I find the process of recruiting to be tedious. Affiliate marketing is definitely a less stressful way to build a business.

  2. Hello and thanks for the information, your post is very informative and will help those that is willing to make some good money in the online world. Thanks for sharing.

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