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Avon Products Review avon-homepageIf you are reading this review, chances are someone approached you with this amazing opportunity that is the Avon products business. You are probably sitting on the fence wondering whether to jump in or not. In this Avon products review, I give you an honest take on what the business is all about and what it takes for you as a distributor of Avon products.

If you have a passion for skin care and makeup and are interested in running your own home based business, this might just be for you.


Avon Products Review-David H. McConnell
David H. McConnell

Avon was founded in September of 1886 by David H. McConnell. He was a struggling salesman who used to sell books door to door in New York.  He started the new business in a small office at 126 Chambers Street, Manhattan, New York

David certainly got it right then because today Avon is one of the largest direct selling company in the world (second after Amway). In fact, Avon Products’ representatives can be found in 70 countries.

Examples of which include Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Brazil. There are currently over 6 million Avon Products’ representatives worldwide.

So if you’re looking to invest your time and energy into a well-established company, that has a proven track record, you can’t go wrong looking into becoming an Avon Products’ representative.

Avon Products’ home based business opportunity

If you join Avon Products’ international team as a representative, you’ll receive a percentage commission, for each order which you place over $90.

Simply put, the more you sell the more you earn. As an example, Avon’s top representatives earn up to 50 % commission from the orders which they place.


Set up costs vary however you can typically expect to pay around $25, in order to become an Avon Products’ representative. Occasionally it’s free to sign up as a new representative.

Tools and training

AVON Products’ offers a 90-day kick start training program which aims to help new representatives earn $1,000 within a 90 day period.

Who it’s for?

Whilst AVON Products’ home based business opportunities appeal to women of all ages and walks of life, men can also sign up as an AVON Products’ representative.

All you need to succeed as an AVON Products representative is a decent work effort and a desire to succeed, running your home based business! Examples of typical representatives include stay-at- home moms, students, retirees, and entrepreneurs.

So, as an Avon distributor, what exactly will you be sellingAvon Products Review avon-products

  1. Skin care products

    One of Avon Products’ most popular skin care ranges is its ANEW brand which features anti-aging ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

    Avon Products also offers skin care products aimed at a younger demographic, examples of which include products which treat the symptoms of acne.

    One of Avon Products’ selling points is that it appeals to a wide demographic. Avon Products’ even offers skin care products and fragrances for a male audience.

  2. Cosmetics

    Avon Products is best known for its cosmetics range which includes foundations, lipsticks, eye shadow, and mascara. Every second, four Avon Products’ lipsticks are sold worldwide.

  3. Fragrances

    Avon Products’ prides itself on creating fresh, affordable fragrances that appeal to modern women. From time to time Avon Products’ also releases fragrances in conjunction with celebrities.

    As an example, Fergie who is known for her chart-topping songs released the Outspoken by Fergie line of fragrances in conjunction with Avon Products.

  4. Fashion and home

    Whilst Avon Products’ may be better known for its skin care products and cosmetics, it also offers a wide array of high-quality gifts such as watches, jewelry pieces, clothes, and footwear.

    As such Avon Products’ appeals to families who are looking for a one stop shop, to purchase all of their family members’ needs.

    Personal care

    Avon Products’ also offers a wide range of toiletry products such as shampoo, shower gels, hand creams, and scrubs. Avon Products Review avon-products-2All of which smell divine.

The pros 

Let take a close look at some of the pros of becoming an Avon Distributor

  1. Avon offers representatives the flexibility to determine their own work schedule Whether you’re a student, a retiree or a stay at home mom, if you love to set your own work hours, you’ll love being an Avon Products’ representative.
  2. Your income is performance based The more effort you put into your home based business, the higher your income will be.As an added bonus, high performing representatives are often selected to receive a salary as well as extra benefits.
  3. Free training is available via AVON University AVON University is an online platform which provides training tools for AVON Products’ representatives.Once you log into your AVON University account you’ll be able to watch a wide variety of training videos.As an example, there are training videos which will teach you how to market your business as well as training videos which will teach you how to recruit new representatives to your team.If you have little marketing or business experience you’ll find that AVON University is a godsend.
  4. You’ll receive invaluable support from your fellow AVON Products’ representatives If you sign up as an AVON Products’ representative under another representative, they’ll act as your mentor as if you succeed as a representative, they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.With many home based businesses, you alone are responsible for your success. Whereas, if you join AVON Products, you’ll be mentored by a successful AVON Products’ representative, who is passionate about helping you grow your home based business.
  5. Little capital is required If you’re passionate about the idea of working for yourself but have little capital to invest in your home based business, fear not.As an AVON Products’ representative, all you’ll need to get started is a setup kit. So if you assumed it was impossible to launch a business with less than a hundred dollars capital, think again.

The cons

Nothing is perfect. Not even the Avon business opportunity. Let’s look at the cons.

  1. You need to be self-motivated to succeed. In order to earn a decent commission, you’ll need to build a loyal base of repeat customers. The hardest part of earning a living as an AVON Products’ representative is finding new customers who are genuinely interested in placing large orders.
  2. The trouble I have with all MLMs ( My personal point of view) is that the recruiting craze always outweighs the product itself.When you a complete stranger offering an opportunity to make money while deep down you are actually offering yourself the opportunity sounds a bit sleazy to me.Family friends might forgive you for dragging them to those meetings along but good friends are hard to come by. Why turn all your good friends into business prospects. That to me is the honest truth about Multi-level marketing and that is why I would never do it again.How about you check out my number 1 recommended program of how I make money online without having to recruit?

In summary

This review is not meant to discourage you from joining Avon but to help you make an informed choice. There are many successful people in Network Marketing. If you feel that this is your thing, by all means, go ahead

Just don’t think it’s an easy shot. I was an Amway distributor and I can tell you just how hard it was to recruit. Don’t believe the hype in those supercharged meetings. Building a team this the only way to grow your business, and as I said, it’s totally possible to succeed.

Just ask yourself whether you are really comfortable about approaching complete strangers to join your team. If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. If your answer is no then there is a good chance you will not succeed.

Let me leave you with Dave Ramsay’s take on it.

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment regarding the Avon business, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “My Avon Products Review”

  1. Hi Leonard–

    Great article about Avon. What a tried-and-true product that’s been around for quite some time. I think that this is itself a saving grace about people who get involved with selling it. It’s really a good set of products, but you’re right in that this is just another set of products that really require you to be more of a recruiter to succeed financially rather than selling a ton of product.

    And I really smiled when I saw the Dave Ramsey video. I’m a fan and a FPU graduate. I watched the video, and I have heard him speak about MLM to another caller.

    He hit all of the same comments where he is not in any way against MLM or selling of this sort, but he really exhorts people to understand exactly what this is and what it is not. It’s got to be worth your time, your passion and you’ve got to be a constant recruiter. But he’s right. People get tired of hearing it and of doing it.

    Not for me. Your number one recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is what is for me!

    • Hi, Steve. Thanks for dropping by. I was involved in Amway for close to 8 months and I really got tired of the recruiting.There is a lot of misinformation to new prospects about the nature of the business. The fact is succeeding in the business is not easy. Dave certainly breaks it down. One needs to read carefully before jumping in.

  2. Hello, and thanks for sharing Avon is well know worldwide I have ordered from Avon before, in fact, I believe on a few occasion, millions love their products both myself and family used their underarm deodorant. I believe that if you have the time to spare and good salesman ship this just might be the career for you.


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