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You might have heard of the Million Dollar Replicator and probably want to find out a little more about it. Welcome to my review and let’s find out if this program is worth looking into it or one to avoid altogether.

We live at a time when sometimes it’s really hard to tell a legit business opportunity from a scam. That is what the internet of everything comes with. The last thing you want is to be lured by a program that promises the good life only for you to end up with zero.

Trust me. That happens a lot.

So just what is the Million Dollar Replicator ? Is it a scam or legit? Can you make some serious money?

No doubt you want some things cleared. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Company Name: Million Dollar Replicator


Owner: Unknown

Cost: starting @ $37 + upsells + downsells

Are You Looking For a Way to Earn Passive Income Online?

So, who wants to be a millionaire. I do. I am pretty sure you too probably do. Enter the Million Dollar Replicator, a site that promises to make you a million dollars within a month!

I never get tired of reviewing scammy sites like this one. Without even digging deep in, the name just sounds scammy. You don’t need to to be a rocket scientist to know that making a million dollars is no walk in the park.  The sight is supposedly owned by some guy named Michael Sachs.

We will just call him Fake Mike
Fake Mike

I always do research on owners of programs that I review. It’s always a good habit to get to know who the person behind the opportunity. I was shocked when Google images led me to the picture of the guy on the right. It’s a stock image from from Pixabay. The guy is a fake. Not the guy on Pixabay.

No, that guy is totally legit. It’s the other guy pretending to be him. Just like all those other clowns giving fake testimonials about how they have made lot of money with this system.

Since he is not the real deal, we will just refer to him as Fake Mike for purposes of these review.

I have never come across a real millionaire who tells the world about his millions. We will get into that down the track.

How it works.

In the intro video, Fake Mike talks about how he and a few close friends have been secretly making millions over the last 2 years using a system that was in beta.  He does not tell us who these cool friends are. Apparently they have been so secret that no one, not even their wives or girlfriends know about it!

Great wealth brings out benevolence. Fake Mike and his buddies finally decided that they had made enough and so, they are now sharing the big secret with the rest of the world. Just like that..

Fake Mike doesn’t really break it down on what you really need to do. He just tells you to plug into his system and you can be guaranteed to make a million bucks in a month. His system is 100% done for you.

Once you join in you are hit with a barrage of upsells that quickly add up. That is how Fake Mike and his buddies make their money and that is how you lose yours.

Pros and Cons

Normally when I review products, I always talk about the pros and cons. With the Million Dollar Replicator, it’s all con. Maybe the only pro I can think of is this being a Clickbank product, you can get your money back if you are not happy with the product. That will probably after buying a couple of upsells, which you will not be getting back.

If you know Clickbank, you probably know the tedious process that one has to go through to get a refund. But why even bother to sign up for a program that has scam written all over the joint.

Check this guy out.

Fiverr is a fascinating place. You can get people to do anything for a quick buck. There are even folks who will play Jesus or do some crazy war dance for your birthday suprise. No kidding.

By the way, its a great place to outsource online services for a reasonable price.

One of the millionaires in the Fake Michaels video goes by the user name pdxguy on Fiverr. Go ahead and google him. Going rate is $14.27 a pop and he can be anything you want him to be. Millionaire, billionaire. Take your pick. He is an influencer, whatever the heck that means. The rest of the clowns are also Fiverr actors.

Influencer, my big toe! More like a scam artist if anything.

Does CNN endorse him?

On the homepage you have these top sites endorsing the product. CNN, Forbes, HuffPost… the works.The only problem is you can’t click on any of them because it’s just an image.

They only copied the logos and stashed them there to make you think that they play in the big league. I don’t use an iphone so, I went to Google play store with my android in the hope that I might be able to download the app.

You guessed right. There is nothing there either.

This is the reason why people find it hard to trust online businesses. Too many scam artists out there trying to make a quick back. Why go out of your way to blatantly lie in an effort to lure people to your opportunity. Have some sense of integrity, Fake Mike

The fact that the clock can be refreshed to zero means there is no urgency to join the scam. When you try to leave you are given a $17 offer to stay on. That is where the downsell comes in.

To thine own self, be true, Right. In case you are wondering that was Shakespeare.

My overall opinion.

It’s pretty obvious. The Million Dollar Replicator is a big fat scam. I can see how programs like these lure innocent people to join them. If you have never had any experience with online marketing, an opportunity like these can be quite tempting.

Believe me, I have been down that route. I have lost money a couple of times on such programs.

Building a successful online biz is not easy. On the flipside, it’s not as complicated as you would imagine. There are technical aspects of any business, that one has to familiarise themselves with and that is no exception with online businesses.

Once you get that part right, the rest is wash, rinse and repeat. Anyone who tells you to plug in their automated system to make money is probably trying to rip you off.

You can never own anything that is done for.

Here is the deal. You keep doing what you are good at over and over again, and the world will take notice. That is how you were able to land on this page. Trust me it’s not a coincidence. It does take a learning curve to get there. Learning is a process, not an event, I am still learning new things and I hope for the sake of your solopreneur journey, you will never stop learning.

If there is one lesson you need to learn today, is keep away from the Million Dollar Replicator. It’s nothing but hot air.

Becoming an authority in your business

signboard become an authorityIn the years I have been in marketing I have come to appreciate the fact that the only way you can make money online for the long haul, is  by having your own website.

Not one that has been provided for you, but one you have built from the ground up. You don’t even need to spend money to own one.

I have been building this site a while now and it generates me a consistent income.

It’s taken a lot of patience, hard work and total dedication. That is the way the game plays out and it’s something I would not take shortcuts with. You have to go the full yard.

It’s not easy to become an authority in online marketing but if you follow the right strategies, it’s not that difficult either. I would highly advise you to check out my number one recommendation. This is an independent community based education platform that has stood the test of time and continues to get better.

Here you learn the real deal on what it takes to become a truly successful online marketer.  Best of all its 100% FREE to get started with. You also get 2 FREE websites. Yours to keep for life. Check it out.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Million Dollar Replicator , please leave it below. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share.


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8 thoughts on “Million Dollar Replicator Review | Real Deal Or Total BS”

  1. I’m sure the owner of this scam site is.not a millionaire yet. How could be if he is trying to make me a millionaire. Thank God I’m not always moved by all these fake mouth watering offering scam sites. 

    I prefer to build a successful sustainable online business. I wouldn’t mind how long it will take but I know that following the right footsteps will lead to success.

    Thanks bro

    • Hi Lok. Believe it’s surprisingly easy how this scam artist are able to lure people with unbelievable claims of riches. The way this sort of programs operate is they try and capture as many people as they can and once they run out of steam they move on to the next program. 

      We all know that success is not always equated with money. Money is good but one must be honest and have some integrity in the way you look for it. That is how you become a millionaire.

      I can assure you, Michael Sachs will never be a millionaire. 

      Thanks for popping in. 

  2. Ok, thanks for the review. Unfortunately there are tonnes of people out there trying to get one thing and one thing only…and that is your money. It does not seem to matter to them if they are providing a good product or not it just matters if they are getting the money. The only thing that I disagree with is the change of name. I have a website myself and I don’t use my real name for privacy reasons but… the information I promote is useful and provides good value for the money people pay.

    The info you have provided is awesome and I hope it saves some people there cash!!

    • Hi Jordan. Indeed there are many people out there trying to make money by hook or crook. If one can come up with a product like the Million Dollar Replicator, it just shows total lack of integrity. Its okay to use a hidden name on your site, but using someone else’s image as yours is totally uncool which is what Michael Sachs does. Personally I think people tend to connect better when you put out honest information about yourself. Online marketing just like any other business works on trust.

      Great to hear that you have a website that provides value to your audience. Could you provide me with a link, so that I can check it out?


  3. Why would anyone want to put out such an obviously fake website ? 

    The first thing that comes to mind is to make money! The second is that they have very low opinion of the intelligence of their readers.  Then there is that they expect that the lure of easy money will blind the minds of the potential victims.

    How many people are actually hoodwinked by such a scam ? 

    it must be in the thousands or perhaps  hundreds of thousands, otherwise there would not be so many people doing such a business.

    Is there not a regulator to investigate and prosecute such people and if not why not? Where is the authority in charge of such sites and what are they doing about it?

    • Hi Robert. Many people who fall for programs join in because they don’t know any better. Its a numbers game. They are not looking for someone who knows their way around. The numbers eventually add up. 

      I was involved in an MLM once and despite seeing the technical difficulties of running the business, I kept pushing harder because I believed I could become as good as my uplines.  I must agree when you have a name like million dollar replicator, that should get you worried. It all sounds too sleazy. The thing I find hard to understand is why hire actors to give fake testimonials. 

      Its hard to just prosecute people who run these businesses. That is because the nature of the internet is, there are virtually no boundaries. People can get away with anything. Not unless you have situation like Digital Attitude and MOBE which the FTC had to shut down because people were losing thousands of dollars every day.

       It’s a jungle out here. Thanks for dropping and best of wishes.

  4. Leonard, Hello! I admit from the very beginning that I love listening to you in your website. Just listen. Because you are clear, honest and polite talking to the reader. 

    Now about the Million Dollar Replicator. I decided to make my own opinion and turned to the essence of this website.

    Here I came up from the position of political economy. I did not see any signs and attempts to form surplus value.As we know, surplus value is created as a result of material or intellectual labor. And the subsequent commodity-money exchange. 

    This principle – our sober look at scammers. Then we see all the fraudulent practices. I saw them on several reproductions of the site and videos. 

    Leonard, you clearly indicated all this in your detailed review of the site Million Dollar Replicator. 

    I will apply your critical review for prevention. Thank you. Mark.

    • Hi Mark, The only value that is gained from programs like this goes to the top dogs while the rest of the crowd loses money. It’s unfortunate that there are people out here trying to take advantage of others for their own selfish gain. The Million Dollar Replicator is totally worthless program. When you look and analyse programs like this critically, it’s not hard to see the loopholes. 

      People who are new in online business are the most vulnerable. When I was starting in online marketing I lost a bit of money in such programs so, I think it’s only fair to warn others not to fall for any program that over promises. Hard work and patience is what it takes to grow in business.

      Thanks for dropping and all the best to you.

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