What is an Authority Website? Everything You Need To Know

what-is-an-authority-website-man-typingAn Authority website is one where people frequent regularly to search for information that is relevant to them. This type of websites contains high-quality blog posts and web pages that are unique and extremely helpful. Readers are more willing to share the content of these websites on social media or with their friends. These websites earn loads of backlinks from the other websites without putting much effort.

Webmasters will automatically put links pointing to these websites, on their own blogs, because they have high value and relevant content which will be useful resources for their own visitors.

Search engines also love high authority websites and rank them higher on the SERPs. The main focus of authority websites is “quality over quantity”. They only produce useful, informative and interesting content to provide value to their visitors. This also helps them to rank easily on the search engines.

Here are few examples of Authority websites

  • Wikihow– We all know how popular and useful this site is. It is filled with a bunch of How-to articles which provides great help to their visitors.
  • Search Engine Journal– This website is one of the favorite websites for all the digital marketers, especially SEO experts and marketers.
  • Men’s Health– This is a great resource for health and fitness articles related to men.

As you can see, all the above examples are completely different from each other. But they are all authority websites. This shows you that the “topic” or “niche” you choose doesn’t matter. You need to create quality content for your audience to build an authority website.

How has the concept of High Authority Website evolved?

In the past decade, digital marketers focused a lot on building niche sites and trying to optimize them as much as possible to rank them on the search engines and earn a lot of money. They didn’t care much about the readers visiting their sites.

Most of the sites were built to get high traffic and get “easy AdSense money”. Google realized this problem and started to roll out new and improved updates. These updates were meant to lower the rankings of the site with poor and low-quality content.

Then the concept of high authority websites started to evolve. Google started to trust these websites because they were providing high-value content to their audience, within a specific niche. This made the webmasters realize the importance of good quality content.

Becoming an Authority in your Niche

Now, you have the clear idea of what an Authority Website is. What you need to also know is that all authority website starts as niche websites. This site started with one page, then 2 and from there it grew. You become an authority when your site matures. It’s a game of patience. So, how can you build one?

Here are some of the steps you can follow to build and Authority Website from scratch

  1. Follow your passion

    Always try to build a website or blog on which you are passionate and have a lot of knowledge to share with people. This is one thing that will definitely help you overcome a lot of challenges that will come your way.

    You can also share your personal views, ideas, tips and tricks for each topic to make an emotional connection with your audience.

  2. Focus on “quality” over “quantity”

    As I have told you earlier that Authority Website is all about quality. So, don’t make ordinary content. Provide high-quality amazing content to your readers. Write longer, informative articles.

    Long posts may be hard to write. But they are very easy to rank on the search engines and provide something extra to your audience which they will surely like. This is the most common characteristic of an Authority Website.

  3. Make content that “earn” links on autopilot

    A common mistake some marketers make is thinking that you have to go out chasing backlinks. That concept is overrated. Make your content unique and most amazing to earn high-quality backlinks from social shares and other relevant blogs or sites. They will come to you.

  4.  Domain Name

    It is very important to get a unique domain name for your authority website. Authority websites are very different from niche sites where you try to buy exact match domains to rank on the search engines. Try to have a unique brand name for your authority site for which domain names are available.

    This will allow you to make your unique identity and stand up from the crowd. If possible, look for expired domains. Expired domains are a bit more costly than new domains. But they might have good page rank and lots of backlinks.

    Also, older domains are considered to have higher authority and trust than new domains. But make sure to check the domain history with archive.org or any other tool to find out whether they were used for any illegal activities or spamming in the past.

  5. Link to other useful resources and inner pages

    The importance of internal linking ( links going from one post to another within your site) is often overlooked and yet it’s a very important metric in SEO. When someone is doing a research on a topic, they love to see other useful resources where they can get more information on that subject.

    You can give other useful articles that you found on other websites or send them to other related articles that you have written on that niche. This will also help you increase your engagement time and decrease your bounce rate, which can help you to rank higher.

  6. Build relationships

    You will see that all authority websites have great relationships with other relevant websites in their niche. Building relationships with other webmasters are very important.

    This will not only help you to get high-quality backlink from their site, but it will give your site more exposure. You can use email outreach, comment on their blog posts and join relevant forums for this.

  7. Use social media

    You can use popular social media platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog posts or videos. I would highly encourage you to especially use Google+ for obvious reasons. It’s Google and whatever you do there will reflect in their search engines.

Monetizing Strategies

There are a lot of ways to make money from an authority website. The major source of earning of authority websites is mainly Affiliate marketing. You can also make money from direct advertisements or promotions.

Another great way to make money from authority sites is to sell your own products like Downloadable PDF Guides, Video Tutorials, Courses, Premium Memberships, Toolbars or Brower Extensions etc.

In summary.

Building an authority website takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you can consistently write exciting blog posts that captivate your audience, then you are on your way to becoming an authority. Try not to worry too much about getting your footprint in search engines in a short time.

Some people tend to rush the process by using software to quicken it. DON’T.

All those traffic generation programs out there are also trying to make money. Some of these programs use bots to send traffic to your site. Google is smart and knows exactly what you are trying to do. It will penalize you for doing that. You are better of getting free organic traffic than paying some program to get it for you. Put in the work and within 6 months to a year, you should be able to start seeing results. It’s all about playing by the book.

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Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment about an authority website, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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