Learn These 8 Steps on How to Sell Custom T-shirts Online

How to Sell Custom T-shirts Online-custom-t-shirtCustom T-Shirts are one of the most basic types of clothing which can be bought from both online and brick-and-mortar stores. With the help of technology, personalizing shirts have been easy which encouraged more and more people to love wearing them.

Knowing how to sell custom shirts online will lead to bigger profits and will expand your business reach. Like any other trades, selling custom shirts needs some planning and structure to achieve your desired results.

Before venturing into this business you need a proper overview of the entire business, designs and themes, target market, campaign strategies and equipment to be used like printers.

  1. You must have strong passion

    For an online clothing store to survive, owners should have the desire to keep going when the tide is high, and sales are lower than the target.

    Passion will push you to move forward, look for opportunities and improve and craft more creative and valuable designs. Moreover, having the passion will let you go beyond the nine-to-five employee mindset. You need to grasp the online world which is a 24/7 selling avenue.

  2. Identify the designs and themes

    What kinds of shirts are you going to print? How different are your designs from others already existing in the market? Uniqueness and creativity are the foundations of custom shirt business.

    You don’t have to choose sophisticated artistry. All you need is a simple idea to stand out and catch the attention of buyers.

    Keep reading magazines and browsing other stores online. The, ask yourself what else has not yet been offered? What can online stories be used as a theme? Make sure that when a customer browses your catalog, he will see designs that are new, attractive and sensible.

    You can also focus on current environmental or social concerns that will touch the hearts of many. Let your design talk by addressing favorite advocacies.

    You can customize t-shirts to promote sustainability or love for humanity amidst the social and political crises experienced in some parts of the world.

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  3. Know your target market or niche

    Couple t-shirts have already mushroomed everywhere even in physical stores. When trying to conceptualize your t-shirt business online, think about the people you intend to sell them to.

    You might want to try doing customized t-shirts for doctors or pilots or even graphic artists, too. Explore groups of people that have not yet been focused on by existing businesses.

    Try to do research on the possibilities of creating customized shirts for different professions or interests.

  4. Decide on the quality of printing and fabric

    You can always sell inexpensive customized shirts with high-quality fabric and print. To do this, try to contact local suppliers in your area and negotiate.

    See the products yourself to make sure you are buying something worth the price. Some fabrics don’t print well on certain kinds of ink so make sure that your choices correctly work together.

    Never delegate this part of the business planning to other people. As much as possible, be a hands-on entrepreneur. Make sure that you are aware of all choices and initial decisions regarding the supplies and materials to be used. It is your money and effort that you are risking, not anyone else’s.

    You also need to check on the t-shirt design and color that suits your brand. Ideas should seamlessly fit together before jumping onto the trade.

  5. How will you showcase and promote your designs

    T-shirt business online is easier to advertise because you can include links directed to your website using all marketing materials published on different sites.

    Remember, you are selling an image and a lifestyle, and you need to have the best kinds of advertising materials in the market.

    Promotional videos can be beneficial since your business talks about designs. A video of multiple clips focusing on a contemporary lifestyle can be useful. Actors or models themselves can wear your shirts.

    You can take advantage of social media networks where you can initiate an environment that enhances your design visibility.

    Sales and bargain deals are also valid ways of popularizing your designs. ”Buy One Take Two or Spend a Little and Save More” might seem to be common strategies. However, you can bank on these to drive people to purchase your product. Think on what offer can encourage your market to buy.

  6. Understand your personality when building the brand

    One of the most important things to know is what kind of a person you are? Do you love animals? Are you an advocate of democracy? Are you fond of sports? What types of music fascinate you?

    Building a brand comes from your perception of the world. Let the customized t-shirt become a medium in allowing others to experience your interesting story.

    Ponder on your own experiences which can be turned into your own branding story. It is easier to use your personal views and thoughts as the base of the stories and content you print on your shirt.

  7. Prepare to choose and buy essential printing equipment.

    You don’t have to start big. Knowing the range of your production will guide you through choosing and buying the right equipment for your business. The printing machine is one of the most crucial tools you need.

    Try to check for laser, sublimation, inkjet and solvent printers. Solvent printers are best known for their quality printing output but if you can’t afford it, check whether you can settle for other options.

    Computers are necessary for creating the graphics and maintaining your operation. Choose a quality computer with proper specifications. You can also check any software that can manage inventory, ordering functions and payments.

    Aside from hiring graphic artists, you also need graphics programs to make the creation of images easier. Photoshop and Corel Draw have proliferated the mainstream market although you can choose other emerging programs that can help you achieve your goal.

    Other tools to consider are transfer papers, heat press, and cutters. A heat press that measures at least 16×20” can be good to start up.

  8. Create a website

    When everything sounds good, you need to build a website that carries your brand and identity. Your website will serve as the place of interaction between your business and the customers.

    Make it user-friendly by employing basic principles of search engine optimization. Link the website to your social media accounts to establish a stronger connection. Maximize the power of the internet in tapping your desired audience and promoting the business.

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In summary

Selling custom t-shirts online is not a new idea. However, it does not mean you can no longer try. If you believe you have the passion, creativity, capital and good intentions to do it, then start early on. The online world is waiting for people like you who have new and exciting things to offer.

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