Learn 9 Simplified Ways on How to Make Money with Facebook

Ways on How to Make Money with Facebook-logoWith over 1.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is no longer just a social networking platform. Aside from its primary role as a social networking site, Facebook offers some of the best advertising tools for online businesses. Companies expand their client base daily by taking their products across borders.

Giant e-commerce firms like ShopClues have tapped into marketing opportunities on Facebook. Most of these companies have seen their monthly returns grow by a significant margin. Small-to-medium businesses also have a chance to scale up their operations using Facebook’s cost-effective marketing tools.

So, how can you make real cash with Facebook?

Glad you asked. This guide provides everything there is to know about making money on Facebook. Read these useful tips for the best insight.

  1. Create an attractive page

    Your business page should be different from your personal profile. Make it reflect the business that you are trying to promote. Some business (e.g beauty care, cleaning service)  may require you to post a picture of yourself on image and banner so as to build credibility and a personal touch. However, if you are trying to promote a brand (e.g this website) then you should upload the image of your brand.

  2. Create a website

    It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or the brick and mortar type, a website is a must in this day and age. Having an online presence shows a lot credibility

    Building a website shouldnt be a tough call either. Enter your details below and have your free website up and running within minutes from now.

    As you build you add content to your website make sure that you’re sharing it on relevant FB groups. If your content is good enough, your FB friends will start sharing it crazily. It will create a social media buzz. Ultimately, it brings automated and massive traffic that generates immense revenue.

  3. Grow your friends base to upsurge your earnings

    It goes without a doubt that FB boasts an unlimited number of people with whom you can reach out and connect.

    Statistically, there are over 2.2 billion active users on this platform, and the number grows every minute. All you need to do is take ample time to build and enhance relationships. Facebook has a Graph Search that opens the whole database for you. It helps you solve the new prospect obstacle. Reach out and take time building relationships to increase your overall earnings.

  4. Post publicly on Facebook

    Remember, you’ve got a goal to let everyone know about what you do for a living and how you can help. For instance, let’s say you’re Leonard, a real estate agent based in Florida, US. Here’s how you can tell them what you do;

    “Hello there! My name is Leonard, and I’m a realtor based in Florida, United States. I’m here to help people find their dream home. In case you need assistance finding a reasonably affordable home, please contact me for further assistance. I can be of service”.

  5. Sell your stuff on FB marketplace

    The Facebook Marketplace was unveiled in 2007 to help marketers list whatever they want to sell or buy. It acts as a virtual garage sale, where you can find almost anything for a few bucks. People list their stuff on the marketplace, and then wait for offers to start flowing.

    What’s more, it’s easy to track down buyers or sellers through your friend’s network. You can list almost anything on the marketplace, including your unwanted party costume that you no longer use.

    You can list your collection of romantic songs as well. There might be buyers waiting elsewhere. Just list your items and wait for offers to trickle.

  6. Expose your brand

    Facebook is and will always be the best medium to increase your brand awareness and exposure. Perhaps not many customers have heard about your business. Hence, FB offers the absolute best platform to make people recognize your brand. This where Facebook ads come in.

    With Facebook Insights, you can customize your marketing campaigns to target very specific demographics. Assuming that customers never knew about your existence before, Facebook helps them know that indeed your business exists and is also reputable. Once they have known about your business, they can head over and make a purchase.

  7. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliates are more or less the same as social media influencers. The only notable exception is that in affiliate marketing, you choose a specific product or service from an affiliate marketing network.

    You’ve got to pick a product or service that likely interests your friends. You post a link containing a code and an embedded affiliate ID on your Facebook wall. You get a commission every time someone clicks on your ads links and buys the product.

  8. Sell Likes and Shares

    Perhaps you’re surprised that you can sell Facebook likes and shares. Are you? Indeed, there’s a lot you can do with your Facebook likes and shares.

    Businesses buy FB “likes and shares” from genuine FB profiles to improve a product’s credibility. A Facebook page with numerous authentic likes and shares will inspire the buyer confidence.

  9. Create a support group and inspiring sales teams 

    Whether you’ve got a team of industry peers who intend to support each other, or you’re a manager who motivates a group, Facebook Groups are the REAL answer. When you belong to a team of passionate people who work towards achieving similar goals, you have all you need to move mountains.

    Once you have started your Facebook group or fan page, you need to post at least three times a week. You can post anything from words of motivation to inspirational pictures and videos.

    Comment and like what others are posting, too. Groups are the same as live events, which happen on a 24/7 basis. Groups can become the cornerstone of your success only if run decorously.

    The following points help you work on Facebook Pages appropriately:

    – Always post consistently
    – Avoid spam materials at all cost. Instead, try new and trending things while putting a lot of effort
    – Use good quality images that create an impact on others. Good quality photos enable you to sell your items on a regular interval. Choose the proper resolution before you post your images.

    Above all, making money on Facebook is all about keeping the conversation going. Isn’t it exciting to have someone reply to your messages? Sure, it is. So, communicate with your Facebook friends, thank them for their responses and provide them additional information concerning your online biz.

    Include videos, pictures and crucial details of your offering. Let them know that you care. Making decent bucks on Facebook requires patience. Remember, not all of your friends check Facebook daily. Your patience will finally pay off.


As you can see Facebook is a great place to not only socialize and share moments but to grow your online business as well.

The downside!

Facebook is primarily a social media platform. Always remember to keep it social. Most people want to connect with you, the person before they can connect with the business.

So, if you are serious about building an online business, Facebook might be a good place for that but what you really need is to start at the very beginning. Learn the ropes of online business before venturing into Facebook for business.

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