What is Kyani About? | Legit Opportunity or a Major MLM Scam

What is Kyani About - homepageHi and welcome to my Kyani review. I bet a close friend of your or perhaps a relative might have approached you with this opportunity that is the Kyani business.

It’s great that you are doing your research because the last thing you want to do is invest your hard earned cash in a business only for you to end up frustrated.

May I first start by stating that I am not a distributor with Kyani and so I am not going to be asking you to whip out your credit card for your dream to success.

This review is based on my own research and the aim is to help you make an independent decision on whether to join, stay put or bail out. The decision is entirely up to you.

So just what is the Kyani business opportunity? Is it a scam or legit? Can you make money?

No doubt you want some things cleared. Well, let’s find out, shall we.

  • Company Name: Kyani
  • Website: kyani.com
  • Owners: Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor and Dick Powell
  • Costs: Starting at $339
  • Rating: 5.7/10

Are You Looking For a Way to Earn Passive Income Online?

The wellness and health industry is one sector that multi level marketing companies dominate. The exception is of course the claim that the products are far superior in quality than what you can get at your local drug store.

Kyani is one such company. They do sell their products through a network of distributors. The company was founded by Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor and Dick Powell in 2005 and and has its headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Kyani is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and enjoys an A+rating. There are some complaints and its quite surprising to note that the company has not responded to any of them.


Kyani has a 3 main products that are referred as the Triangle of health.

  1. Kyani Sunrise: Developed to harness the powerful antioxidant polyphenols in the wild Alaskan Blueberry. Kyani Sunrise is taken in the morning to maximise bioavailability. It should b taken before going to bed.
  2. Kyani Nitro: Nitric Oxide, which promotes healthy circulations and helps ensure your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Nitro is taken two to three times per day for maximum effectiveness and maximum nutrient absorption.
  3. Kyani Sunset: A powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids, which support the operation of many of the body’s systems. The key ingredients in Sunset are sourced from wild fish, including the Wild Alaskan Salmon.

They also sell the Fleuresse Skin Care System which helps to fight the aging process. The products are made with natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

How does it work

To become a member of the Kyani business, you have to through the sponsorship ID number of a current member. Once you are in you will need to buy a distributor pack for $40 that features business training materials and forms.

If you want to start making money you will need to buy one of 3 starter packs;

  • Kyani Product pack: $299
  • Kyani Business Builder: $499
  • Kyani Premium Business Builder pack: 999

The way to make money is to recruit people in your team and from commissions you earn through retail sales.

I have done a fair amount of reviews on MLMs. They are all the same. Digging in to find out the intricacies of compensation plans is enough to make your head spin. There are too many levels and percentages that I would imagine many people don’t even bother to read through them. They are structured to make you think that you have ba good chance to make money. The reality is of course totally different.

A business should be simple enough to give you a clear and concise way on how you are going to make money.

Well, if you really want to find out how it all goes down, Check out this PDF

Pros and cons


I really like the fact that they are have a good credit rating with the Better Business Bureau . It shows that they are a credible company.

I also believe that if you are one of those people who posses the art of closing sells and have the ability to convince people, this opportunity could work out well for you.

The truth is, many people are simply not cut out for that, which brings me to the cons


The products don’t come cheap. A basic park will cost you over $10. If you went to your local drug store I am pretty sure you can get great products for a fraction of the price. The reasons given for the high prices not only in Kyani but all MLMs that deal in products is that their products are exceptionally good.

How many people even bother to compare what you can get over the counter in local shops and what you get with an MLM based business.

Again where is the scientific proof that their products are of the quality they claim to be.

The biggest downside when i9t comes to this business is recruiting. You not make money unless you get in as many people as you can to your team.

The big lie in MLM

recruitingI have been involved in network marketing before. I believed in the business so much that I would not allow let anyone tell me that what I was involved in would not make me money.

If you were to recruit 10 people in your business and only a one person stays active in the business, you will probably be losing money.

There is a line that most MLMs use and that is to paint a rosy picture of the opportunity as a way to financial freedom. While I agree you can make money, the fact is most people make very little if any money at all.

Products move because many of these companies demand that you maintain a certain amount of sales in order to qualify for commissions. Of course, this means you have to keep spending if you are not getting any recruits through the door. Forget about the discounts that you get at the end of every purchase. The people at the top have already taken their cut.

Everyone involved in a business like this looks up to the guy on the podium who shares his journey from rags to riches. They could have made it but that doesn’t mean you will attain the same kind of success.

How many people will you have to approach to even make one sale. Many people already know about MLMs and so you will a hard time convincing your colleague or that guy you jumped to on the street to join your opportunity.

Don’t let them deceive you.  You can easily go through hundreds of contacts, majority probably on your phone book and not make a single sale. A business that is entirely dependent on recruiting is bound to fade off as it grows. You can only recruit so many people.

Multi-level marketing is as dodgy as hell.

According to The Balance Small Business, less than 1% of all people who join multi-level marketing businesses succeed. Majority just sit on the sidelines hoping to make something.

You are not really running a business. The people running the business are the people whose products you are selling. You are just an overrated sales person.

Overall opinion

I would say Kyani seems like an okay company. Not out of this world but okay.

It’s a great business for those who have the energy for recruiting. And of course, that all depends on whether they are able to build a massive downline.

That being said, Kyani is not a pyramid scheme. With pyramid schemes, the last person always emerges on the other end with little or nothing to show for it. At least you end up with nutritional supplements. Chances are you might even end up becoming your own best customer.

Network marketing by its very nature is a legit way of doing business and people succeed big time in it. Willing buyer, willing seller. There is nothing wrong with that.

There are however so many half-truths that new recruits are exposed to that it makes it hard for one to have full confidence in the business. A common line that is always used is that it is easy to get into since all you only need to buy is a starter pack and you are in business. Your starting cost in business can seem minimal at first but they tend to add up pretty quick.

With recurring  fees and minimal purchases to be eligible for compensation, you are bound to lose money than make it.

Perhaps the biggest red flag to MLMs is recruiting. Rarely do people even talk about the products. That’s because no one makes money just by selling products. Are you ready to start hitting on your friends, colleagues, relatives and the guy waiting for a bus across the street in an effort to convince them to buy your products or service?

This is what gives the entire industry such a bad rap.

Can you build a business without recruiting

That is a resounding YES!  In the period I have been in the marketing industry I have come to learn that the only way you can make money selling products is by having your own website.

Social media is one way if you know how but then again, why not use a different less discreet way.

In fact you don’t even need to own the products to earn commissions with a website.  And neither do you need to spend money to own one.

No need to  run around chasing after people to join your opportunity and yet you can reach the billions of people who are connected on the internet today.

You don’t really need to recruit people to your business to make money. People need to come to you.  Check out how I make money online without having to recruit.

MLMs are a waste of time. You really need to ask yourself whether you stand a chance to make money. If you feel you have what it takes then by all means go for it. If you don’t, well there are many other ways you can make money online.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Kyani business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share.


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Starting at $339








  • Good rating with the BBB
  • Great products


  • Recruiting
  • Slim chance of making money

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