Is Udemy a Scam?

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That is the big question. I mean with courses going for as little as a decent meal at your favorite restaurant, it’s easy to have a certain degree of doubt. And yes, there are courses that go for as little as $10. Heck, you can even get free ones! Most go for over $100.

You have a chance of getting some really good training on this platform from highly trained tutors for a pocket-friendly price in comparison to what you would pay for in college. Way cheaper. With as little as $30, you can get the training you are looking for.

Equally, you will come across some low-grade, worthless courses. Since every Tom, Dick, and David can upload a course in Udemy, then it pretty much becomes the wild west of teaching.

What is Udemy

Udemy was founded in 2010 in San Francisco. The platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. There are over 100 000 courses on offer.

The courses are more or less tailored to improving job skills. Major companies even send their employees to Udemy. You can get certification in certain instances but, personally, I would not put it on my resume.

How does Udemy Work?

Once you create an account with Udemy, all you need to do is browse the course you are looking for, pay for it and start your training. The majority of the instructors are either college grad students of professionals in their field of expertise so it’s not hard to get great courses.

We are not talking about Ph.D. college professors though. You can find those on accredited platforms like Coursera.

You can also ask for a refund if you feel that you are not happy with the course (conditions apply).

They do have an impressive collection of courses. Design alone has 11 sub categories. The sub categories are broken further into narrower sub categories.

The courses come in video format and you can also download resources. There is even a Q&A section where you can ask questions if you don’t understand something.

How much does it cost.

Most courses go for between $25 to $200. You can also bundle them up and save. Occasionally you will even get them free with a coupon but that is at the discretion of the tutor.

I talked about the money-back guarantee. You can only get a refund within a thirty day period. You will also not be eligible if you downloaded a whole course. That obviously makes sense.

If you also make it a habit of asking for refunds left, right, center you will be locked out of the platform. That is of course meant to protect instructors and to weed out time-wasters.

Can you make money with Udemy?

There are many instructors on Udemy making a full-time income. People all around the world are constantly working towards learning new skills and so I believe if you are well enlightened in your field of expertise, Udemy is a great platform to sell your skills.

In my opinion, to be truly successful, you must also be able to interact easily with your students. Teaching is a profession that requires one to connect candidly with others. If your students can trust you, they would be more than happy to buy what you are offering.

On your part as an instructor, you will need to make sure that your courses are up to date and are presented in a professional manner.

That is indeed, the nature of any profession. Don’t expect to get anywhere if you are sluggish in your business.


It’s rare that you will come across negative reviews on courses offered at Udemy. What you will notice about Udemy is there are very many free courses. They are usually offered by instructors who are trying to get a foothold on the platform. As the course gains popularity then they start charging.

The courses are also reasonably priced. I would gladly pay $200 to learn photoshop. Most places will cost you an arm and a leg.

Obviously, if you have a crappy course, nobody will want to get on board. Most of the low-quality ones are normally pushed to the bottom.


I feel Udemy seems to favor the student more than the instructors. First of all, they take up to 50% of all revenue made which I think is a reap off. If you sold a course for 10 dollars you will take home $5!

Secondly, I think the star rating system does not reflect reality. Students are always pushed to leave a star rating and a review when going through the course. There is no course that has a below 3-star rating. Surely with that many courses on offer, there are bound to have some real low balls.

If you are learning something from scratch, it’s kind of hard to tell how good it is until you really sink your teeth in. Of course, you wouldn’t leave a one-star rating and still, keep doing the course. As much as there are great courses on Udemy, we still have many who are just not as good but seem to enjoy good ratings.

Is Udemy a Scam?

Absolutely not. Udemy has been around since 2010. Scams don’t last that long. This is a great platform for entry-level students or anyone looking to expand their skill set.

If you ever had someone say it was a scam, they probably bought those cheap run off the mill courses from half baked instructors. $10 dollars will only give you $10 dollar value.

Personally, I would highly recommend Udemy if you are looking to learn a new skill.

In conclusion

Learning is an evergreen process and so there will always exist massive opportunities for instructors. We now have new professions popping up almost every day and so, there are people who will pay money to stay ahead of the pack.

If you can strategically place yourself on the online space and give your students valuable education, you can be assured of earning good revenue.

Having said, you might be a fantastic instructor with a great course. How do people know where to find you. Remember you are also in direct competition with other instructors. That is why you need to learn how to get your word to a wider audience. That requires you to have a website that is generating traffic (visitors).

If you want to learn how to go about building a niche website (site built around your passion) check out this education platform. It will help you learn how to market yourself using your website. It’s also FREE to try out.

Thanks for hanging out with me and will catch you up with you soon.

Am out!

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  • Good Training
  • Affordable
  • Flexible choices


  • Inaccurate Ratings
  • Not easy to Market

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