Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme?- A Global mutual fund

Name: MMM Global
Price: Free to join.
Owner: Sergei Mavrodi

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme home pageA question many people have been asking of late is, is MMM global a Ponzi scheme or not. Chances are somebody has approached you with this wonderful business opportunity that is the MMM global business plan.

Or maybe perhaps you are a new member and you just want to verify whether you are in the right place. Whatever the case I will try to be as objective as I can.

When I was doing my research, I was surprised at the number of mixed opinions and heated emotions on whether MMM it’s a scam or not. There are those who swear by their life that this is the best thing since sliced bread while some dismissed it as just another big fat Ponzi scheme.

I suppose it all boils down to who is making the money or ‘donations’ and who is getting ripped off. In all likelihood, those making it are doing it at the expense of those who are not.

So, what do I think?

I think MMM is a big fat Ponzi scheme!

What is MMM global?

MMM is a company that operates in 118 countries around the world and describes itself as a community where members help one another financially by giving donations that have a 30% monthly interest in return. The minimum you can donate is $10. Your donation grows into what is referred to as ‘Mavros’ which you can cash whenever you wish to.

The return can go up to 100% depending on how active you are within the system. This is through recruiting others and posting happy videos which are testimonials of your new found wealth. The more you donate the bigger the returns.

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme Sergei Mavroi

MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox and derives its name from the original founders Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav and Olga Melnikova and was founded in Russia in 1989.

What started as a legit company somehow morphed into the biggest finance pyramid scheme in 1994 with Sergei Mavrodi at the helm. Fast forward to 1997 and MMM went up in smoke swindling investors millions of dollars. He ended up doing a four-and-a-half-year jail term.

Upon his release, the man reinvented himself and came up with a web platform with a tag for various countries bearing ironically the same name that got him in jail in the first place in the name of MMM global.

Currently, the company is sweeping across parts of  Africa and Asia like a wildfire. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe, the system has already collapsed.

This time around, however, he is much older and wiser and has even put a disclaimer on his website written in very poor English warning that there are no guarantees on you getting a return on your donations and you could end up losing it all. The whole website is an eyesore.

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme disclaimer


Changing the world

MMM global refers to itself as a global mutual fund or the ‘people’s world bank’.  Mavrodi says he is a man on a mission to take on the big financial institutions that have been reaping off ordinary people of their hard earned money.

On their homepage, he talks about the evil greedy, soulless world of money and the financial apocalypse where the modern financial system will crash and the solution being to become part of MMM

He says that it’s not about money but helping others. So, what is it all about? I mean seriously!! So, if it’s not all about money then what is it about?

Can you believe this guy?

Banks too are businesses and there are no laws against stashing your money under your mattress for those who feel financial institutions are crooks. At least banks don’t warn you that you could end up losing all your money if you deposit with them.

The other irony is that transactions are conducted through the same banks that he is trying to take down. In April of 2016, he shut down one of his other flagship schemes, MMM Republic of Bitcoin Scheme, which had attracted hundreds of investors.Most of them ended up losing their money.

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme republic of bitcoin

So, there you are, the guy with the world’s financial solution failed on one of his projects!!

Do the math

The laws of investment and returns are clear. Whatever you put aside for investment must go into a service or a product for it to generate profit.

With MMM it appears that the only investment you put in is money and so is the return. Money does not grow on trees and so somebody needs to explain to me how on earth you can generate a 30% interest by donating the same money to someone else.

Advocates of the system say they make money. I totally agree. There can only be one explanation. The old members are reaping their profits from the new members. It’s an endless loop of money changing hands. That is a classic example of a Ponzi scheme. Your number always comes up in the end.

If we are all lending out money to each who will be left to lend out to the other in the end? The system will saturate and will eventually crumble under its own weight. Unfortunately, the casualty rate is severe and people end up losing entire fortunes. I mean Mavrodi himself even warns you about it. What is there not to understand!!

In conclusion

Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme projection

There is a clear distinction between a donation and an investment. A donation has no motive of profit attached to it.  Like when you donate money to world vision or your local church, you don’t expect them to pay you back.

If you want to help the needy, then do it out of compassion and not profit. That is the true nature of a person who wants to see a change in the world. Sucking in people to a system that has been proven time and time again to fail is unethical.

Furthermore, Ponzi schemes are illegal in most countries around the world. The Chinese government shut down MMM global in January of 2016. There was obviously a good reason for that.

If you are making money in MMM, good on you and I hope you have a good night’s sleep knowing that your money has come from the same desperate people you sucked in.

For those of you thinking of joining, my advice to you would be DON’T! A successful business takes hard work and dedication to grow. It also takes time. If 5 to 15 minutes a day is all it takes for a full day’s work, wouldn’t we all be doing it? Don’t become a sucker for easy get rich quick schemes. It could turn out to be your downfall and a costly one at that.

Click here and let me show you legit way to make money online. No cash exchanges or BS.

I know of people who lost their entire life’s savings through Ponzi schemes. Just not worth it.

Read the disclaimer again!!

Mavrodi needs to be locked up for good because it seems he can’t seem to keep out of trouble.

MMM Global at a glance
Owner: Sergei Mavrodi
Price: Free to join







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7 thoughts on “Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme?- A Global mutual fund”

  1. Hi Mburul!! Thank you for providing information about scams programmes. Because of those scams so many people spent lot of money and lost also. I am also one of the victim. You donate money and make money on that, what is that scheme? Please give more information about these scams. All the best.

    • Hi Brahma. Thanks Brahma for your reply. Sorry to hear to hear that you have been a victim. Its a shame that we have scams like this going on in this day and age.

  2. The only way MMM Global is not a scam is the owner has found a way to generate revenues greater than the promised returns to members. In other words, it is a scam. If he is promising 30% returns, then he has to be making 30+ %. Traffic Monsoon, an ad-revenue business, was shut down by the government because TM was using money from new members to pay off the old members. Their original business model showed the that their plan was to sell additional advertising and use that revenue to pay off members. The projected revenues from ad sales did not pan out. So the owner used new member deposits to pay off the older members. Classic ponzi scheme.

    • Thanks Glen for your reply. The owner is definitely laughing all the way to the bank. I think governments need to do more to control Ponzi shemes. People lose fortunes out of some of this. I sometimes feel like people are caught up in cult like atmosphere where they believe money will grow out thin air. Its a big shame.

  3. You are completely right about the distinction between a donation and an investment – this MMM business seems to be looking for a loophole that’s it’s (hopefully) not going to find!
    Businesses like this eventually get closed down – they dress it up a million ways but at the end of the day they are indeed Ponzi based. So glad I read your review – did you invest with them?

    • Hi Chris and thanks for your comment. I never invested in them but someone did send me an invite to join. I decided to check it out and I was shocked by the controversy that surrounded it. Not a single person I talked to could explain how they were able to earn the monthly 30% from their donations. It’s nothing but a ponzi scheme.

  4. It’s funny how programs like MMM Global always claim that “membership is free”. When in reality, everything has a cost, especially if you want to make money.

    The thing with Ponzi Schemes is that the folks who swear by them are the ones who are investing a fortune and also raking in a fortune from scamming others.

    I’ve seen the exact same thing with Traffic Monsoon and especially MAPS (My Advertising Pays), where the TOP “scammer” uses/used the slogan “Buy More, Buy More, Buy More”.

    He was referring to buying valueless “ad packs” for the sake of making a lot of money from a revenue sharing pool. The slogan was really aimed at the poor suckers who were gonna join his downline and make HIM richer.

    Anyway, back to MMM Global…

    By the sounds of the shady system, it’s simply a community of “cash gifters” – No product of value, just money circulating around the community.

    Sergei Mavrodi will have his day in court, just like the founder of Traffic Monsoon did. I hope MAPS gets wiped out too!



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