Is Empower Network a Scam or Not?

Update: Empower Network no longer exists. The company went out of business. This article was written when they were still in operation. You may still want to have a read. At that time EN was the biggest online MLM there was.

empower network homepageHi there and welcome to my empower network review. When I was doing my research I was surprised at the amount of conflicting opinions and views on EN. So. Is Empower Network a scam or not and should I or should I not join?

That is the big question.

First, let me start by stating that am not an affiliate with Empower Network, and I am not receiving any commissions from them.

My review is from an outsider’s point of view and is based on an interview I had with a former member.

The company was founded in October of 2001 by the two Daves as they as they are popularly known, David Wood and David Sharpe.

The story goes that they were both homeless, unemployed alcoholics who came up with a brilliant idea that changed the world. They were also involved in various traditional MLMs before coming up with the idea of Empower Network.

David Wood lives in Costa Rica. Sharpe lives in Florida.

Anyway, Empower Network is a company that sells internet marketing, personal development, and education products on different levels. The core principle in their business being blog daily, share and get paid.

They are an MLM business where you buy their products and are paid commissions for referrals who join through your affiliate link.

The commissions are usually 70%, a high margin compared to what other MLMs pay. But again they have low overheads since all their products are digital.

Here is a list of 5 of their main products.

  • Kalatu Blogging System. This is the 25-dollar blogging platform that comes with its own back office and content management and social plugins. Simple to use for beginners
  • Inner circle will cost you $100 monthly.  It comes with an archived digital library of stories and testimonials. You also get training on marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development.
  • Top producer formula will cost you a one-time fee of $500. This a 3-day retreat live webinar held in David Woods retreat in Costa Rica. Here you learn inside information on how to approach your leads and advanced marketing strategies.
  • The team building formula comes with a $1000 one-time payment. You unlock all the secrets that the top marketers have and give you the tools of growing your business for the long term.
  • Mass Influence formula will cost you $3500 one-time payment. Gives you access to 40 HD videos and allows members to earn as they learn.

They have other products too, but they are all upsells with additional products in them

The training is great but, like all MLMs, it’s really not about the product. It’s about recruiting members to your team so that they can move the products.

The day you join you are all excited at getting the $25-dollar (price of a decent lunch as some guy put it) deal for untold wealth. But very quickly it becomes clear that if you are after really big bucks, then the only way is up. By the way, that is not all you pay when you join.

Someone joins your team but wants to go all the way so he decides he wants the $500-plan. Your commission will go to someone within your powerline (an upline within the team) that has purchased the $ 500 plan.

With Empower network you only earn commissions on products that you have purchased. You can see why it’s enticing to purchase a high-end product.

That is Not All

empower network sign up pageThere are other hidden costs that no one tells you. All your financial transactions are handled by E-wallet and will cost an additional $20 a month. Then there are international fees (I don’t even know what that is) that will cost $ 4 or $5 monthly.

You think that it. No way! These guys are the masters of upsells, and so even after you have purchased the $ 3500 Mass influence, they will be dangling other products that are meant to unlock even more training resources that will potentially make you more money.

So, why are so many people involved in it?


  • You don’t buy a domain name. Your website is hosted for you.
  • A lot if features are plug and play.
  • Anybody can join the network. No prior technical expertise required.
  • Easy to customize websites.
  • You can manage multiple blogs from one account.
  • Your blog comes with SEO ready features.
  • Good quality training in internet marketing systems and personal development.
  • High commissions

The Cons.

  • Very many annoying upsells.
  • The initial 25-dollar fee plus the monthly 20- dollar admin fee, does not offer much value. You have to upgrade in order to see results. For around the same price, you can get access to a program that offers no upsells and has a comprehensive training program
  • No clear business structure of what they really sell.
  • Your blog remains the property of empower network, so say in case the 2 Daves decided to pack up and leave, all your hard work goes down the drain.
  • It’s impossible to reach their customer support center. Their numbers don’t work.
  • Lack of transparency before you join. Too many hidden fees
  • Copyright violations. You will notice that images are picked from google and used without the owner’s permission.
  • No free trial. It’s good to test drive whatever you are getting into to help you make an informed choice. There is program is free to join and you can stay a free member for as long as you like.

Can You Make Money in Empower Network?

Yes, you can.

A proper question to ask however would be, what price are you willing to pay to succeed.

I am sure you might have heard people say that they pay 100%. That is partly true but how would anyone make money if they all paid the money that their referrals made to their uplines?  The fact is you will not receive compensation from every person you recruit in your team.

Empower Network Compensation Structure.

empower network compensation planAssuming you sign 10 people on your team, the 1st, 3rdand 5th commission will be passed to the person who signed you up (your upline or sponsor)

After your tenth sign up your upline receives every 5th commission after that.

In other words, you keep commission 2, 4, 6 to 9. Thereafter you keep the commissions of 4 out of every 5 you sign ups.

You will, of course, keep the commissions of your 1, 3 and 5 and every 5th from your downlines.

It means the higher up the powerline you are the more you earn.

Just remember that you only earn commissions only on products you bought, so if your downlines become ambitious and decide to buy top dollar products that you haven’t bought, you will not receive commissions.

Should I Join Empower Network?

Too many people are searching for an opportunity for a better life. It makes sense to run where everyone is running to. Safety in numbers.

The nature of this sort of network marketing is that the in-thing will make the first people a lot of money before it saturates. Those who come after will be competing for scraps.

A smart marketer will go where the competition is low.

A lot of people who join Empower Network leave for one reason. Integrity.

Facebook, Google+ and twitter have been having major issues with the member’s affiliate links because of the ruthless spamming tactics they use to generate leads.

Empower network used to be a decent company back in the day. Today it’s full of spammers who have little regard for people’s privacy and they will use every trick in and out of the book to get leads.

That’s what happens when something like that becomes so big and uncontrolled.

The nature of MLM is that you have to invade other people’s personal space. It’s the same tactic door to door salesmen use.

Never mind those who will say no to you, or lose their temper with you for spamming their social media accounts, one out of ten will say yes. The Yes’s will add up eventually. But remember that some of those who say yes will drop off along the way.

The only way to keep up in Empower network and all MLM businesses is getting as many leads as you possibly can because the drop out rate is always very high.

The majority of the people who join do not make any money. That is a common thing with all MLMs. Only those at the top reap in big. Funny thing is they even give a disclaimer that if you don’t work hard you won’t make money. Truth be said, people do work hard.

The reality is few people have the kind of money required to invest in upsells, and those who do, end up losing it all.

Why Pay for Stuff You Can Get For Free?

Did you know that Empower Network runs on the
WordPress platform which is come with a lot of themes and plugins for free?

Did you know that there are multiple resources on the web that can teach you exactly what you learn on the empower network platform for free?

If you wanted lessons on personal development, would you pay a monthly fee for that? Just walk into a store and buy a book. Or even better, go to YouTube and am sure Tony Robbins or Les Brown will have a video for you.Free of charge.

Did you know that there are programs out there that will train you and educate you on how to build a successful business online without spamming email lists and social media accounts? Free of charge

Final Word

I am sure by now you are like this Empower Network thing sounds like a scam. Well, not quite. You see they don’t force you to buy upsells nor do they fail to pay commissions. You can walk out whenever you want. There is no obligation to stay in the business.

Technically, I wouldn’t call it a scam. However, people tend to get trapped in MLMs by the prospect of the good life and success beyond measure. What most people don’t realize is that it’s all rhetoric. Selling MLMs is not easy.

There are many other ways one can make money online without compromising your ethics.

There are just too many red flags with Empower network. Best advice would be to keep away from it. Not worth it…..

I am glad you came this far and many thanks for reading my EN review. If you have a question or a comment, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.



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