Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam? | Totally Worthless in My Opinion

easy insta profitsYou might have heard of the Easy Insta Profits and probably want to find out a little more about it. Welcome to my review and let’s find out if this program is worth looking into or one to avoid altogether.

We live at a time when sometimes it’s really hard to tell a legit business opportunity from a scam. That is what the internet of everything comes with. The last thing you want is to be lured by a program that promises the good life only for you to end up with zero.

Trust me. That happens a lot.

So just what is the Easy Insta Profits ? Is it a scam or legit? Can you make some serious money?

No doubt you want some things cleared. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Company Name: Easy Insta Profits


Owner: Unknown


Can you make Make $1,300 Per Day From Your Phone!

That is what hits you when you enter the Easy Insta Profits homepage. Those are not real real viewers. Try reload and it always starts at 1871 viewers and the number keeps going up. When you scroll further down, you have a side scroll of testimonials starting with Stephany just made 1003, then Jeremy and so on. This are not real either because it’s the same thing that comes up whenever you reload. It’s just some smartass coding.

news reportThe news item that comes up is not really talking about Easy Insta Profits but social media marketing in general. It is embedded in their program to make it look like they have been in the news.

The program was supposedly started by Mike Richards. I doubt whether he is a real person because you never get to see his face in the intro video. When you create a life changing opportunity for the masses, wouldn’t you want people to see your face.

Anyway, Easy Insta Profits is a program that supposedly uses the power of Instagram to earn you easy money. The system is a hundred percent done for you and so you don’t really have to do much. You don’t even need a computer. Just a smartphone and 20 minutes of your time a day and bang…$1300 in the bank for you at the end of the day.

I have reviewed several products of these nature and I find it surprising that people are quick to believe that one can make money on autopilot. There is no such thing as making money working 20 minutes a day. If that is all it takes don’t you think many of us would have quit our dreadful jobs ages ago and jumped on board with an opportunity like this.

How it works

text captionOnce you purchase Easy Insta Profits you will be taught how to upload a couple of images and perhaps videos and then just leverage the power of Instagram to drive sales.

Easy Insta Profits takes you through a training series of 11 videos that help you identify niche and markets that you can exploit to create a powerful social media presence.

What you need to understand at this point in time is that you cannot fully access the entire training without upgrading to Easy Insta Profits Pro, that goes for a cool $147.

Is it worth it?

Probably not. The training you get from a product like these is a good entry point for a newbie. Definitely not worth it if you are hoping to learn the nuts and bolts of online marketing.

People promote products like this because there is a good cut at the end of the day if someone signs up through your affiliate link. There are lots of positive reviews on products like these online. That is affiliate marketing.

By its very nature affiliate marketing is a perfectly legal way to make money online. In fact, it can be quite lucrative BUT only if done right.

What one needs to understand is that a product must offer value for it to be fit to promote. What you have with Easy Insta Profits is a sob story of a guy who went from hero to zero then back to hero, trying to entice you to follow his footsteps for your big break.

It doesn’t work like that. All businesses take a lot of hard work before you can finally start reaping the fruits of your labor. 20 minutes a day just won’t cut it.

fake videoPerhaps what is even more concerning is when a program that claims to be perfectly legit starts using fake or paid for actor testimonials about how they have made tons of money with these program. Check this guy out. He is what you call an influencer, whatever the heck that means.

Fiverr is a fascinating place. You can get people to do anything for a quick buck. There are even folks who will play Jesus or do some crazy war dance for your birthday suprise. No kidding.

The guy in the video goes by the user name pdxguy on Fiverr. Go ahead and google him. Going rate is $14.27 a pop and he can be anything you want him to be.

By the way, its a great place to outsource online services for a reasonable price.

He is the same guy playing millionaire in the Million Dollar Replicator, another scammy program that offers no value at all.

My overall opinion.

thumbs downThere is no dispute that one can make money by leveraging Instagram. In fact it is the case with all social media. That is the good news.

The bad news is if you don’t know who your target audience is, you won’t make a dime.

So, how do you identify your target audience?

You will need to run ad campaigns based on the particular demographics that you are trying to target.

That means spending even more money. Your product must be hit the right market base for it to be viable.

There are other options to generating traffic to your opportunity.

Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo love content. Not just content but good high quality content that is unique and offers value to the reader. The content must also target low competition keywords for it to stand a good chance of ranking high in search engines. Learn how to give search engines what they love and they will heavily reward you for your efforts.

The great thing about organic traffic is you don’t have to pay for it. One article can give you consistent income for years to come.

It’s pretty obvious. Easy Insta Profits is a big fat scam. The things they are telling you not to do are EXACTLY what you need to do if you are hoping to succeed in your online business. I can see how programs like this lure innocent people to join them. If you have never had any experience with online marketing, an opportunity like these can be quite tempting.

Believe me, I have been down that route. I have lost money a couple of times on such programs.

Building a successful online biz is not easy. On the flip side, it’s not as complicated as you would imagine. There are technical aspects of any business, that one has to familiarize themselves with and that is no exception with online businesses.

Once you get that part right, the rest is easy.  Anyone who tells you to plug into their automated system to make money is probably trying to rip you off.

You can never own anything that is done for. If Mike Richards decided to close shop tomorrow, he will go with everything you have worked so hard for.

Here is the deal. You keep doing what you are good at over and over again, and the world will take notice. That is how you were able to land on this page. Trust me it’s not a coincidence. It does take a learning curve to get there. Learning is a process, not an event, I am still learning new things and I hope for the sake of your solopreneur journey, you will never stop learning.

If there is one lesson you need to learn today, is keep away from Easy Insta Profits. It’s nothing but hot air.

Becoming an authority in your business

signboard become an authorityIn the years I have been in marketing I have come to appreciate the fact that the only way you can make money online for the long haul, is  by having your own website.

Not one that has been provided for you, but one you have built from the ground up. You don’t even need to spend money to own one.

I have been building this site a while now and it generates me a consistent income.

It’s taken a lot of patience, hard work and total dedication. That is the way the game plays out and it’s something I would not take shortcuts with. You have to go the full yard.

I would highly advise you to check out my number one recommendation. This is an independent community based education platform that has stood the test of time and continues to get better.

Here you learn the real deal on what it takes to become a truly successful online marketer.  Best of all its 100% FREE to get started with. You also get 2 FREE websites. Yours to keep for life. Check it out. You have nothing to lose.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on Easy Insta Profits, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share.



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