Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam or a Legit Business.

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Update: Aspire Digital Altitude is no longer in operation having being shut down by the FTC. You may still want to have read.

I bet you are all hyped up about making some serious moolah with Aspire Digital Altitude. Before you jump and go all in, you may want to read this article. I am not an affiliate with Digital Altitude but I can tell you a thing or two about such programs.

In a nutshell, Digital Altitude is an online MLM program developed by former marine Michael Force. It’s a digital business sales pyramid scheme that targets the vulnerable . Here is what Michael says about Digital Altitude

“Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between”

Business people are too smart to invest their money in a scam I suppose. This program took a year to develop and Michael says he has invested more than a million dollars in it.

Yeah right!

The company claims to have a highly experienced 10 management staff, and each one has over 10 years experience in digital marketing. It also has 25 support staff, and each of its members has their own coach to swiftly walk you through the six figure system, and even close sales for you.

That is if you can make sales at all!


Digital Altitude products include Aspire, definitely a core product, and then Base, Peak, Ascent, and finally Apex. With Digital Altitude you learn ways to start and grow your super profitable online business using their coaching products and  live events that are quite easy to understand even for a novice.

Who is Michael Force?

Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam Michael Force
Michael Force

Micheal Force is a former US marine with over 15 years experience and has now become one of the most sought after digital business expert, entrepreneur and speaker who built his successful million dollar business by the age of 27.

Michael has trained thousands of people on the internet and has also been an 8-figure producer in top tier ticket for over 14 years and has also consulted top companies in numerous high ticket programs.

How it works?

  • Aspire

    Walker, Climber Hiker Business Sales System- This digital marketing training program and sales system has been exclusively designed by many 7-figure marketers for online entrepreneurs. It includes sales funnels, automation, robust community, resources and tools.

  • Base

    Comprehensive Digital Business Mastery Course-You will learn insider tips to set your business goals, create master websites, build your brand, and also manage your financials. So this level of the Digital Altitude is all about practical way of running any business, and you will learn things that are otherwise taught in a business school.

  • Rise

    Digital Marketing Mastery Course-With “Base” level course you learn practical side of running a business, and with “Rise” you learn to use that information for your success. It’s cumbersome to find relevant information to run a successful digital business, and with Digital Altitude you get all this information in a completely straightforward way.

  • Ascend

    Digital Business Profit Workshop-If you purchase this level, you will get access to three day workshop event that is held in Las Vegas. Michael Force conducts this workshop himself and it may feature many top digital marketers.

  • Peak

    Business Prosper Retreat-If you purchase this level, you will get access to all included five day retreat for two where you can easily learn from many business leaders, hear lessons regarding digital business from Michael Force, and listen to influential speakers.

  • Apex

    Digital Business Legacy Experience-This is meant for super successful digital entrepreneurs, and involves a comprehensive 7-day all-inclusive retreat for two. In this package, your speakers will be investing and asset management experts.

    After all, once you reach this level, you should already have become master of digital marketing. This product has been specifically created for all those who want to climb the mountain to success as Digital Entrepreneur.

  • Payment plans and financing are also available.

Some Add-On Products:

Digital Altitude also offers many add-on products. These products include:

  1. Inbound- It’s a online service with focus on creating highly converting clickable blog. If you understand inbound marketing techniques, then you’ll have the idea about Inbound.
  2. Guru You- A set of vital tools that help you in branding as your persona a digital “guru”, including director videos, head shots creation, social media tools, and much more.
  3. Traffic & Funnel Products-You can easily monetize all your email lists and then push incoming traffic through available sales funnels to increase online earnings. You have access to 12 different funnel and traffic products.

Basically, everything in the back office is commissionable.

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

I wont go through the entire compensation plan because its long and tedious. Click here to read all about it.

All I can tell you is that at the very beginning you start with the Aspire Digital business system that will cost you $37 paying out a 40% commission while at the top end is the Apex Business Legacy Experience that goes for a lazy $27997 onetime cost!

Commissions range from 5 to 60% paid through 1 to 3 tiers.

Its worth noting that commissions are only paid to  members for the level that they have purchased. So if I am on the $37 level and my downline decides to go all the way in and buy the  $27997 Apex Business Legacy Experience, the commission will be paid to the upline who has purchased that level.

It is indeed like filling your bathtub with the sink hole open!


Digital altitude somehow resembles the biggest online MLM that ever existed on the internet. This is Empower network 2.0 Michael Force was a former Empower Network top producer. The man learnt the system, built the system and now sells the system.

Learning to build an online business is hard work. But having to cough out thousands of dollars to build one is in my opinion scamming people. Most of the training that you will receive with digital altitude can be found on the internet for free or for a tiny fraction of the cost of what Digital Altitude charges.

As in the case with all MLMs the products themselves don’t usually amount to much. Its a recruiting game. That is where all the money is. The more money you invest, the more people you suck into the system the more  money you make. But how many people have $27997 dollars to part with. Very few people. If you have that kind of money lying around, invest in a mortgage.

Do people make money. Yes

Those who make money are the top dogs who have mastered the art of recruiting,  while the masses earn little to no money at all. That is just the nature of all MLMs, be it Avon, ACN or Primerica

The system of selling their expensive products (some of them cost as much as a new car!) is not that easy and many won’t be able to find plenty of customers willing to spend thousands of dollars online to help you fulfill your six figure income in just 90 days.

Nobody can go from zero to over a hundred grand in just 90 days! That is big fat joke!

David Woods Empower Network eventually died. What makes you think Michael Forces Digital Altitude will survive. Its pretty much the same thing.

What is even more worrying is some of the training might have been plagiarized. The FTC sued Digital Altitude & Michael Force for over $14 million in fraud.

Check out this report. Why would you want to be part of such an outfit.

I don’t know about you but if you did a quick google search of an online program and suddenly the FTC accompanies you search results you might either stick with it and try to recover your money or  try your luck elsewhere!

I would take the elsewhere route. What if I told you that you can build a successful online business without having to recruit. Best of all, you wont have to chase people all over the place asking them to buy overpriced items for you to make money.

You wont even need to pay a dollar to get started. Its FREE to get strated.

Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on Aspire Digital Altitude, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam or a Legit Business.”

  1. I chuckled when I heard about Empower Network! Because that was exactly what I thought looked like, and it is so interesting to hear this Michael Force guy was one of the top producers…! I was involved Empire Network (ahh what a big scam that was!) and know some top producers. I hate to say, many of them are scam artists, and there was a war going on to steal their downlines and so forth. Honest, successful online marketers left EN very quickly.

    Offering high price tickets to give commission to the promoters to me is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme! I bet there are many more out there. Con artists keep producing such frauds as long as people buy their products. And they do keep buying. Some people never learn! Just look for the big payout, hoping it will be their jackpot. It is like gambling that they try to make up money they lost from online programs with other programs, many of which are fraud. The more they lose, the bigger payout they are looking for.

    Thank you for the warning!

    • When I first heard of Empower Network I thought to myself just what a big income earner this was. However after doing my due research, I began to see massive holes in the system. It was nothing more than a pyramid scheme. No wonder it came crushing. You really wonder why people even bother to join this high ticket programs and yet you can learn all they teach for  fraction of the cost. I believe its greed that drives people to do such. 

      Many former EN members can attest to the fact that they feel terrible about all the money they made by pulling in unsuspecting people into the program. Why make money and then live with a sense of guilt. Digital altitude will eventually come crumbling and there will be enough casualties sorry to say.

      Thanks Kyoko for dropping in.

  2. I bought my first computer in 1999 and thought dial up internet was the greatest thing. That is when I thought there had to be a way to make money online. Well I have tried many things and none really panned out.
    I have to say this post of yours is well written and opens the eyes of many. You should be proud to expose a scam like this. Found your writing really flowed. It makes you think to be carefull and to do your homework.. Well done I have shared this with a few people and they said it was very helpful.

    • Hi Chris. I first had my first go with the internet in 1997. I was blown away back the by the sheer power of it. Of course back then a page would take a minute to load. We live in a different age. The internet is literally everywhere but within such an environment it so happens that you will attract a lot of con artists. Digital altitude is a a viral marketing scam that preys on the innocent. I think it really comes down to lack of proper info. Many people who join this sort of programs tend to be deceived by the fact that selling over priced digital items is an easy deal. Fact is its a massive gamble. Its almost like playing the lottery. What are the chances that you will hit the jackpot.The odds are always pretty slim right. Money should be invested wisely. This is nothing but a big fat scam and it should be avoided at all costs.

      Many thanks for dropping in. Thanks Chis.

  3. It certainly pays to do your homework and it’s honest reviews like yours that can and do save people from being scammed. So many of these MLM’s are very slick and well marketed, they certainly look the good from the outside until you really start investigating what you have to do (and pay) to make money.

    I was looking at something similar which sold personal development courses, not as much money as this lot to outlay but still pretty hefty. Thankfully an online review saved me from making a big mistake.

    Thanks again and I hope people find your review before they sign up to Aspire Digital!

    • Hi Heidi. The online world is a jungle where the strong and smart survive. You will be surprised at how many people despite all the clear indications that they may be involved in a scam will still go ahead and invest thousands of dollars in the hope that they will recover it along the way from those that they recruit. Certainly, if everyone is recruiting everyone, there will be very few people left standing. 

      That is just the nature of the recruiting business. Its tedious and deceitful. I feel terrible when people finally awaken to the fact that they are have been taken for a ride while a couple of big cats  enjoy the money they lured unsuspecting victims to part with. Where is their sense of integrity. 

      Anyway, Thanks for dropping in. I really appreciate your comment.


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