9 Tips on how to Write an Interesting Blog for Beginners

how to Write an Interesting Blog typing on keyboardWant to learn how to write an interesting blog and you have no clue where to start.

I know, I was there once. All successful bloggers have. It can be quite intimidating when you are starting off. You probably have a million questions on what to write, the do’s and don’ts, the purpose of the blog. Perhaps you don’t even know what a blog is in the first place.

Maybe I better address the last question first. This page you are reading is a blog. It’s that easy. A blog is simply a page or website where you share your thoughts on a particular topic that you are passionate about. It’s more like an online personal journal that tells your story.

Why blog?

The whole idea of a blog is to share and give value to your readers. We all have things in life we are passionate about. Somebody who loves cooking can spend hours talking about recipes and how to prepare a great meal.

A blog simply reaches out to those who think like you. At the core of it, blogging is just another form of human interaction.

How do you write an interesting blog?

  1. how to Write an Interesting Blog quote Target audience

    The most important aspect of a blog is to know your target audience.

    A 15-year-old has a totally different school of thought from a 35-year-old. So do young college students and people in their 50s.

    Remember people from different walks of life have different needs and aspirations so write a blog that appeals to them.

  2. Be yourself

    People want to feel that they are communicating with a person, not a robot. When you write do it the way you normally speak.

    Don’t try to be a professor. Most of us are not.Let words flow naturally and don’t preoccupy yourself with trying to get everything perfect. The more natural your content is the easier it will be for your audience to connect with you.

  3. Engage with your readers.

    The reason people will visit your blog is that they may be looking for information on something. Many blogs have comment sections at the bottom.

    Whenever somebody comments whether positive or negative or simply asks a question, be sure to reply promptly. That way you build trust.

  4. Create a brand.

    As you develop your blog, you should be able to start creating a style of your own. No need to copy what everyone else is doing.

    Just like a guitar player develops a style that is unique to them, so should you develop your own unique writing style.Let your blog tell the world who you really are.

  5. Be consistent.

    Be sure to write as regularly as you can. Search engines love that more than anything else. It also helps you build an authority within your blog.

    They say practice makes perfect. The more often you write the easier it gets. You also give your target audience a wide range of topics to choose from.

  6. Engage with other bloggers

    Someone once said if you want to advance in life you should surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

    We learn from others and when you engage with fellow bloggers you assist one another to grow.It’s really all about providing value to gain value. You can also invite guest bloggers to post articles on your blog occasionally.

  7. Use social media

    The one thing you really want is people to know that you are out there. Social media is a great way to market your blog. It’s probably more effective than relying on organic traffic.

    Be sure to post links to your social media accounts whenever you publish an article. The exception to the rule is Facebook which requires you to have a separate fan page to promote your blog. Using your personal profile could get you locked out.

  8. Be visual.

    Humans are visual by nature. Be sure to add relevant images to your blog. They not only give your blog an aesthetic feel but break down the monotony of text.

    Just be careful not to go overboard. 1 to 3 images per blog post is okay depending on the length of your post.

  9. Proofread your blog.

    No one likes to read a blog that is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Be sure to proofread your article once done. Get a friend to read it for you or read it aloud.It’s easy to miss errors.

    Again don’t waste too much time trying to get it perfect. You can always come back and clean it up later. You want to get it out there once you have finished writing. 

Final word

They say if you can write an Email, you can write an article. It will be hard at the beginning but what isn’t. Write every day and with time you will get your flow.

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Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment on how to write an interesting blog, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “9 Tips on how to Write an Interesting Blog for Beginners”

  1. Great topic, Leonard.

    As blogger I know how we can start doubting our capabilities to write interesting things.

    I really like your simple but powerful tips on how you can improve your blog. I especially like to add visuals and being genuine in my writing. It makes me happy and my readers enjoys it too.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Absolutely Anh. It can be quite intimidating at first. I think it takes that first published blog to begin your journey. If you have never tried, you have never succeeded.

  2. i once bought a laptop but couldn’t tell what to do with the it and until in my mind i come up with the idea of writing blog but what was pressuring me much is who to target and the number of people that will find it more useful

    thanks for the information


    • Most welcome Jose. I suppose we have all been there at some stage. I remember when I published my fast blog my heart was racing. I have come to view it as more of a striking a conversation with a stranger than just punching the keypad.

  3. Hi Leonard and thanks for the information. I blog the last few months and I try to learn as much as possible.

    I have noticed that the best way to improve your skills is by writing. The more time you spend to write and edit your articles the better.

    So, a tenth tip to write someone an interesting blog could be “patient”. When you keep writing, your articles will be more interesting over time.


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