How to Build a Niche Website for Beginners

Follow This Guide to Learn the Basics on How to Build a Niche Website For Beginners. This Forms the Initial Foundation of Your Business

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You may or may not have heard of the word niche. To most people, it would probably mean a comfortable or suitable place in life or employment. I am a graphic designer so I can say that graphic design is my niche. We have plumbers electricians, physicians, and so on. If you love what you do for a living and you can’t imagine yourself doing something else, then you have probably found your niche.

A niche can also be a hobby. Some people love painting, dancing, sports and so on.

What is a niche?

When it comes to marketing that word niche has a more dynamic meaning but it is very much related to what I just said.

Wikipedia describes a niche market as denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized segment of the population.

Okay that will require a bit of digesting!

In layman terms, a niche is simply a group of people.

What makes this particular group of people special is they all share something in common.

Let’s go with this school of thought.

  1. Jack is a photographer
  2. Jack is a photographer who only works with wildlife photography.
  3. Jack is a photographer who only works with wildlife photography only captures big game animals.
  4. Jack is a photographer who only works with wildlife photography, only captures big game animals, and only produces his work in black and white imagery.

From the above example, you can see I have had to narrow down to very specific details of who Jack is and what he does.

Jack is the niche!

There is a group of people who share the same passion as Jack. They all belong to Jack’s niche. These people would buy products or take Jack’s recommendation on what to buy because they trust him. He belongs to their tribe.

As a graphic design student, I loved working with Photoshop more than all the other available Creative Suite programs. I guess you could say my niche in design is was Photoshop.

Just because I am passionate about Photoshop and can build a website that focusses on everything Photoshop doesn’t mean my website will be successful. In fact on the contrary. It would be hard to compete with the millions of other websites that cover the same topic.

While it’s important to be passionate about the content you are writing about, in internet marketing a niche goes beyond passion.

When creating a niche website, you need to dig deep into your topic and narrow down to a specific area within your area of expertise or interest

For instance, Using the Photoshop example, I would probably target a topic like creating caricature portraits in photoshop.

A niche website targets a specific existing need within a broad topic. The less that need is covered the higher your chances of success.

Who Do You Target with your niche?

When it comes to finding your target audience, that takes a fair bit of research. You need to know how many people are looking for the information that you are putting out there and what the competition is like.

This is where Keyword research comes. I have covered that topic extensively in this article.

Just bear in mind that you are looking for your people who share the same interests and passion as you do. There are people looking for very specific items and it’s up to you to direct them on which way to go.

How do you make money with your niche

  1. You have your niche
  2. You have your target audience.

Step 3 is the content. That is your currency on the internet. You have to provide value to your audience.

To do that, you will definitely need a website. Setting up a website is the easy part and you can learn how to go about it by reading this short article.

Your content can also be in video or audio format. Social media posts are also considered content.

A website does however provide a more sustainable and long-term business than just posting on social media.

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Are all the good niches taken?

Niches are everywhere. They might be hard to spot but they are all around you. Just don’t overthink it.

A 40-year-old man who has never ridden a bike in his life and wants to learn how will come to you if that is your niche. He probably wants to learn the basics from start to finish in the quickest and most painless way.

If you can become the link and provide the solution to how he can achieve his goal and build trust, he will be willing to take your recommendations on what it takes to start learning how to ride.

Build a strong online presence and there will be many 40-year olds visiting your site to learn from you.

In conclusion.

Choosing a niche is something you want to take your time when deciding on which way to go. The ultimate goal is to sell products or services, so choose a niche that will speak the language of your brand.

Your brand should be about you.

Have fun with your new business

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6 thoughts on “How to Build a Niche Website for Beginners”

  1. Great article on finding and build a niche website. Should I find the keyword first or build the content first? From what you say keyword research is important, but so is content creation. I’m think about getting into the gaming industry, is that too competitive or would I find my niche there?

    • Hi Nathan and thanks for your comment. I think once you have identified your niche the best thing to is first do a keyword research for 2 reasons 1) To ascertain that your chosen keywords have low competition and 2) Find ideas from other sources to help you build your content.

      Am not much of a gamer but I would imagine there is a market within the gaming industry that is highly segmented. That is what you should be looking for. How about gaming for retirees? .

  2. Like you I also struggled with finding a niche and when first starting out I made some bad choices. Your explanation cleared up a few things I was still not clear on as I am sure it will for many other new comers to internet marketing. It is easy to find a broad topic but is there an easy way to narrow it down to a niche?

    • Hi Margaret and thanks for your reply. There is no magic bullet when it comes to narrowing down on your niche because no two niches are the same. Some are easy while others you really need to think outside the box to find them. When I started I did a website on Drip irrigation only to realise after all the hard work I had put in that it was not specific enough. I should have been thinking of drip irrigation on, say people who live in apartment buildings , or people living hilly areas. It really comes down to targeting an unexplored market.

  3. I was wondering what you meant by niche website as opposed to a normal website? Would I be right in thinking that a niche website concentrates on a specific item that is quite rare or diverse?
    I would love to find out the answer to this as I am in the process of looking for training for building a blog!

    • Precisely Chris. A niche website is more targeted to a specific topic within a broad subject. The less that topic is covered the more your chances of success. For example think of people with size 13 feet who just cant walk into a shop and find the right size of shoe. Provide a solution through your blog and give them recommendations and you have your niche. A niche in a lot ways is just a group of people. Click here to learn more.


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