It’s Great to Connect with you!

Me, The love of my life, Trizza, and our son Lee.

Hi there. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Leonard and welcome to Hazina Online

Some of my friends call me Leno. I am married to the love of my life, Trizza and we have an adorable 12-year-old son.

Brief History

I am originally from Kenya but currently reside in Melbourne, Australia

By career, I am a graphic designer. I also build websites for local businesses and it’s something I truly enjoy doing.

My fascination with web design started when I was a college student. Building websites in those days was not easy because a lot of the plug and play features we have today simply did not exist. That era has passed and anyone can have their own website in a matter of minutes. Of course there are several technical details that one must learn.

Over the years I have also worked in the transport industry, and I have tried small businesses with various degrees of success and failure. I even tried a stint at network marketing. That did not go well at all.

Why Hazina Online Marketing

Network marketing somehow led me to affiliate marketing. I read an article that explained how both forms of marketing play out. Network marketing involves recruiting people to build a team that will go out there and replicate the process. It can be tedious. Affiliate marketing on the other hand is all about selling whatever product you choose for a commission. You don’t need to keep inventory or recruit people.

A computer and internet connection is all that you require. It was a no brainer. I was sold and here I am 5 years later.

Hazina means treasure in Swahili.

An income-generating website is like treasure, and like real treasure, you have to keep digging. The internet does not sleep. People will always buy products and services online and that is where you come in as an affiliate marketer.

Building websites gives me a reason to wake up every morning. I love the creative process that I have to put in and I am also glad that I am able to help others through informative content.

Hazina is not just about me building my own treasure but also helping others along the way.

Why do I want to help you?

First, let’s just say that I am not an internet guru. I am just a regular guy who stumbled across something that works. Knowledge is great but learning is an even greater asset. Hard work pays in the end whether you are running an online business or otherwise.

I don’t know everything but I know what works. What doesn’t work is quick returns for little effort.

Secondly, I believe in sharing. There is nothing that we know today that we didn’t learn from someone else. Maybe you too can teach me something that I don’t know about. That’s how we grow. When we put our heads together.

Hazina is a product of the Wealthy Affiliate education program. WA, as we call it here, is a pay-it-forward community. You learn, share, and earn. That is what attracted me to the WA training program. Check it out and see whether it’s a good fit for you. After all, it’s 100% FREE to get started.

That’s me and Hazina in a nutshell. It’s great to get to know you.

I am here to help you if you feel building an online business is something you may want to have a go at.