Be The Next Online Success story! Here is How…

Online businesses have become so common with the rapid growth of the internet over the last decade or so. For most people venturing into this new brave world, it can be quite overwhelming. What with the internet of everything and the mountains of information we have out here.

You see, the 2 questions that most people ask in regards to starting an online business are;

  1. How do you tell a legit online business opportunity from a scam?
  2. Is it even possible to succeed as an online business owner?

Let me break it down for you.

The answer to question number one is, any online business opportunity that does not allow you to get in and get the feel of it before asking for your credit card details is best to avoid. Why spend money on something that you may not like in the end? That happens a lot. Also be careful of programs that promise quick returns for little work. That is just not how things work.

The short answer to question number two would be, yes!

I know that is a short answer but the fact that so many people run successful online businesses today obviously speaks volumes. As a matter of fact, the online space is probably the most flexible and cost effective platform you can use to achieve your dream of building your own business.

But here is the deal.

Running an online business is just like running any other business. It takes passion, dedication, hard work and total commitment to succeed. That’s just the reality of it. Personally, I can tell you my journey has not been an easy one. If it was, I would not be here.

More on that, but first…

Let’s get to know one another…

Hi there. My name is Leonard. I am a graphic designer by profession. A few years ago I discovered internet marketing and that is how this blog was born.

I love painting, cycling, off-road driving with my ’92 Hilux, playing guitar, seafood…you get the drift. I love life. I believe every day is a gift.

I am married to the love of my life and we have a ten-year-old son, Lee. Family means the world to me.

Read more about me and Hazina on this page.

My second success story is becoming part of a great community of online entrepreneurs who taught me the ropes of building an online business. I like to think of these guys as my second family.

Prior to that, I was many things.

On top of working as a graphic designer, I have worked as a sign writer, personal care assistant, truck driver, MLM distributor… the list goes on…

Believe me, I even tried making and selling doughnuts at some stage. That one lasted a week!

Yeah! I’ve been around. My son calls me a chip off the old block! lol

Anyway, I have been a graphic designer for the better part of my working life. Been doing it for the last 17 years and it’s something I truly enjoy.

Why and how I went into online marketing

So here is the story.

A couple of years ago I reluctantly joined the network marketing business as a distributor after I was approached by a friend like it happens in most cases.

After attending one of those supercharged high-energy conference meetings, I became a fan. This was after interacting with some highly successful consultants. I told myself that if they can do it so can I.

The trick with this business is to be consistent and to never give up. This is a numbers game, they said. You never know when your team will explode into a money-making machine!

It never happened.

Fast forward nine months later and I did exactly what they told me not to do.

I gave up!

Turns out, it was one of the hardest businesses that I have ever tried. Honestly, to this day, I don’t how they do it.

The biggest turn-off about being part of the business was I realized the products didn’t really count for much. You can pick a bottle of multi-vitamins at the local store for $10. Why pay double the price?

The compensation plan, of course.

I was in the recruiting business and yes, it was pretty exhausting. I could also not stand the idea of hustling everyone I met and asking them to join the business which is something every network marketer does.

Despite all that I tend to think that becoming part of the business was not entirely a bad idea. You live and learn, right?

I still remember a senior consultant telling us in one of the meetings that if you can pick a good thing about the business, take it and run with it, whether you will stay a distributor or not. I learned a bit of marketing and the patience that goes with it. That’s what I took and ran with.

Marketing is what determines what direction your business will take and if you don’t do it right, there can be no meaningful success. Maybe if I knew that before, my little doughnut venture would have lasted a little longer.

Now me being a chip off the old block and all, I wasn’t just going to go back to my daily grind without a plan B. I needed to first find out why some people succeed in network marketing while the majority like me don’t. So, I dug in.

What I came to learn is that marketing to a very large involves building relationships. People buy from people they trust. Every successful marketer will tell you that.

But, that was not the only thing I learned. Something else caught my attention!

And then his came along…

In the process of my research, I accidentally came across an article explaining the different forms of marketing. There was a very detailed comparison between network marketing and affiliate marketing which some people tend to confuse as being one and the same.

The 2 are in fact totally different.

In network marketing, you are more or less bound to the company whose products you promote.

With affiliate marketing, on the other hand, the online world is your playground. You choose a product, promote it and get paid.

There are over 4 billion people connected to the internet and growing by the day! That is more than half the world’s population.

If network marketing is a numbers game, then affiliate marketing is a really big numbers game! That was my moment of truth. I knew there and then that this is what I wanted to do!

I didn’t understand it very well back then but here I am 3 years later and I can tell you that becoming an online  marketer is the smartest decision I ever made in my life.

Just what exactly is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the process where you (the affiliate) promotes a product or service from a merchant (e.g Amazon, Clickbank) and in the process, you earn a commission when a customer buys based on your recommendation on your website.

Best of all, you don’t have to hustle your friends, attend endless meetings or pounce on people in shopping malls to make money. It’s just you, your computer and the online world.

Let me put it in perspective. Amazon has close to half a billion products in its catalog. These guys sell like crazy. I love smartphone accessories and such gadgets. Maybe fishing is your thing or mountain climbing. Wherever your passion lies, as an affiliate marketer you can make money from any of the products on Amazon or the thousands of companies out there offering affiliate programs.

As an example, I did a review on a product called the BullyEyes cell phone camera lens attachment. It’s a simple lens that you attach to your smartphone camera lens that  enables yo to take great shots like these beautiful shots I took with it.

I bought the lens because I needed a product that would help me take great pictures for my design work without spending a fortune on an expensive camera.



I get paid by a commission by the Bullyeyes affiliate program when people visit my website and buy the smartphone camera lens attachment based on the review. This is just one of the many products I promote. You don’t even need to own the product to make money from it. Check out these great shots that I have taken with the camera lens.

How cool is that!

I bet there are many graphic designers or people in related industries who would love to have such a great gadget. Do you think some of them would be willing to take my recommendation as to why the BullyEyes lens camera attachment is such a great product to have?  Of course, they would. I have first-hand experience with it.

Most major companies these days, have affiliate programs.

There is no limit to how many of them you can be part of. We all know how massive online shopping has become in recent years. It continues to grow by the day. In fact, I foresee a future where online shopping will become the main mode of shopping among consumers.

And, why not. It’s easy and convenient not to mention that you save on your purchases as opposed to walking in a store to buy the product. Truth be told, there has never been a better time to become an affiliate marketer. As more people embrace e-commerce and online systems like PayPal get easier and more integrated, the sky is the limit.

Even better still. Unlike network marketing where you have to pay a small fee or buy a starter pack to join, affiliate marketing programs are FREE to join. And they are quite happy with that arrangement. You help them sell their products or services.

So how do I go about it?

The diagram below shows you the 4 step process that is required for you to get your online venture up and rolling. It really is that simple. But even the simplest of things call for some education. Allow me to guide you through the process.

Wealthy affiliate requirementsLet’s start with choosing an interest. We all come from different backgrounds in life. Some people love painting, others are into motor mechanics, other love music. An interest should be something you can talk about all day. If you can talk about it chances are you can write about it.

So before we move on, I better ask. Where lies your PASSION?

In marketing circles, we call it a niche. That word has many meanings the most common being a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

Let’s go with this school of thought.

Jack is an artist.Jack is an artist who only works with acrylics
Jack is an artist who only works with acrylics and only paints portraits
Who is Jack?
Jack is an portrait artist who works with acrylics.

Essentially, Jack is the niche.

At the very heart of it, a niche is simply a very targeted group of people with a particular interest.

I love photography so I will use that as another example. I just can’t come up with a website on photography. There are thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of websites with photography related information.  I would need to narrow down to specific group of people who may be interested in a particular form of photography. We have wildlife photography, aerial photography, abstract photography… Take your pick

Whichever direction you go when picking up your niche there are over 550,000,000 products and services that you can chose, promote and earn revenue. It might be hard to grasp at this moment in time but it will in place over the course of time. Let’s move on.

Step 3. Attract visitors to your site.

This part requires patience. Brand new websites take a while before search engines can begin ranking them. Over time as your site matures, it will begin to get traction within search engines and you will begin to see traffic to your website. Traffic simply means visitors. There are certain rules that you as a website owner have to play by for this to happen.

The golden rule, however, is write good quality content that provides value to the reader. Once you get that right, you are on your way to success

This is also where the community I talked about earlier comes in.

It’s called the Wealthy Affiliate Community Education program.

It is really more of a community than a training program because members contribute heavily to the training as well.  The online world is vast and dynamic and no one person can claim to be an expert in everything.

I am still learning new things about internet marketing. There really is never an end to education. It’s more of a journey than a destination and I think that’s where the public school system fails. Education is an ongoing process and should not stop once you graduate.

We all come from different walks of life. Putting our heads together and sharing our ideas and knowledge, makes the journey a lot easier to navigate.

That is essentially what this great community stands for. You learn, earn and share. It’s also a great platform to connect with people from all around the world who share similar goals like you. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2006 by 2 Canadian guys, Kyle and Carson. It is a powerful online program that equips you with the tools and knowledge required  to build your own income generating websites.

Good news again!

It’s FREE to get started. WA, as we call it here continues to get better with time. The tools and training are always up to date with the current industry standards. But perhaps the 1.3 million strong community members is what makes it such an awesome platform and a wonderful place to grow your online venture.

Step 4. Earning revenue

As your site grows and begins to attract traffic, the next step is to monetize it.  These 3 are the most common ways your website can generate revenue for you.

1) You can promote and sell your own products
2) You can run ads and earn advertising revenue
3) You can promote other peoples products for a commission

Number 3 is of course what affiliate marketing is all about and that is what most online marketers do. It’s really that simple.

If I was to build a website based on photography in graphic design, I would  promote the Adobe Creative Suite program or other design plugins.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to connect buyers with sellers through content. Between choosing an interest and earning revenue is a learning curve. As I mentioned earlier, making money is directly tied to your willingness to put in the work.

Don’t worry if you have never written an article before. I know most people would be intimidated by that. It takes a bit of practice but you once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze.

Just be sure to treat your online venture as a business and I can guarantee you the money will come eventually.

Tools of the trade.

Any good tradesman will tell you that it’s one thing to know the ropes of your trade and yet another to have the right tools for the job. Since its inception, WA has endeavoured to come up with tools that make it easy for you to build your online business with ease. The tools range from website development, keyword research, content creation to website analysis for all your SEO campaigns.

Lets briefly touch on some of these to get a better understanding of why you need them for the success of your online biz.

Keyword Research

Keywords are a grouping of words found within your website that help search engines like Google locate your posts or pages. They form the basic foundation of all your online campaigns. Simply put, a keyword is what people type in the search bar when they are looking for particular information. I will not go deep into detail for now. Click here to read all about keywords.

Using my earlier example with photography lets narrow it down to photography in graphic design. The next step is to start doing my research using that term. To achieve that you will need to use a keyword research tool. WA uses the Jaaxy keyword research tool which is available to all WA members. It is highly robust and gives you more data than just keyword research results.

Keywords are the lifeblood of your site and having them set right within your website, will lead to getting traffic. You need to choose relevant terms that receive a decent amount of monthly searches and are not too competitive. This is where keyword research comes into play.

The beauty of Jaaxy is that you will never run out of ideas for content.

Website creation

I mentioned  how easy it is to build a website with WA. The process is pretty straight forward. However, a great website needs to provide a great user experience. With the WA Siterubix platform you will also get access to over 3000 themes that you can use to customise your website to give it the look and feel of what you are trying to put out there.

You website design should be a reflection of what you are promoting. Take your time and do your research on the various themes to get a clear understanding of how each works and its effectiveness to your campaigns. In other words if your site is all about cats, you don’t want it to have a magazine look to it, do you? Btw, I love cats (lol).

Domains and Hosting

If you have ever tried building your own site, you will notice that its hard to find a platform that offers everything in one place. You probably need to buy a domain form one platform, host it in another. As I mentioned earlier, all sites are hosted under the SiteRubix platform where you get 2 FREE websites. If you decide to take premium membership (which I will talk about a little later on) you get 25 full domains and 25 subdomains. A full domain will cost you $13  a year.  I want to compare what you get with WA hosting and what other companies offer. Check out what the rest of the industry charges and you will understand why you don’t need to go elsewhere.

Remember that you are also getting your websites hosted with other powerful features included.  Deals don’t get any better than this.

Management of your website.

Despite website creation being as user friendly as it is today, there are still technical aspects of website development that you need to come to terms with. This involves keeping a track record of analytics so that you can be able to understand what is working and what is not. That way you know what needs improvement and what can be done away with.

The SiteHealth tool gives you access to real time data on things like publishing frequency, user engagement, plugins an so on. It’s a pretty cool tool because its serves like a guideline to what is needed to be done for search engines to love you, again, for lack of a better word.

I must also mention that as you build your site, Google Search Console will become an important part of your analytics. That is a bit advanced but the training within WA also teaches you how to set up your site so that Google is able to keep track of your site activities and also help you to rank high within its search results. Ideally you want to hit page one in search engine results.

The WA training

The internet is the one place where nothing ever stays the same for long. That means that you have to constantly keep educating yourself. From my own experience, I have to noticed that people who become successful never stop learning. Many of us know of the real iron man, Mr Elon Musk of Tesla. H was once asked about the secret behind his great technological achievements, and he simply answered. I can read! If Elon can read so can I.

You may want to borrow a leaf from him.

Lessons are organized in tiny sections accompanied with video tutorials that are really easy to follow. At the end of each lesson, you just check off to verify that you understand. You can always come back to the lesson if you want to recap on something you didn’t catch.

Community support

Sometimes, you might go through a lesson and still feel that you need to learn some more. That why as a new member its important to network with people within the platform. You can always ask the community by typing your question in the search bar. Questions are normally answered by other members in under 10 minutes. There is also a live chat section where you can interact with other members in real time.

If you have a really technical question that you want answered you can always submit a support ticket and the WA technical support team. Normally you get your question answered within minutes.

Live video classes

Ah.. the power of video. Jay Neill is the WA in-house live training coach. He delivers a powerful fun-filled live webinar every week on Friday evening (Canadian time). I take my hat off to him because he has a lot of passion in what he does. Jay has been a WA member for many years and does this lessons for free. Talk about loving the game.  You are free to ask him any question related to the topic during the webinar and he always does his best to answer.

He also shares a fair bit of his personal resources that he has used to build his own business. Personally, I can tell you I have managed to draw a lot inspiration from him. All lessons are archived,so you can watch them as many times as you like.

In summary, this is what you get…

  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes
  • Over 300 Hours of Expert Education
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  • 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
  • The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • Site SSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response in 5 minutes!
  • Ability to ask questions in live chat. Instant support.
  • Video and tutorial training.
  • Jaaxy keyword tool that enables you to tap into words that help your website rank high in search engines.

And much, much more…

For me the ability to network with people from all around the world is a priceless asset. We don’t only talk business but also have fun by sharing things of interest. It’s the way business should be.

Is WA the perfect education platform?

I have talked quite a bit about why WA is such a great program, but as I mentioned earlier, nothing is perfect, not even WA. There is always room for improvement.  In my opinion, I think the content creation part should be accorded more training because as important as running all the technical aspects of SEO, good quality content is what really determines the success of your business.

True, that is often emphasised within WA, but I feel more can be done in. Over time one gets the hang of writing or rather being able to tell their story ( like I am doing now).  I think most people would succeed much quicker if they could polish their writing skills at an earlier stage.

During the time I have been here I’ve also noticed that some members tend to pull you away from the training by offering alternative resources, which more often than not end up being just a distraction. Problem is distractions can be costly in terms of time wasted. Piece of advice: Stick to the training within WA. Everything you need is located right here.

Other than that, this is a great place to be by all means.

Does the training work?

Well, let’s start with this moment in time. It’s not a coincidence that you are reading this page. I had to do a lot of work behind the scenes to get you here. WA taught me how. The system works!

There many people within this community that have made enough money and walked out of their jobs to concentrate on building their businesses. Trust me, there is no greater feeling than the moment you make your first affiliate sale. Its almost like the same feeling you got when you realised you could ride a bike without tripping over. All too often a member within the community will share their achievement. Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out these testimonials.

There is no greater motivation than seeing others succeed. That could be you.  All these people have access to the same training. If they can do it, so can you. Again, I must insist. The secret to this kind of success is based on following the training to a tee and hard work.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you can build your business anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Can you imagine earning while you are on holiday? That, my friend is a pretty good deal !

What does it cost

There are 2 levels within Wealthy Affiliate. Starter membership (cost $0) and premium membership (Cost $49)

With starter membership you get;

  • 2 free websites – Yours to keep for life
  • Access to 3 classrooms
  • Access to over 10 training lessons
  • Access some of the perks that premium members enjoy in the first 7 days
  • 30 free keyword searches per month

With premium membership you get;

  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes
  • Over 300 Hours of Expert Education
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
  • 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
  • The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • Site SSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response in 5 minutes!
  • Ability to ask questions in live chat. Instant support.
  • Video and tutorial training.
  • Jaaxy keyword tool that enables you to tap into words that help your website rank high in search engines.

And much, much more…

Free membership is still okay and can get your campaigns up and running as you build your business. In fact, it’s possible to build your business to a point of seeing revenue with free membership.

You are however limited to the amount of training and community access within Wealthy Affiliate meaning it might take you just a little longer before you start seeing results.

Premium membership is for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.  If you are looking for value for money, then it doesn’t get better than this. It’s a small price to pay for the value that you get from this amazing program. Check out what the competition charges and see for yourself why this is the real deal.

The question you might be asking is what else do I need to pay for. Nothing. There are no upsells. $49 is all you pay and that is what makes Wealthy Affiliate such an awesome program. In fact the cost of premium membership is less than what it was when WA first started.

Any deals.

Yes of course. If you decide to take premium membership, you can choose to pay yearly for $ 359. That works out to around a dollar a day! All you could decide to take advantage of the black friday deal which comes in November where the price drops to $299 or just 80 cents a day. That is less than the price of a dollar coffee at 7-eleven.

Where else would you get top notch education for that price. What you learn here is what some Uni students pay tens of thousands dollars to graduate with no surety of even getting a job.

So, what’s next?

The next step is to create your FREE account. Click to enter your details. Once you are in, upload a profile image of yourself, introduce yourself to the community and let’s really get to know one another. Talk about your passion and aspirations and what you are hoping to achieve. Let’s really get to connect with you..)

Igo by the username Colorman inside WA. Send me a message once you are in and I will help you to set up. I am here to guide you along the way and I want to help you succeed. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even from Kyle, the owner of the program. We love meeting new people so please feel at home.

You will love it here.


See you inside!


  1. Always loved the idea of ditching the rat race and actually doing somthing for myself for once – being in charge of my own destiny and career! I like the sound of this blogging or marketing lark but it seems like a very tricky subject to learn. How did you get this site started and where did you learn your trade?

    • Trust me, there is nothing tricky about it. It may look hard at first for a beginner but with time everything falls into place. It’s just a matter of following the training. Follow the links on the page and you will be on your way. Thanks Chris for stopping by

  2. Hey there Leonard. It’s a shame that a lot of people don’t understand how easy it is to set up a website business. The only hard part is putting in the time to make content frequently and consistently. You also have to market that content. Once you get the hang of all that, which normally takes a couple tries, it actually become quite fun.

    • Got that one right Dan. Good quality consistent content, with proper marketing is key to online business success. Its also a lot of fun. Thanks for dropping by

  3. Hi Leonard, your BullyEyes cell phone camera lens sounds good. I should be trying that out. Show me some samples along with the cost.

  4. You have many good points here. Internet marketing is not easy and does require a lot of work and patience but if you stick to it you can enjoy the results of your marketing for many years to come.
    After all, we all spend time and effort to succeed with other things, such as studies, work, getting fit and soo on, so why expect internet marketing to give us quick and easy money.
    You have written a very good and detailed post on how to achieve financial freedom. well done.

    • That’s exactly the way it is Jojo. It takes a lot of work in the beginning but the long term results will support you for a lifetime. I started doing internet marketing because I could not visualize myself working week to week,  paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life. Surely, there is more to life than that. Great catching up.

  5. What I like about affiliate marketing is that you can pick whatever niche you want, and you don’t need to bother your friends and family. There is so much potential to make money online with so many people on the internet. I truly believe that most people who fail give up too soon, don’t get the proper training, or both. Anyone can succeed at WA if they stick to the training and don’t give up.

    • Absolutely Gary. The tools needed to build a successful online business are all here at WA. Its a matter of hard work and and staying committed to the training. Thanks for dropping in.

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