Is Evolution Travel a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity

Is Evolution Travel a Scam-homepageHi there and welcome to my Evolution Travel review.

You are probably here to do your research so that you can make an informed decision on the program. Jumping right in is never a wise decision. If you are already in, you may want to read this too. You might learn something new. Network marketing tends to sway in different ways.

The last thing you want is to invest your hard-earned money and get nothing in return.

So is Evolution Travel a scam or a legit opportunity? Can you make some good money with the program? Well, let’s find out, shall we..

  • Company Name: Evolution Travel
  • Website:
  • Owners: David McCovy
  • Cost: $49 plus $69.95 monthly fee.
  • Rating: 6.3/10

Are You Looking For a Way to Earn Passive Income Online?

There is no shortage of all sorts of MLM companies selling various products and services to consumers. Evolution Travel is one such company and was founded in 2015 by David McCovy.

Apparently, he found great success as a consultant with 5Linx, rising all the way to the position of Senior Vice President.

It’s not uncommon to see top producers, having learned the inner workings of a successful MLM, to go out and come up with one of their own.

David teamed up with Ron Archer, president of Archer Travel which Evolution uses to source out the travel packages they provide. The Evolution Travel website states the company is ‘an affiliate of Archer Travel Service, Inc.

Evolution Travel is based out of Las Vegas, NV and enjoys an A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.


Evolution Travel sells travel discounts, coupons, and packages on things like flights, hotels car rental, and tickets to concerts, sporting events, theme parks, etc.

According to their website, the goal is to provide a travel business opportunity with true value and excellent products.

How it works

To become an Evolution Professional Travel Agent (PTA) is easy. You will need to pay a $49 joining fee. To keep your membership active, you will also need to pay a $69.95 monthly administration fee.

That gets you the following;

  • 90% commission on travel sales (PTAs get 80%, and their recruiter gets 10%)
  • A customizable travel website
  • Direct access to worldwide vendors
  • Travel training
  • Residual income
  • A discount directory that includes 20-60% off of travel services and experiences
  • Tax benefits
  • Team building

The discounted prices on offer are for customers and affiliates. As I mentioned Evolution travel is a third-party provider so, you would naturally expect to have a markup to the original price that is offered by Archer Travel.

Compensation plan.

All MLMs come with intricate compensation plans. It’s not easy for a newbie to grasp it all from the word go. I am not going to list the entire plan here because it’s readily available on their website. If you want to read all about it go to this page on their website.

Pros and Cons


The travel industry is a massive so there is a good chance one can make money with this opportunity. The other thing is Evolution Travel is a relatively young company and so there is potential to grow with the business.

I also like the fact that they are straightforward about how the business runs. There are many MLMs that sell products manufactured by other companies and label them as their own. (Private Label Rights)

The fact that there are no complaints and have good rating with within the Better Business Bureau shows a lot credibility.


This one is pretty obvious. Like all MLMs you will need to rely heavily on recruiting in order to make any money. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, recruiting is a real pain. Approaching friends and family in order to grow your business is really outdated. It’s also very intrusive.

The fact that they simply resell the travel packages for Archer Travel Group means that the prices might not be as pocket friendly as compared to going directly to a travel agent.

The commissions even though being high in percentage are still meager since it’s the based on difference that they make once they buy from Archer Travel Group

The MLM narrative.

The last time I was approached by a guy selling an MLM opportunity to me, I knew him from the time he asked me the BIG question

Have you ever thought of a way of earning some passive income by going into business?

The guy was a total stranger to me. Doesn’t that not hit you as odd?

I have been involved in two MLMs in my life. It doesn’t work for the majority. And by majority, I mean almost 99% of consultants or agents or whatever fancy name they call themselves make little to no income.

Products move because many of these companies demand that you maintain a certain amount of sales in order to qualify for commissions. In the case of Evolution Travel, the monthly membership fee is pretty much what keeps David and his team in business.

Everyone involved in a business like this looks up to the guy on the podium who shares his journey from rags to riches. Chances are, they got to the top by aggressively approaching every Tom, Dick and Harry plus complete strangers to join them in the business.

How many people will you have to approach to even make one sale. Don’t let them deceive.  You can easily go through hundreds of contacts, majority probably on your phone book and not make a single sale. A business that is entirely dependent on recruiting is bound to fade off as it grows. You can only recruit so many people.

Multi-level marketing is as dodgy as hell.

According to The Balance Small Business, less than 5% of all people who join multi-level marketing businesses succeed.

You are not really running a business. The people running the business are the people whose products you are selling. You are just an overrated sales person.

Overall opinion

I would say Evolution Travel seems like an okay company. Not out of this world but okay.

It’s a great business for those who have the energy for recruiting.

There is not much in terms of training that can help you really grow your business. All you have is the word of your upline who might not be as qualified in selling travel packages as you may think.

That being said, Evolution Travel is not a pyramid scheme like some people would claim. With pyramid schemes, the last person always emerges on the other end with little or nothing to show for it. At least you end up with travel discounts.

It’s hard to believe that we still have travel agents in this day and age. The internet has revolutionized the industry in a massive way. Just like shopping on Amazon, you can shop around for travel and accommodation packages from companies like Trivago and I normally buy my air tickets on Cheap Flights. You can get some unbelievable deals online.

I have been involved in network marketing before and I know how the game plays out. Network marketing by its very nature is a legit way of doing business and people succeed big time in it. In fact, there are millionaires in the industry.

There are however so many half truths that new recruits are exposed to that it makes it hard for one to have full confidence in the business. A common line that is always used is that it is easy to get into since all you only need to buy a starter pack and you are in business.

With recurring monthly fees, you are bound to lose money than make it. People only travel when it’s most convenient for them.

Perhaps the biggest red flag to MLMs is recruiting. Seldom do people even talk about the products. That’s because no one makes money just by selling products. Are you ready to start hitting on your friends, colleagues and relatives in effort to convince them to buy your products or service?

Can you build a business without recruiting

That is a a resounding YES!  In the period I have been in the marketing industry I have come to learn that the only way you can make money selling products is by having your own website.

In fact you don’t even need to own the products to earn commissions with a website.  And neither do you need to spend money to own one.

Why run around chasing after people to join your opportunity and yet you can reach the billions of people who are connected on the internet today.

If you belong to that group of the people trying desperately to make money recruiting people to their business, how about you check out how I make money online without having to recruit.

MLMs are a waste of time. You really need to ask yourself whether you stand a chance to make money. If you feel you have what it takes then by all means go for it. If you don’t, well there are many other ways you can make money online.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the Evolution Travel business opportunity, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share.


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Evolution Travel

$49 plus $69.95 monthly fee








  • Good Transparency
  • Good chance of growth


  • Prices not competitive
  • Recruiting

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