Enagic Kangen Water Review- Are There Health Benefits in Ionized Water

Enagic Kangen Water ReviewEnagic is a Japanese manufacturer, who produces water ionization devices, also known as Kangen. These systems became highly popular and they are currently being imported by USA vendors. Because of their high utility, the Kangen filters have been labeled as medical devices.

There were several marketing campaigns promoting this product and by now, you probably heard about it and its miraculous properties. The following article aims to provide you a detailed review and to explain everything you need to know about the Enagic Kangen and Enagic Kangen water.

Overview of Enagic Kangen 

The main product and the point of interest here is the Kangen water. Despite the heavy marketing, Kangen water has some very beneficial properties and it’s better than tap water. Even though you won’t immediately feel the advantages of drinking Kangen water, its flavor will be slightly different from the tap water.

The Kangen filtration procedure will remove all the chemical taste out of the water, removing the unpleasant odor and giving it a pleasantly sweet flavor. During the filtration, Kangen water will gain a pH between 8.5 and 9.5.

This is extremely beneficial for your body because it will be restored to a more alkaline state. This will optimize your health and your general metabolism.

What types of Kangen water can you get? 

A basic Kangen water ionizer can make up to five types of water, depending on your particular needs and preferences.

  • Strong Kangen Water

    Even though this water is not for drinking, it can serve other purposes. With a pH of over 11.0, this water is perfect for cooking, stain removal, cleaning or doing dishes. According to the manufacturer, this water comes with advanced heat conducting and dissolving benefits, being ideal for maintaining a good hygiene in your daily life.

  • Kangen Water

    This is the water that you’re probably interested in. Kangen Water is ideal for drinking, but it can also be used for cooking stews or soups. Also, your coffee and tea will taste more natural if made with Kangen water, because there are no chemicals to alter the flavor.

  • Neutral Water

    This type of water has a pH of 7.0, making it “lighter” than other types of water. It can be absorbed by your organism very quick and that’s why it’s ideal for taking medication with it or use it for baby food.

  • Acidic Water

    Coming with a pH between 4 and 6, the acidic water is ideal for washing your sensitive body parts. It’s also used in the beauty care industry, for washing hair or face.

  • Strong Acidic Water

    With a pH of only 2.7 units, this water is not meant for drinking but has some strong disinfectant properties. It can also be used for cleaning, but it’s more indicated for disinfecting certain body surfaces.

As you can see, the Enagic Kangen can provide different types of water, useful for your daily activities. According to them, it’s for the best to customize your water, and use it in the right circumstances.

Pros of Kangen Water

  • Ensures a better Hydration.

    Kangen Water is proved to be lighter and therefore, it will be absorbed by the body faster. Also, by drinking Kangen Water, you will no longer feel the bloating sensation, because the water will go into your cells and bloodstream faster.

  • Detox.

    Water has the role of collecting the harmful toxins from our body and removing them. However, the Kangen Water has an additional property, which is the negative Oxidation-Reduction potential. This property ensures a more effective toxin disposal and a better general mood.


    The aging process appears when our cells stop regenerating and start altering. Because Kangen Water is easily absorbed by the organism, it’s able to hydrate the cells and support their regeneration. This also applies to our internal organs.

Cons of Kangen Water

  • Even though Kangen Water has no particular disadvantage, the ionization system that is producing it, has a few. The biggest problem with Enagic Kangen is the price.This device costs around $4000, and not many people can afford it. Also, a product manufactured by the competition can be even two times cheaper.However, none of the rival products are approved by a medical institution. If you’re decided to buy the Enagic Kangen but lack the financial resources, you can opt for a $45 installments plan.
  • It’s only available through distributors and who are paid commissions on sales

Who can benefit from this program?

Enagic-Kangen-Water-ionizerEnagic Kangen water is not meant for a specific audience and it can be beneficial for everyone. The manufacturers are describing it, as the perfect method of improving your water. Alkaline water is known to be extremely beneficial and because of that, it’s being used in many industries. Now you can have your own water ionizer, by purchasing the Enagic Kangen.

Kangen water is also ideal for intense training because you can drink it without feeling the bloating sensation. Also, it tends to get absorbed faster by your organs, improving your metabolism and making it more likely for you to lose weight.

Still, for some improved results, you should combine drinking Kangen water with some additional training tools and practices. Running, cycling or other types of cardio exercises will be more effective if you hydrate with Kangen water.

Kagen Water is also sold through a direct Sales System where resellers are paid commissions on a Multi-level structure. I can be deal for someone looking to get into that kind of industry

How can you buy Enagic Kangen Water?

If you’re decided to make this step and want to try the Kangen Water, you can only buy it from a local distributor. Because $4000 are a lot of money and the manufacturers fully understand that, you will firstly have the chance of following a 30 days trial.

During this trial, you will receive free water, with no further obligations. However, in order to benefit from this, you will have to come for a refill every day and drink one ounce of water per pound, according to your body weight.

If you’re still undecided, you can extend that trial to another 30 days. If you don’t know any Kangen distributor, you should use a search engine, and find one in your city.


Enagic Kangen water seems like the best method for you to improve your life and to benefit from a totally natural treatment. The Enagic device might be more expensive than the competition’s products, but if you care about your health and you’re willing to invest in a reliable and effective product, you should do it. Start with the free trial, see how it works out and then prepare for a healthier life. If Multi-Level Marketing is your thing you can also benefit by becoming a distributor.

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Many thanks for reading my post. If you have a question or a comment about the Enagic Kangen Water, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.


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