An In-depth Look at Some of the Best SEO packages for a Small Business

SEO packages for a small business-traffice stats

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a widely used practice in website design, capable of making you more visible on search engines. This is a great thing for small companies since most cannot afford to invest huge amounts of money in advertisement. However, many entrepreneurs think SEO as rocket science and so they avoid it altogether which … Read more

An Insight into 7 Factors Affecting Income Elasticity of Demand

Factors Affecting Income Elasticity of Demand

You’ll agree that income levels influence consumer buying patterns. In essence, the higher the income levels, the greater their buying powers. But in business circles though, high income does not always translate to an increased spending as there are many other factors that influence income elasticity of demand. As an entrepreneur, then, it’s important to … Read more

Why Online Shopping is So Popular – 7 Awesome Reasons

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There is no doubt that online shopping is taking over the world. We live at a time when most people just wouldn’t be bothered to drive to the store to buy the product they looking for. But why online shopping is so popular? Retail stores are closing sho or opting to go fully online because that … Read more

Where to Find Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

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Do you enjoy writing? If you do, then I have some good and bad news for you. The good There is a huge demand for writers out there. All you need is to be good at it and you are in business. The bad With high demand comes ruthless cut-throat competition. This happens to be … Read more

How to Build a Website in WordPress


This short article shows you how to build a website in WordPress. Many people still believe that building a website is a technical thing that requires a skilled person to execute. It’s for that reason that many businesses still operate without one which in this day and age is a huge mistake. People  now jump … Read more