BullyEyes Cell Phone Camera Lens Attachment Review

I love taking pictures. There is not a captivating moment that I won’t capture. I was thinking of buying a digital camera online that is small in size and which I can carry around.

And there lies the problem. Good digital cameras are never small in size and even when you have one you don’t always carry it around.

They also don’t come cheap. A good digital camera will cost anywhere from $300 upwards.

The one camera that you always have in your pocket is your mobile phone camera.

Unfortunately, despite all the major improvements in mobile phone picture quality, there are limitations to your shots due to the size of the lens. Capturing detailed close-ups is also a major problem.

Advances in photography mean you can easily enhance your smartphone’s camera by buying the right kind of lens attachment.

With smartphone camera lens models gaining popularity, you’d certainly want to check out some of the camera models based on this technology.

This review is about the BullyEyes cell phone camera lens attachment. Here is a camera lens so easy to use and yet so convenient that you don’t need to carry a massive camera in a bag.

In a nutshell, BullyEyes phone camera lens merits on versatility and user-friendliness. It has a wide-angle lens that makes resulting photos to have a rounded center, a tinge of originality and practicality. 

With a 120 degree panoramic view, this camera brings objects to focus and makes them seem curved around the focal point of the camera. You can never capture that much detail with a smartphone camera. 

Of course I have had to crop out the edges of the image.

Lastly, the camera is compatible with many smartphone casings-including third-party cases- meaning you won’t have to spend extra time to modify your casing.

My favourite is the macro lens which has helped me take great pictures like the ones below.

Product Features

  • A 120-degree ultra wide angle lens creates a special distortion of objects by giving them a curved edged centered towards the lens focal point.
  • A macro lens that helps magnify objects in focus by up to 10 x.
  • An x2 lens cap for keeping your treasured lens protected even when using it within harsh environments
  • A Universal detachable holder is included in the package. The holder is compatible with most smartphone casing models.
  • Comes with a fancy bag, that can be carried in your pocket.
  • The camera body is manufactured from a solid Aluminum alloy.

How to Use BullyEyes Phone Camera Lens

The wide and the macro lens are usually aligned together. To use the wide angle lens, take off the base-which is basically the macro- and attach the wide angle lens to the clip.

Carefully place the assembled lens on top of your smartphone camera and support the base clip on your phone’s body. Your enhanced smartphone camera is ready for use.

To shift to using the macro lens, just remove the wide angle and screw in the macro lens to the base clip. A macro lens is best for taking up close shots such as those of flowers or minute detail.


Pros of the product

  • The camera’s main attachment point is easily convertible with most of the third-party smartphone casing models that are on offer in the market today.
  • The wide angle of view increases the depth of whatever field you are taking snapshots for. This means you can still focus on and take a snapshot of bodies further away from a normal smartphone camera reach.
  • A combination of a 120-degree ultra wide viewpoint and a fisheye lens makes the camera versatile and ideal for taking shots of points that need closer scrutiny. Such may include landscaping elements, interior design setups, and architectural drawings.
  • The kit comes packaged with a comprehensive 40 pages users pdf guide to help master your way around using the camera effectively. The guide equips you with shooting skills, especially on a wide angle lens.
  • The camera is packaged in a light, non-plastic material. You can actually put the kit into your pocket and hit the road.
  • The Aluminum alloy construction is durable and presentable. This acts as a guarantee to a long lifespan even if you’ll be using your camera in rugged environs such as during mountain climbing and in skating sessions.
  • The product’s packaging, which is made of unbleached recycled paper, isn’t only attractive but also environmental friendly.


  • You’ll always have to separate the camera’s wide angle lens from the macro lens before use. This, unfortunately, means you won’t always be ready to snap photos at an instant.
  • Vignetting is possible if you use a protective case. These are dark edges that form around your image when using the wide-angle lens. That can be easily fixed by cropping them off on your phones edit function or you can also slightly zoom in before taking your shots and that will eliminate them.

Who the product is designed for

The Separate Macro lens makes the camera lens kit ideal for enthusiastic smartphone photographers who need to shoot close-up photos even while on the go. This is because it magnifies tiny objects up to 10 times.

Its also perfect for bloggers as they are always on the lookout for great photos for their content, hiking enthusiasts who may not be in a position to always carry heavy cameras while on the move and pretty much everyone looking to capture those unique moments in their life.

For individuals in professions such as architecture, landscaping and interior design, the 120 degrees panoramic view enhances the viewpoint of objects thus making it easy to shoot photos that are curved around the focal point. This makes it easy to take in finer details for closer investigations and display.


Despite the many positives, this camera lens sells for between 20 dollars and 30 dollars depending on the location and other accessories you may opt to buy as additions. This translates to a pocket-friendly pricing for any smartphone photography enthusiast.


It’s not always easy to get a product that is both pocket-friendly and versatile in usage. BullyEyes Phone camera lens ramps up as an efficient and stylistic in an age where smartphone photography has become a mainstream undertaking.

This lens has potential to illuminate your photography life as you can easily pack it with your earphones and hit the road. If you have an eye and passion for great shots, then you should check out the BullyEyes Phone camera lens attachment.

Click here to order yours online.

Trust me, you will fall in love with it.

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  1. This is really cool. My wife is really good at taking pictures with her iPhone so maybe this would be something she is interested in.

    Do you have any with/without pictures? I think it would be really cool to compare a picture taken with the lens on and with it off so that we could see how much it actually helped the quality of the picture.

  2. It is really insane that there is a lens for that. I always thought that there was no other way to improve your camera lens and then BAM read this! I feel as if BullyEyes could really help me out because I was looking for a good camera that would take good quality pictures. I think this would do for the time being. Thanks for this!


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