What is the Amway Home Business?

Name: Amway
Website: www.amway.com
Owners: Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel

What is the Amway Home Business?Hi there and welcome to my Amway home business review. I was involved with Amway for close to 9 months and so, I have a good understanding of the business.

Amway (American Way) is a company founded in 1959 that sells a wide range of home, health and skin products care among others through a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business model sometimes referred to as network marketing system. It is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and since its inception has expanded to over 80 countries.

Here are some of their core line of products

  • Nutrilite The flagship of Amway business generating the highest sales. They are the largest selling multivitamin and mineral supplement product range in the world.
  • Amway Home. Range of Household organic cleaning products.
  • Artistry. High quality range of skincare and beauty products.
  • E-spring Water purifiers and treatment products.

They also sell a range of energy drinks, protein bars and kitchen utensils amongst other products.

My story with Amway

Just like most people the opportunity was presented to me by a friend and me being the ambitious guy that I am I decided to tag along and see how I fair.

The first meeting happened in my house one morning where I was shown the business plan. I was very impressed with the presentation. Right away, knew it was an MLM business model because I had previously been involved with 2 other companies and I had vowed never to get into another one.

While most MLMs recruiters will pressure you to join, this was different in that it was just up to me to decide. So, I got more curious and went for a follow-up meeting 2 days later.

The meeting was just like any other typical MLM workshop. A lot of cheering, success testimonials and the prospect of traveling to exotic destinations for those who succeed. I left the meeting after having being invited for a conference that was taking place the coming weekend.

I should have turned my back right there but after being convinced that this was bigger and better than anything I had ever seen, I decided what the heck. If I get bored, I will just go home.

Here I was at the conference sitting at the back of the auditorium listening to speaker after speaker come on stage and tell their journey with the Amway business to success.

amway productsI had a chance to interact with ordinary people, some who rose from very humble beginnings joined the business and found tremendous success within it. All the doubts that I had about whether the business works or not were erased on that day

I began to view the idea of success differently from before. That’s how my new journey with Amway began.

The next meeting involved me registering as an IBO, buying the start-up kit and trying some of their products.

Then I had to come up a list of all the names on my phonebook and business cards. That was not easy but I did it nevertheless. I had become an Amway IBO and so I had to play by the rules I suppose.

What followed was a series of endless meetings each as identical as the last. In the days that followed, I kept approaching people with the business plan.

Days turned into months. Sad to say but after 9 months of toiling and going over close to 400 contacts, not a single person had joined my team! That was frustrating, to say the least.

The last meeting I attended, there was an Emerald IBO from visiting from the US who said it had taken him 10 years to build the business? 10 years!! I didn’t have 10 years to wait to become successful.

I remember driving home that afternoon after the meeting feeling totally worn out. I had exhausted all my leads. I was spending money that I didn’t have on training material, meetings, and travels.

I was tired of pouncing on anyone I met like a panther with the plan. There had to be another way. That is the day I quit.

I had not realized just how deeply involved I had become because the day I quit I felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders. This is part of what all MLMs are. They suck you in.

When people asked me whether I was making money I always told them I was and yet the truth is I wasn’t. After all its hard to convince someone to join your business if you are not succeeding.

I hated wearing suits, just not my style, but we were always told to dress like the successful people we will become. More like fake it till you make it.

My life had become one big fat lie.

Before you start calling me a loser, who lacks the persistence that is required to grow the business, understand that my decision to stop recruiting was based on not that it’s not possible to succeed, but by the fact that my conscience was telling I belong elsewhere.

If you are thinking of joining Amway or have recently joined, let me give you the pros and cons from one who has been there, done that.
The business opens up a new world in terms of personal development and setting your mind for success.

The pros

  • You can achieve rapid success depending on your effort and a bit of luck.
  • You can build your business in multiple countries.
  • Good travel incentives for those who succeed.
  • You can build inter-generational wealth. Your great grandchildren will enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • High-quality products.
  • Product resell pays up to 25% in commissions.
  • Discounts are paid when you purchase products from companies that partner with Amway.

The cons

  • Few people succeed in this business (less than 1%)
  • Few actually make a substantial income (less than 10%)
  • Success in the business is often over-emphasized, contrary to the truth.
  • There is often a cult-like devotion to members in the business.
  • Some of their products are way too expensive compared to similar products in the market
  • Prospecting for IBOs can be a bit imposing to some people and can damage relationships.

quote by Jefferey GitomerIf you are looking for a way that you can create a part-time residual income, then Amway could be an alternative for you to pursue. Never believe people who tell you that it is a scam or there is no way you can succeed in the business. There are many top income earners in the Amway business.

I have met people who are still in their 20’s and some elderly people who quit their jobs years ago to pursue the Amway business and found total financial freedom. Success is definitely possible in Amway.

The Amway business is all about building relationships and if you are good at it, Amway could work well for you


Training and support

The Amway business provides support and training through members in the business.

When you become a member you are given an IBO field guide book which comes with your starter kit

As you begin to attend meetings you will hear of the ABCs. Association, Books, and CDs. These are circulated to members by team leaders. Team leaders are often those who have built huge downlines.

You can also access free training through online platforms. Your upline would be normally your first point of contact whenever you need help.


Joining Amway to become a member if free but you need to purchase the welcome pack which costs around $64 ( Will vary from country to country).

You will need to purchase products for a 50 PV (points value) minimum monthly to be eligible for compensation. If you don’t hit the minimum, the commissions go to your upline.

There are also recurring expenses in tutorials, books and Cds and the frequent travel expenses to meetings and appointments.

These little expenses tend to add up pretty quick.

In conclusion…

So, here are the facts

  • Is Amway a Scam. No, not at all.
  • Can I make money as an Amway IBO? Yes, indeed.
  • So, why all the noise about Amway being a scam?

The MLM industry exists in a haze of controversy and misconceptions. There people who believe all MLMs are scams while there are those who will viciously defend it and swear that it’s the best thing ever. I suppose it all comes down to who is succeeding or not.

To answer that question, it’s good to understand the fundamental concept of not only Amway but all MLMs.

It has nothing to do with the product. It’s all about recruiting. There is no way you can make money reselling the products. That is why you hear of the word pyramid which I am sure upsets a lot of successful MLM-ers.

Its hard to convince someone to buy a bottle of multivitamins for $30 while you can pick up the same for $15 at the local chemist. All products that are sold within an MLM structure must support the compensation structure otherwise, it wouldn’t work and so you are bound to pay more.

The problem is people tend to get sucked in the euphoria of those supercharged meetings with their success testimonials and the prospect of the good life.

Before joining Amway ponder this points.

  • what-is-the-amway-home-business-teamAre you ready to approach your family members and friends with the business plan? This to me is the biggest drawback in MLMs. Good friends are hard to come by. Why turn them into business transactions?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice most of your spare time to building the business? It will not grow if you get home from work and sit around because you are too tired to go to a meeting.
  • Less than 1% of people succeed in MLM. 10% don’t make any substantial income. 90% of those you contact will not join the business.
  • Some of those you contact will drop out. That’s why it’s not possible to saturate the business. There will always be others to join in.
  • Can you confidently show someone what it is you are doing and how much you are earning before dragging them to a meeting?
  • Will you still be able to keep going once you have exhausted your list and have no more leads?

Amway is a decent company but the way teams conduct their business is totally outdated. There are other less stressful ways in which you can create passive income. How about I show you how I make money online without having to attend endless meetings or recruiting.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment, please leave it below. I would love to hear from you

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4 thoughts on “What is the Amway Home Business?”

  1. I used to be in Amway for years, many years ago, and I totally agree with everything you said about making money. I made a little bit just selling items, but really struggled with the sales pitching. I really love the products though. But for someone who has the gift of the gab, i definitely would be a great moneymaking avenue. Thanks for the great review.

    • Thanks Di for your comment. Its definitely possible to find success in the Amway business. The problem is its a business for the select few and majority of people don’t make much money if any. They have great products, but still pricey.

  2. Hi Leonard
    I must admit living in the United Kingdom I have never heard of Amway.
    After reading your article I’m glad I haven’t.
    Don’t get me wrong though.
    There are some really good MLM marketing opportunities and I have joined a couple in my time.
    But at the end of the day if you don’t follow the training and the right procedures that are part of your success plan then you wont make a great deal of money from it.
    Much better to get into business yourself and with your own website, the sky really is the limit.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert and thanks for your comment. Amway is probably one of the oldest and among the most successful MLM comapanies in the world. The problem with all MLMs is that its all about recruiting and not the products. The reason why I vowed not to get involved in another one is because I felt my friends and family should remain just that and not business transactions.

      With your own website on the other you are able to target the 3.5 billion people connected to the internet. The sky is indeed the limit.


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