9 Remarkable Tips and Tricks on How to Get More Views and Traffic on a Website

How to Get More Views and Traffic on a Website- searchThe most obvious challenge facing several business owners on the web is the lack of views and traffic on a website. Generating sales on a website that lacks sufficient traffic remains a nightmare, plus you won’t be in a position to test the essential aspects of your sales process.

You also risk losing tremendous sales and looking unprofessional to your affiliates and potential business partners if you start rolling out a massive traffic campaign before testing the website to ensure that it converts visitors into buyers

Tips and strategies

In this article snippet, we give potential business owners and marketers a whole battery of easy and actionable tips for getting more views on a website or blog.

While the strategies we’re going to present aren’t a quick fix, you might be surprised how fast many of them will start to generate results.

  1. Optimize your website for search engines—Google, Bing, Yandex

    Let’s begin with optimizing a site for search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and more. You probably will approve the fact that the best and most successful approach to obtaining free views and traffic is by optimizing your site for search engines.

    Google, which holds over 70% of search engine market share, provides a good avenue for free traffic. You are probably wondering what on earth is Yandex? It’s a Russian search engine with a massive base around that region and some Asian countries.

    Google, which holds over 70% of search engine market share, provides a good avenue for free traffic.

    The biggest problem with Google is that there’s stiff competition and to stand out from the crowd you must have a great website both in terms of content and SEO. Hence it’s important to SEO Audit your website to ensure it’s well optimized for Google, not forgetting to publish good quality content regularly.

  2. Strategic use of social media

    Social media is a decent traffic driver only if you do whatever is required of you. If you’ve got a good social media presence, you can drive views and traffic through your audience.

    Connect with the absolute best social media influencers in the world and share your info with them. Several individuals and social media outlets have free access to hundreds of thousands of audience through their social media pages.

    You better reach out to them, engage and share your content with them in a friendly way. They’re likely to become significant drivers of views and traffic to your business. Therefore, ensure that you build a solid relationship with them.

    The trick to choosing which social media is to go where your potential clients hang out. For example if you are marketing beauty care products, Pinterest might be a good place to promote your business. If you are promoting an affiliate program, Google+ might be the way to go.

  3. Launch an enticing product or service

    Launching a new service or product can help you grow your audience. Launching a new product may lead to a series of interview requests, partnership inquiries, links from other blogs, and respect from your colleagues.

    Since a new service or product will generate revenue, it should be top of your priority list. You may also opt to offer an affiliate program and pay commissions to anyone that refers customers to your new product.

    Before you start launching a product or service, get in touch with your affiliates and offer to help them with such things as interviews, content, webinars and everything else that can drive sales.

  4. Blog frequently

    Blogging is just another word for writing content. Blogging drives views and traffic to any given website. A recently concluded experiment in which blogging was increased from two posts per week to over ten posts per week revealed that consistent blogging results in 300% increase in traffic.

    This isn’t an unusual incident; blogging conveys better results when it comes to getting more views and traffic to a website and its the most effective way to drive traffic to your site

  5. Create links to other relevant pages and posts

    As your content grows and develops, be sure to create internal links (New to older posts). Search engines begin to see your content as a one stop shop for readers and will give your blog a massive SEO lift. Blogging has to do with interacting with others and engaging in online discussions. Whenever you link your blog post, the blogger is likely to find it through their stats and figure out what you had to say.

    And, if your blog is relevant and informative enough, they might even subscribe to your site and leave their comment.

  6. Get views and traffic with pay per click advertising

    You can get views and traffic easily with PPC ads. The fastest approach to ramping up traffic to any given website is to launch a PPC campaign on a greater scale.

    You can get started with the Yahoo Search Marketing. PPC engines such as Kanoodle, LookSmart and Enhance Interactive are also a good way to start bidding as you gradually build up your investment.

    It’s also a perfect time to invest in Google AdWords, which is Google’s PPC contender. Google AdWords will allow you to get instant views and traffic with the utmost ease. As soon as you start investing your money on keywords, your ad rises and starts working for you.

    I do however think Bingads  the most effective PPC tool you can use to grow your buisness. They do have an excellent support system. Click here to get learn how you can set up your campaigns with Bing

  7. Create a mobile version of your website

    More and more people use their mobile phones when searching the web. Recent studies suggest that at least 28% of mobile users are converting in less than an hour, implying that providing a mobile-optimized version can dramatically increase your views and traffic.

  8. Work on your ad’s headlines

    Headlines are what will get users in the door, more so when you share your posts via social media outlets. Ensure that your headlines pique interest while clearly articulating the benefit to your readership.

    Apparently, 8 out of 10 people read a headline without bothering to read the entire ad. For that reason, make sure to spend about 80% of your time perfecting the headline, so it grabs the attention of your audience.

    Whether you are running ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or pay per click, ensure that all your ad’s headlines are always in the fleet.

  9. Start a newsletter list

    Starting a newsletter list is without a doubt an essential thing you can do to increase your views. An e-mail list proves handy when it comes to building recurring traffic.

    Send newsletter lists about new products, upcoming events, new articles and promotions on your blog. Newsletter list guarantees that visitors will keep returning to your site so your views can rise.


Innovation is important, but it’s better to borrow what works so that you can get more views on your site. Using proven strategies and formulas is not only effective but also smart as far as getting more views and traffic is concerned.

Thus, never shy away from borrowing whatever you’ve seen work elsewhere. Figure out how various successful websites are bringing in visitors, and try to incorporate their techniques. Don’t copy them directly, but try to tweak things so as to suit the unique needs of your audience.

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