7 Brilliant Ways to Make Money with e-Bay and Amazon

Make Money online shoppingNowadays, more and more people are looking for extra income. Even though the internet is filled with different opportunities, it hard to tell between the good, the bad and the ugly. However, there are some legit methods that might work and can significantly increase your income.

The most reliable and safe way of making money online is through Amazon and eBay. These 2 are some huge trading platforms and you’ll always have a chance if you work hard and dedicate yourself to the job.

The following article aims to provide some valuable tips and strategies, on how to make some serious money with Amazon and eBay.

  1. Start selling items that you don’t need

    For you to have a productive beginning with eBay or Amazon, you need to sell anything you could think of. All of us have some stuff that we don’t need anymore. So, start looking around your house and gather all the items that you no longer use.

    You’ll be surprised by what you find. You will be amazed to find that even the most useless object that you have, can be sold for a nice price. And it goes even further.

    Even your broken objects can be exploited and you can sell their parts. You never know what people are looking for. Many people are doing that and with great results.

    Once you have run out of stuff to sell, go into your neighbor’s backyard shed. Thereare companies that charge people to dispose of their junk. They would normally sift through, check out what can be sold and take the scraps to a tip yard. You can do the same if you have a suitable vehicle or a trailer. Turn their junk into money.

  2. Sell some handmade items 

    This can be achieved especially with Amazon, thanks to their “Amazon Handmade” service. This feature works extremely simple and all you must do is make some items and post their pictures/description online.

    So, if you have a talent for making handmade jewelry, bracelets, wooden objects, clothing, furniture or even paintings, don’t hesitate to try the “Amazon Service”. It works incredibly fine and there are some people who have found success with it.

    The system is highly permissive and you can even set a “production time”, in which you can finish making the item. What’s in for Amazon? Well, they will charge you 12% from the product’s value and that’s it.

  3. Be a third-party seller

    This is a very innovative and simple method to make money with Amazon or eBay. You probably heard about a third-party seller before, but you never knew how simple they manage to make money.

    Why is it simple? Well, because you don’t even need to have the product in your hands. The secret is to find a website that needs a certain item, and it’s willing to offer a decent price for it. Then, you will have to search for that item on Amazon or eBay, pay a smaller price for it and sell it back to the website.

    You can arrange the whole process with a couple of phone calls and you don’t even have to touch the item. For example, you find the website X, who’s looking for a certain book, and it’s willing to pay $20 for it.

    Now, you start looking for that book on Amazon or eBay and try buying it for $5. After that, you simply sell the book back to the website X, for $20. Easy money and everyone’s happy.

  4. Watch your prices 

    Now that you have some products to sell, you have to properly evaluate them. You have to understand that a price can either help you reach success or destroy your merchant career.

    So the price has to be neither too high nor low. It’s extremely simple to put a price on a common object. Just go on eBay or Amazon, find similar objects and observe their prices.

    But the problem comes when you are selling handmade objects, collectibles or stuff that cannot be found anywhere else. If we’re talking about handmade items, you will have to evaluate yourself first. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think how much would you pay for that specific object.

    If we’re talking about collectibles /antique stuff, you need to be even more careful. Find any information about your object or even talk to a professional assessor. You wouldn’t want to sell a $1000 coin for just $10. And yes, it happens.

  5. Be professional

    This is the golden rule in every business, but it’s essential if you’re an online merchant. Some quality products and a good price can mean nothing if you don’t know how to promote them or you’re not communicating with your clients.

    Because the competition is very high, even the smallest detail can make a big difference in your sales numbers. That’s why, it’s extremely important for you to be professional, present your products with detailed descriptions / high-quality photos and most importantly, be polite with the customers.

    If they see you as a serious and professional seller, they might buy from you again. And nothing brings you more money than a loyal customer.

  6. Market a certain product, not your entire store

    If you have a physical store, you know that it’s great when the customers step in, because they will surely find something to buy. But when it comes to an eBay store, things don’t go like that.

    Online customers are usually focused on a certain product, and they won’t get very impressed by the idea of a store. That’s why, you have to promote every product or at least, every category of products that you’re selling.

    If you have an eBay store and 1000 available products, it will be unlikely that the customer will spend time, searching for what he/she needs. But if you advertise a category of products, the customer will be interested, because the product suits its needs.

    In order to do that, you can make a Google or Facebook ad campaign. It will cost you some money but it will surely be worth the price.

  7. The Amazon affiliate program.

    Amazon probably has the biggest affiliate program in the world. If you understand affiliate marketing, then you can make a tidy amount of money on it. It takes a lot of learning but it can lead to a full-time income if done correctly.

    Click here to learn all about affiliate marketing.


Making money with eBay and Amazon is not that hard, once you understand the basics. Just work hard, try to improve yourself and be always there for the customer. The results will come soon and you will reach success in no time.

As with all online businesses, it takes hard work, total commitment and dedication to succeed. If that is you then how about you grab these 10 FREE lessons on how to start an online business. You can thank me later for that.

See you at the top.

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