Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam - sales pageHi there and welcome to my 30 Day Success Formula review.

I believe it’s a good idea to dig in and find out all there is to know about the opportunity before making a financial investment in any of the numerous programs out there. Especially those programs that promise you easy money.

The last thing you want is spend money and get nothing in return. I can assure you, the internet is full of such programs.

So just is 30 Day Success Formula a scam or legit? Can you make some serious money with the program? Well, let’s find out, shall we

  • Company Name: 30 Day Success Formula
  • Website:
  • Owners: Unknown
  • Cost: Starting at $89
  • Rating: 2/5

Are You Looking For a Way to Earn Passive Income Online?

There is no information on who owns the 30 Day Success Formula. All we know is that it was registered in May 2017. Right out of the gate I can tell you that is already a big red flag right there.

May I first start by stating that I am not an affiliate with 30 Day Success Formula, so I will not be asking you to whip out your credit card for your dream to riches. This is a third party review and the aim is to help you get a clear picture of what the business entails. What you decide to do is entirely up to you.

This an offline business with an online twist to it.

How it works

You will need to enter a code when registering for the 30 Day Success Formula. That becomes your tracking code and that is how you get paid. There are 8 training modules within the program

Module 1 – How to make money online.

Module 2 – Lead generation

Module 3 – Your sales strategy

Module 4 – Build a website fast

Module 5 – Marketing made profitable.

Module 6 – Advertising on Facebook

Module 7 – Free offer formula

Module 8 – Outsource like a pro.

The offline side of the business is how you make money. Upon joining level 1 and gifting $89, you will receive 200 envelopes which are mailed out for you. As you go higher up in the levels you receive more envelopes.

As you can from the chart below, your $89 investment has the potential to make you $3600 per month while if you go all the way to VIP and invest $12500 you could be making a cool $489600.

Wow! That’s a lot of dough. Why would anyone need a job?

Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam - earnings

  • level 1 – gift $89 and receive $30 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and $20 on level 2
  • level 2 – gift $250 and receive $100 on level 1 and $50 on level 2
  • level 3 – gift $1000 and receive $400 on level 1 and $200 on level 2
  • level 4 – gift $2500 and receive $1000 on level 1 and $400 on level 2
  • level 5 – gift $5000 and receive $2000 on level 1 and $500 on level 2
  • level 6 – gift $12,500 and receive $6000 on level 1 and $1500 on level 2

One can only earn commissions depending on what level they purchase. For example, if a level 4 affiliate recruits someone who gifts in at level 5, they receive their $1000 level 4 gifting payment ($2500).

The $2500 difference is paid upline to the first qualified level 5 affiliate. Higher gifting tiers grandfather 30 Day Success Formula affiliates into lower tiers (i.e. gift $12,500 at level 6 and you’re qualified to earn on all lower tiers).

As you can see, the higher the level you gift, the more you will earn

Pros and cons


Refund Policy: If you don’t make money within the first 90 days and want to opt out, you will receive a full refund

Training: The training, even though generic might give you some leverage in promoting your business.


Hidden identity of the owner: There is no reason why a business should run without owner ever showing their face. The reason is pretty obvious. When things start heading south, you will have no one to turn to.

Recruiting: This is the recruiting business. Chances are, you will be hitting on all your social media friends to join your opportunity. It might be the last time your hear from some of them.

Cash gifting: You are not really selling any product or service but just shuffling money around. Cash gifting is illegal in many countries.

Overall opinion

Thumbs downIs 30 Day Success Formula a scam.

Not entirely since you can always get a refund if things don’t work out. The training also gives it some sort of legitimacy. The focus is however not based on the training but the cash gifting.

I also think you can make money with the program. You probably won’t be making half a million per month if you go all in. That is a pipe dream.

The problem is those who join in the early stages are ones who make money. As more people join, it becomes harder and harder to recruit others. If everyone is gifting everyone with cash, it’s just a matter of time before everyone runs out of people to recruit.

The argument might be you are involved in a multi level marketing business and yes your referrals are not forced to join.

True enough but they probably don’t know any better. Most multi level marketing or network marketing as it’s sometimes referred to, have products or services that you can sell and make a commission. Even though there is a lot of controversy and misconceptions that surround the industry, majority of them operate legitimately and within the law.

Pyramid schemes on the other hand have a very short lifespan. The difference between MLMs and pyramid schemes is, MLMs have products or services. Pyramid schemes have nothing but cash. The training is just a sideshow. You can’t learn much by just reading pdfs.

The people who join in at the beginning will probably make a killing but eventually the numbers begin to saturate. With time the pyramid crumbles under its own weight, the top dogs make a killing while the majority are left with very little to show for it. Worst case scenario, they lose their hard earned money.

Seriously, if this was all legit don’t you think the owner would be actively involved in the platform?

The FTC has really been cracking hard on programs like these. You may want to read about what became of Aspire Digital Altitude.

Success in any business is all about having the right training and the necessary tools to grow your business. It also has a lot to do with branding yourself. If you are only exchanging cash for cash, then you are not really building a brand. You are building a pyramid.

You could be making some money here and there but you have to ask yourself whether its sustainable in the long run.

I am not here to discourage you from joining the 30 Day Success Formula. By all means go with what you feel is right. My personal opinion is that the platform doesn’t have what it takes to build a solid long term successful business.

Building a successful online business is not easy. On the flip side it’s not as complicated as a lot of people tend to imagine. Sure enough, there are technical aspects of any business, that one has to familiarize themselves with. Once you get that part right, the rest is easy.

Build your own asset

As I mentioned earlier, the only way you can make money online for the long haul, is by having your own website.

Not one that has been provided for you, but one you have built from the ground up.

It becomes your virtual real estate and as long as you keep working at it there are no limits to what you can achieve. If you follow the right strategies, you can be assured of building a stable flow of income for years to come.

Check out this online education platform. It’s a program that was founded way back in 2006, has stood the test of time and continues to get better with each year.

Here you learn the real deal on what it takes to become a truly successful online marketer. Best of all its 100% FREE to get started with. (No credit card required). You also get 2 FREE websites. Yours to keep for life. Check out the steps I followed and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Many thanks for reading my review. If you have a question or a comment on the 30 Day Success Formula business opportunity please leave it below. I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to share.


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30 Day Success Formula

Starting at $89








  • Refund Policy
  • Training


  • Hidden identity of the owner
  • Recruiting
  • Cash gifting

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